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my new favorite boyband

July 14, 2011

Presenting… The Canteranos?  The Madridistas?  The Iker-ettes?  As you know, I love our cantera very much, and so when I saw this, I knew it had to be shared.  Real Madrid’s site put together this really cute report with the six canteranos currently training with the first team in Los Angeles.  My favorite canterano is absent this year, but these guys are giving me many reasons to love them as well.  They’re all in the running to become my second favorite canterano, since my original choice is no longer around.  Who’s your favorite, or second favorite?

What merits do you need to have to get called up to travel with the first team to Los Angeles?

Jesús: you have to work with a lot of humility, dedication, and do everything as well as possible.

Nacho: the most important thing is to have a good year with Castilla and do well so that the coach of the first team notices us.

Jesé: work with a lot of humility and effort.

Joselu: all of us who are here had great seasons last year.  It’s a reward for the sacrifices made throughout the year.  Now, we have to do things even better to convince the míster that we can play at a good level.

Casado: the collective work has been rewarded.  We have to continue working hard to help the first team and Castilla.

Tomás Mejías: the work throughout all these years is compensated for with the opportunity that Mourinho has given us.

And what do you have to do to make it onto the first team?

Jesús: the most important thing is hard work and to give it everything you’ve got each time you go out onto the field.

Nacho: take advantage of the opportunity that the míster gives us, both in the games and in the training sessions.

Jesé: the door is battered down with each day, and you have to work hard both collectively and individually.

Joselu: many people debuted last year with the first team and it appears that the same thing will happen this year.

Casado: this door already opened last year because many of my teammates debuted with the first team.  You need humility and a lot of hard work.

Mejías: you have to work every day, without thinking about the future.

Four of you have already debuted with the first team.  What did you feel in that moment, and what advice would you give to Jesé and Casado?

Jesús: a lot of joy.  I realized a dream and I tell my teammates to continue working because their time will come.

Nacho: a great experience.  You have to wish your teammates all the luck in the world, and tell them to work like they’re doing now.

Jesé: all the players that are here are an example for us.  You have to work each day to be able to debut.  I hope to do it one day.

Joselu: the most important thing is hard work.  The effort of the entire team is reflected in those of us who debuted.

Casado: I haven’t had the luck of debuting yet.  I have that dream and the hopes of doing so.

Mejías: debuting was the dream that made up for so many years of work in the lower categories.  I advise them to continue working hard, their moment will come.

They do look like a boy band!!!  On guitar, Tomy Mejías, on vocals Joselu…

What did you feel when you heard that you were accompanying the first team to Los Angeles?

Jesús: it’s the best reward to start the season off with.

Nacho: it was a great satisfaction and a recognition for the hard work from this past season.

Jesé: I didn’t believe it.  With time, it sank in and I’m very happy.

Joselu: being here with these players is wonderful.  I will try and take advantage of this to continue having opportunities throughout the year.

Casado: the day they told me, I was on vacation with my teammates.  It was the end of an incredible season that began with RMC and that I continued with Castilla

Mejías: it was a nice surprise, but you can’t place too much emphasis on it.  The most important thing is to continue working hard.

How are your new teammates treating you?

Jesús: very well.  We’re one more in a great group.  They’ve welcomed us and we have a lot of desire to help them out.

Nacho: they treat all the canteranos phenomenally.  Their help is praiseworthy.

Jesé: they’ve welcomed us and helped us with everything, as has the coaching staff.  They support us and correct us.

Joselu: Real Madrid takes care of you a lot in this aspect.  We’ve been treated magnificently and day by day, your teammates have more confidence in you.

Casado: we’re lucky that the group is very open and they’ve welcomed us phenomenally.  We have the opportunity to share a locker room with the idols of many people.

Mejías: I feel like one more thanks to their help.  All the players were canteranos at some point.  They’ve been through this and they know what it means.

Spot the non-canterano?  Poor Jorge got substituted out.  I like how Tomy and Jesús have their hands on Cris’ knees, and even here, how Cris is wearing his short shorts.

What is Mourinho telling you these days?

Jesús: words of encouragement and of hard work.  To give everything we’ve got and to show what we’re worth.

Nacho: Mourinho is great with us and makes us feel like one more on the team.  He knows that we’re going to do well.

Jesé: Mourinho has been exceptional.  I’m convinced that we’ll be used during this season.

Joselu: he asked us to work as hard as we can and to give the best of each of us.  The pre-seasons are very demanding.

Casado: it’s all been words of encouragement.  He helps us a lot and he treats us like one more.

Mejías: he has confidence in us, which you can see in the training sessions.

Which footballer has surprised you the most in these days?

Jesús: it’s difficult to choose just one player.  In my case, as a goalkeeper, Casillas is my key reference.

Nacho: I’ve always liked Ramos.  He’s my role model.

Jesé: everyone has impressed me.  The entire team is an example for us.

Joselu: working with this team is a privilege.  Not everyone has the winning spirit that Cristiano Ronaldo has.

Casado: Sahin has surprised me a lot.  He’s an impressive footballer.

Mejías: you have to learn things from everyone and notice what they do in order to learn.

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  1. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    July 14, 2011 19:27

    Let me just say Jesulu sounds like a player who will be in the squad next year, every answer says so :p!

    My fav is always a gk, has to be tomy! Something about him!

  2. andrea permalink
    July 14, 2011 20:04

    My favorite is Sarabia
    At least I’ll see him in Getafe 😦

  3. Alyssa permalink
    July 14, 2011 22:27

    Hahahah Iker-ettes! I love it! I love the photo with Cris! Morata must be so jealous that they got to touch those legs…especially in short shorts! 😉 Welllll Morata has no competition for the “favourite” title but second favourite….hmmmm…Jesús is kinda hot and I feel ok saying that because he might be the only one not younger than me haha. But I’ve had a soft spot for Nacho since his debut and Jesé and Joselu’s answers were probably my favourites. I’m excited to get to know them better!

  4. July 14, 2011 23:41

    OK who is who?

    • July 15, 2011 16:10

      First picture, left to right: Jesé, Jorge Casado, Jesús Fernández, Joselu, Nacho Fernández and Tomás Mejías.

  5. July 15, 2011 00:17

    Casado: “We have the opportunity to share a locker room with the idols of many people.”

    How amazing this must be for them! I have to wonder if Pepe is still their #1 cheerleader? I bet so.

    Nacho: I’ve always liked Ramos.

    Correction Nacho….it’s THE Ramos but I have always liked him too. :p

    Una, good call on the boy band. They really do. The Iker-ettes <- gets my vote!

  6. Next2You permalink
    July 15, 2011 02:24

    I like every single one of them. Real Madrid’s future seems to be in great hands.

  7. cisarovna permalink
    July 15, 2011 02:26

    What with all the hair gel in the first picture? Hair does not stand up like that naturally! If they keep using so much, at this rate they will be poisoned before they make the first team! 😛

    • July 15, 2011 16:11

      Maybe they’re doing it to fit in, since some of the guys on the first team are also known for using copious amounts of hair gel.

      • jellyace permalink
        July 15, 2011 18:03

        You read my mind. They all seem to be channeling Marge Simpson with the high hair. But they are cuties still!

        At this rate, RM should come out with it’s own hair gel and advertise it as able to withstand rain and knocks to your head.


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