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one more day in Los Angeles

July 20, 2011

Iker looks – and is – hot.

The return of Pepe to the morning session was the good news; the bad news was that Sami Khedira had to leave early due to a toe injury.  Sergio Ramos and Nuri Sahin were the other absences, as they stayed inside to work out in the gym (although Sergio tweeted that his back was a bit better).  The field players did their usual stretching, running and tactical exercises, while the goalkeepers did their own work to the side.  The team returned to the field in the afternoon for their second session of the day, with the same absences (Sami was there, but didn’t train with his teammates).

Next up for our team is today’s game in San Diego vs. Chivas Guadalajara.  The team will travel to San Diego today and return to Los Angeles afterward.  It’s likely that Khedira, who underwent some tests at a hospital named after the man who gave Cristiano Ronaldo part of his name – the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center – will miss this game, as will Sergio Ramos.  The next training session will take place at UCLA on Thursday at 17h, and will be open to the press for the first 15 minutes.

Today’s dose of Marcelo sunshine…

José Callejón and Antonio Adán were sent to speak to the press after the first training session.  Antonio Adán was asked if it was possible to beat Iker out for the position of starting goalkeeper, and he replied, “I can’t say it’s impossible, because if that’s how I viewed it, I wouldn’t be here.  I work hard here with the hope that one day the situation will change.  I know that it’s very difficult…”  He also said that he’s not thinking about how long he can handle being in this situation, as he’s happy to be part of this team, and he wants to contribute to this group.

Despite what you may be thinking, this is not the worst of it…

Meanwhile, José said the goal he scored against the Galaxy made him very happy, and that he’s not thinking about whichever forward is going to come to Madrid, because that’s an issue for the coach, not for the players, who only have the task of working hard and progressing each day.  He also described his return to Madrid as “a dream.  It’s a luxury to be here with this coaching staff… for me, it’s a dream to share a locker room with teammates I had seen on TV before.”  Some of those are Iker, Sergio, Cristiano and Kaká, whom José said were among those who have impressed him the most.

Callejón also called Madrid’s cantera “one of the best in the world.  If you have to leave to go to another team, great.  I’ve matured as a footballer and as a person.  If you leave and you do well, perfect.  But if you have the opportunity to debut from the cantera and stay, that’s much better.”  All our players have been very diplomatic in the press room so far!

… because THIS is!!

It’s always nice to see our boys being the fans instead of the superstars, as we saw on Monday, when some of them asked for pictures with Elsa Pataky or Paz Vega during the Tourism Spain event.  And Sergio also tweeted this photo of him with Daniel Craig, whom he called a “legendary James Bond” – I personally wouldn’t go that far… A photo tweeted earlier by Sergio – a repeat of last year’s pose – shows why he should stick with the Real Madrid training gear.

Back in Madrid, Castilla will begin their pre-season today, at 10h in Valdebebas, with many absences.  There are of course those players who have left, most notably Pablo Sarabia and Juan Carlos Pérez.  Meanwhile, MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín, Dani Carvajal and Álex are on national team duty, while six other canteranos are currently with the first team in Los Angeles.  Castilla’s first game will be a friendly against Parla on July 27.  Their first official game will be on Aug. 21 vs. Sporting de Gijón B at the Di Stéfano.

And the Spanish U-20 team is already in Colombia, preparing for their World Cup.  Madrid caught up with Sergio Canales and Fernando Pacheco at Las Rozas before they left, and the result is some very cute photos.  View the rest and a video here.

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  1. mar permalink
    July 20, 2011 11:40

    has anyone noticed that only tge first pises with their thumbs up?what is suposed to be a grown up o
    Priviledge? What time is the match? (in spain hour please)

  2. amouria permalink
    July 20, 2011 12:02

    What kind of training our team is doing? every day, we have one or more player injured! either the exercises are very harsh, or, our players have been very lazy during summer holidays.
    Either way, we are frustrated… No Shahin, No Khidira, No Ramos. This in addition to Hamid Altintop….too much injuries at the beginning of the session…

  3. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    July 20, 2011 13:20

    Oh my god Una! YOU MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD in the office with the thumbs up caption, oh you are hilarious, I hope you know it 🙂

  4. Jennie Culhane permalink
    July 20, 2011 16:37

    How long will they be in L A after returning from San Diego before leave So.Cal? I want to watch them train but i have to work!!

  5. Jennie Culhane permalink
    July 20, 2011 16:38

    oooops. Wheres Kaka! my favorite!

  6. black widow permalink
    July 21, 2011 05:42

    sergio canales has the sweetest smile, doesn’t he? 🙂 he looks angelic!

    okay, seriously, is it actually in all their contracts somewhere that they HAVE to pose with the thumbs up? good lord!

    and why on earth iker would wear leggings and a long sleeved jersey in this weather is absolutely beyond me!

  7. Javier permalink
    July 21, 2011 21:15


    Your info is right on. With your blog, my kids were able to go back on Wednesday morning. We got into the gym and watched the team practice right below us. We even drove back or the afternoon session and followed the team to the hotel.

    We were able to get autographs from Joselu, Kaka, Iker, Cristiano, Ozil, Nuri, Nacho, Pepe, Marcelo…Awesome!

    Thanks so much.

    Do you know any information about Friday’s schedule? Will they do a 10h practice session? We might just make one more trip out to UCLA…

  8. Jen permalink
    July 22, 2011 02:10

    dumb question but fernando pacheco.. no relation to dani pacheco, correct?

  9. July 22, 2011 11:23

    I officially file a proposition to include the “Sunshine Marcelo” section to the ICYMI next season (inspired with your text under the picture)- he is so bright and shiny and his smile makes me smile whenever I see his photos!
    It’s like I want to have a mini Marcelo to carry him in my pocket, such a sweetie!

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