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José Mourinho’s guide to fist bumps

July 22, 2011

Left: correct.  Right: incorrect.*

* unless they’re going for a “turkey,” which reader Louise says is the “latest thing in the U.S.”  If that’s the case, I find it hilarious that Mou knows how to do one.

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  1. Louise permalink
    July 22, 2011 16:47

    According to the US Women’s national team, the effort on the right is actually a “turkey.” If Jose were to wiggle his fingers when the fist met his palm, it would be a “wild turkey.”

    It’s the latest thing in the US.

    • fatima permalink
      July 23, 2011 08:50

      hahaha yes! all thanks to Megan Rapinoe and Lori Lindsey haha.

  2. Jenny permalink
    July 22, 2011 22:35

    Of course he knows – he has a son around their age!

    Mou with children is always adorable.

  3. July 23, 2011 04:09

    Wow…. I can’t say I’ve heard of that before. My knowledge of pop culture gets worse and worse every day….

    I love Mou more and more with each day though 😉

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