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ICYMI – the jefe edition

August 16, 2011

In case you missed it – Madrid vs. Barcelona [2011-08-14, Supercopa de España ida, 2-2].

The game had everything: golazos, debuts, tension, controversies, passion… everything except a (deserved) win for Real Madrid.  But based on this game, the season ahead will be exciting, as will the vuelta game at the Camp Nou on Wednesday at 23h.  The atmosphere at the Bernabéu was electric; it was like last year’s Champions League semifinals – and this was a game held at the height of summer, for a summer tournament, and with Monday a holiday throughout Madrid (and Spain).

ONE.  Xabi was the total boss out there (pero muy, muy, MUY jefe), whether he was doing his runway walk off the field, or giving the referee and Dani Alves a piece of his mind.  I love how he tapped Alves on the chest.  A captain without an armband.  More Xabi later, in the The Xabi Alonso pose section™, which makes its return to this blog for this new season.

TWO.  Iker was also looking quite boss.  I absolutely adore these two moments before the game, with Iker stretching, speaking to his mascot, and receiving a kiss from Álvaro Arbeloa.

THREE.  Pre-game things: I love the pre-game video the stadium shows set to “Nessun dorma” (though they are hardly the first ones in football to use it), which ends with Sergio celebrating.  The song sounds fabulous coming from the Bernabéu’s sound system.  Another song that sounds fabulous is Madrid’s centennial hymn, though for some reason on Sunday night, the two teams had to stand around for about 100 seconds, not knowing what to do, waiting for it to finish playing.  Cris decided to vibrate.

This pre-game photo is adorable for Karim’s big smile, Marcelo’s sort of idiotic expression, Mesut’s deer caught in the headlights look and Cris’ kissy face.

We also saw some of the new numbers: Khedira wore the “6,” Mesut the “10” and later on, Coentrão came out in the “15.”  Prior to the game, the teams observed a moment of silence, and Real Madrid wore black armbands, for the death of Idoia Santamaría, the daughter of Real Madrid director Gumersindo Santamaría.  And the shirts had information about the game printed right below the escudos: Supercopa de España final / Real Madrid CF – FC Barcelona / Santiago Bernabéu stadium, Aug. 14, 2011.

Our captains had their very handsome game faces on.

It was unusual that both captains were goalkeepers, but that was the case in this game with Iker and Valdés.  Seeing that Valdés was the captain that night, I can forgive him for constantly running out of the goal to protest.

FOUR.  The goals.  Both were beauties that came off of great passes, no?  And both left Víctor Valdés with a pissed off expression on his face, much like Iker’s when he received his two goals.

The celebrations were great as well.  We saw Mesut lowering his head, as he probably knew his teammates would aim for his head in their celebration.  Mou also celebrated the goal, while the entire bench leapt to their feet, along with the rest of the stadium.

Xabi’s hair was also messed up after the goal celebration.  And he and Mesut also did a “turkey,” although who knows if that was their intention.

FIVE.  Here are some examples of how Barcelona played the game.  On one play, David Villa intentionally bumped into Iker Casillas, preventing him from playing a long ball down the field, since Barcelona’s defense was probably not prepared.  And on another, Barcelona’s players pushed Madrid’s players away when they tried to see how Alves was…

… that was because on that play, Pepe tripped up Dani Alves.  There was contact, and Pepe probably deserved a card.  Alves’ reaction was no surprise.  He – wait for it – fell to the ground, while the crowd protested his action, as everyone remembered what had happened the last time these two players tangled.  And as you can see below, he started off by grabbing his shin, then his focus shifted to his ankle (make up your mind, will you?).  It soon became clear that he was merely acting because seconds later, he was sprinting down the field and sliding around.

After the game, Sergio said – I love this quote, so I’m going to put it as a block quote:

It makes me mad that Alves tarnishes football with the spectacle that he’s provided.

Go Sergio!

SIX.  What a bench we have – talented and handsome, coaches included.

SEVEN.  Prior to the game, the bus carrying Barcelona’s directors had rocks thrown at it when it arrived at the Bernabéu.  One of the rocks smashed a window and hit one of the directors, though he was able to walk off the bus by himself.  During the game, Shakira got called names when Piqué was warming up, and racist noises were made at Dani Alves, who despite his actions, does not deserve this, nor does anyone.  I wish this type of behavior would stop.  Nothing good comes out of it and it gives our fans a bad name.  And check out the scare that Pep Guardiola got in the press room, when a light exploded.  I’m sure there will be some not so smart people out there who will really believe that evil Madrid is trying to assassinate him or something.

EIGHT.  Sergio’s hair looked amazing (soft, shiny and sleek), and we saw at the end of the game that he’s not great at multi-tasking, as he showed he couldn’t hold his boots and clap at the same time.

NINE.  Marcelo looks adorable even when he’s mad, no?

TEN.  Despite the bitter rivalry between these two teams, there were some touching cross-team moments.  Taking advantage of the stopped play (Eric Abidal was down), the players re-hydrated, with Alves and Cristiano Ronaldo sharing a water bottle (as they could probably commiserate with how hot and humid it was out there).  And Andrés Iniesta and José Callejón shared a hug.  José’s previous club Espanyol and Andrés of course have a very strong friendship.

Prior to the game, country teammates Leo Messi and Ángel di María had hugged, as had Eric Abidal and Karim Benzema.  After the game, Leo and Pipita walked off the field arm in arm.  I love these types of scenes.  And Xabi, Iker, Xavi and Valdés – the captains and La Roja members out there – spoke a bit on the field after the final whistle blew.

ELEVEN.  Some banana Iker for you.  This is how Iker celebrated Xabi Alonso’s goal.

TWELVE.  The Bernabéu was really behind Mou, including the several occasions when he became a ball boy.  He got ovations for that.

THIRTEEN.  After the game, Xabi said, “the result is not the best, but it’s not the worst either.  The sensations are good and the result is not what we deserved.  Now there are three days left to get the best result possible.  I don’t care who’s the favorite.  It’s a title and we want to win it.  We know how to play in order to get it.”  Cris was optimistic about Wednesday’s game, and said regarding the play when he got tangled up with Valdés in the area, “it was a penalty, but you have to respect the decisions of the referees.”  José Callejón, who had made his debut, told us what Mou said to him before he checked in: “he told me to play as I had been during the pre-season and to not get nervous.”  And Sergio thought Madrid’s play was superior to that of the last few years.

And Xavi said that they deserved to win and football triumphed.  Oh wait… he didn’t actually say that, but I’m so used to him saying that regardless of who actually won, how the teams actually played and what actually happened that I just typed it out automatically.  Sorry Xavi.

Anyway, the post-game interviews also showed us some of the questionable stylings of our boys.  Iker wore an old, plain, shapeless white shirt that looks like it could be from 1999, Sergio opted for something truly awful by Christian Audigier, and Karim showed up in a shirt with a checked collar.  It’s probably LV, which says it all.

On the plus side, Iker’s smile lines are still amazing!

FOURTEEN.  The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

As stated previously, Xabi was a boss and a captain out there, even mediating between Sergio Ramos and Sami Khedira when they got into a discussion.  And as you can see, the posing started early, continued through the game, culminating in Xabi’s little gesture of disgust when Coentrão got a card.

The game had ended, but Xabi still had a few more poses in his bag, which he pulled out during the post-game interviews.

FIFTEEN.  The Mou/Karanka corner.

Apparently Mou was really pissed off at the refereeing, so he tasked Aitor Karanka with speaking to the press after the game (Aitor said the reason was the “dynamics of work” and that there wasn’t any special reason why Mou was absent).  Our assistant coach said they were happy with the team’s performance, that the team is better than last year, though they were left with a bittersweet taste.  When asked if they still believe that the referees harm Madrid, Karanka responded, “Madrid has improved compared to last year.  But there are things that haven’t changed.  So we’ll continue working on our thing.”  Aitor also mentioned MFC ABMM by name as one of the “boys” who have the possibility of joining the team once in a while, and said that Mou had spoken with the players after the game to thank them for their effort.

SIXTEEN.  Other things.

– MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín tweeted that “sunflower seeds, popcorn, Coke!  Everything ready to watch the clásico, let’s go Madrid!!!!” and “how good is Benzema, and how Özil defines, hala Madrid!!!!!!”  Adorable!!!!!!

– the two descartes from this game were Jesús and Raúl Albiol, so they watched the game from the stands.

– VDB was there, along with members of Spanish national basketball team (the other La Roja), who watched the game from a VIP box.  This was Serge Ikea Ibaka’s first Madrid-Barça game, and he had no preference.  The Barça supporters included the Gasol brothers, Juan Carlos Navarro (simply because he plays for Barcelona, as he doesn’t like football), Víctor Sada, Víctor Claver (though his preference is Valencia) and Ricky Rubio.  The Madrid fans included our very own Felipe Reyes, Carlos Suárez and Sergio Llull, as well as Fernando San Emeterio and José Calderón.  Head coach Sergio Scariolo is an Inter fan, but also a Madrid socio, as he used to coach Madrid.

– when I watched the game again for this recap, I saw that former Valencia/Barcelona player Gerard López was one of the commentators.  Remember him?  I remember him and Iker as being the original national team bromance back in the 2000 edition of the Euro.  They were so cute together.  And prior to that, Gerard had played against Madrid in the 2000 Champions League final.  What a game that was.

SEVENTEEN.  Looking ahead: the team was back in training on Monday afternoon, but this time at Valdebebas.  The starters had a recovery session (with Iker not wearing the goalkeeper’s shirt and shorts for once), while the other players trained at a higher intensity.  Castilla’s Tomás Mejías, Álex, Nacho and ABMM trained with the first team, while Esteban Granero and Nuri Sahin continued with their recovery work.

Today, the team will train at 19h, the list of players called up for tomorrow’s vuelta game will be announced, Aitor Karanka (no Mou again) will speak to the press and then the team will travel to Barcelona, with the flight leaving Barajas around 22h.  In Barcelona, they’ll be staying at the Juan Carlos I Hotel.  The game will be on Wednesday night at 23h at the Camp Nou.

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  1. Amy permalink
    August 16, 2011 18:04

    “And Xavi said that they deserved to win and football triumphed. Oh wait… he didn’t actually say that, but I’m so used to him saying that regardless of who actually won, how the teams actually played and what actually happened that I just typed it out automatically. Sorry Xavi.”

    love it, una!!!! jajajajaja

  2. Samuel permalink
    August 16, 2011 18:07

    Una, i was really hoping you would be able to get di Maria’s reaction to the first goal. you couldnt see much of it in the actual game/replay but he was ecstatic and rush and jumped in Benzema’s arms. you should check it out, if you didnt catch it

  3. August 16, 2011 18:16

    It was an incredible game, RM played extremely well, and I was disappointed with the final score. They have such power and intensity compared to Barca, very impressive. However, although I hate to admit it, the sure, steady approach is how Barca wins so many games. It will be interesting to see which team and which approach will be victorious this season.

    In America, it’s very unsual to see men touch each other unless they’re gay. So, I love to watch all the patting, hugging, and kissing between the players. It’s amazing to see the open way they express their affection with each other. I love how they get so excited by a goal and express their emotions so freely.

  4. Marta permalink
    August 16, 2011 18:23

    Good to have you back Una. I’m a big fan of your blog.
    Quick question: How did the fans that came to watch the game feel about the team. I saw a video of Marca interviewing some fans outside the Bernebeau after the game, but I don’t understand Spanish, so I didn’t know what they were saying. Can you feel me in?

    • August 17, 2011 14:31

      As far as I know, the fans were quite pleased with the performance (at least the ones I know). But anyway, I went and looked for that video, and the comments ranged from “with referees like that, it’s impossible to beat Barcelona” to “Madrid played very well, but Barcelona had two occasions and executed both” to “much better than before” to “they’ll have a hard time in the Camp Nou.”

  5. Con La Leyenda Blanca permalink
    August 16, 2011 18:29

    “Que bueno es Benzema y como define Ozil hala Madrid!!!!!” I’m feeling that!!!!!!! sry bout previous comment.. hit enter by mistake!

    Vamos Real!!!! Can’t wait for the ‘vuelta’ match!

    Love that I’m learning some Spanish expressions.

  6. Tasha permalink
    August 16, 2011 18:31

    Do you know if the away goal rule will apply to the Super Copa? Will Barca be able to win w/ a 0-0 draw?

    • Lola permalink
      August 17, 2011 15:25

      Yes, they will. 😦

    • Con La Leyenda Blanca permalink
      August 17, 2011 21:58

      yes they will.. away goal rule applies… madrid needs an outright win or a draw of three goals or better… let’s hope for the win!

  7. Pammie permalink
    August 16, 2011 18:49

    so glad to have in case you missed it back, thank you for all the details!
    I love the extended Xabi pose section, he was truely boss and I hope he continues that.

  8. davena246 permalink
    August 16, 2011 19:01

    i’m so sorry but i wasn’t able to read a word of that section seventeen…and you should know better than to put Ramos and his gorgeous hair there like that… if i wasn’t a madridista i would have forgotten everything else in this post… anyway… the little things are expected because it fuels the rivalry and makes it exciting… we just have to be careful of reaching that barca level…but… I am sooooooooooo…… excited about how things are goin… i just have this feeling that things are getting better… dont know why

    ps i went back to try and read it but it didnt work out

  9. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    August 16, 2011 19:12

    All I have to say, I can’t believe how improved we are since last year, no really this season looks much better, We played an amazing game, I hope we win in camp nou. Hala Madrid hala Madrid, we really played like we want too, Jose is not a defensive coach, no? Lol Benz impressive, isn’t he?
    And oh I remember Lopez! I use to have a crush on him lol. iker really has too many broromance, hard to keep track off, no? :p

    About Alves, Sergio really made my day, even when he faced him on the pitch and about Xavi hahaha! I said the same, I was wondering if I missed his statement!

    Fans, disappointed, I tried my best not to believe because we are or not used to these actions, I hate it! So ashamed, I hope we don’t repeat it! Com’on madridsta we are bigger than that.

  10. jellyace permalink
    August 16, 2011 19:13

    Great post, Una! Thank you for the bits and pieces that did not show up in our streams. I am disappointed with the way the Madrid fans treated the Barca team (and bus). That is just so wrong.

    I loved our comment on Xavi’s “comment!” Hilarious!

  11. JulieFromParis permalink
    August 16, 2011 20:12

    Ahhh, Christian Audigier, the guy who said he is the representative of French style in L.A… nooooo wayyyyyyyy, just no way.

  12. August 16, 2011 20:30

    “Xavi said that they deserved to win and football triumphed. Oh wait… he didn’t actually say that” – bwahahahaha!!! I LOVE THIS LINE! 🙂

    “Seeing that Valdés was the captain that night, I can forgive him for constantly running out of the goal to protest.” – Sorry, but I can’t. I absolutely loath Valdes and he is one of the very few people I would love to kick hard between his legs. Preferably while wearing my stilettos.

    The racism and hate shown towards Barcelona’s players and directors… that disgusts me. People like that don’t deserve to be called Madridistas. They need to grow up and move on from acting like animals.

    I nearly lost my voice screaming for this game. It was an electrifying game with some amazing football. I hope and pray that our boys kick ass tomorrow.

  13. amouria permalink
    August 16, 2011 20:36

    Lovely, lovely pics. We missed them a lot during summer time, but we wanted better results with barca !
    Fingers crossed for tomorrow 🙂

  14. LynnLynn permalink
    August 16, 2011 20:51

    Una–thanks so much for the wonderful detail of our wonderful squad. I started out last season following the recent transfers, but you’ve turned me into a Xabi lover as well. Here’s hoping we’ll see another Xabi goal along with a half dozen others from Mesut, Cris, Karim, et al. Most of all, here’s hoping we get a victory tomorrow!

  15. mumblo permalink
    August 16, 2011 21:01

    I thought this game was a huge improvement over last season’s Clasicos. We looked very strong an organized, much better than the beginning of last season IMO. I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow’s match.

    Also, have there been any updates on the strike situation? I haven’t heard anything since the big hearing last week. The US doesn’t really prioritize football in their sports coverage. =/

  16. August 16, 2011 21:12

    Great post and I think the writer is a female, because that will be a plus.

  17. August 16, 2011 21:28

    Hola Que tal ? I really like your page may I add your post to my page with link backs to your site and tomorrow I have a Barca fan writing his view and photos as he will be at the game of the supercup 2nd leg and would like to add unamadrista point of view 😉 as well

  18. Alyssa permalink
    August 16, 2011 22:26

    I was SO proud of our boys during this match! Not only their tremendous skill but also their incredible attitudes. It’s a shame that we didn’t get the result that we all know we deserved but it’s matches like this that make me proud to be a madridista!

    I won’t complain about the refs because there were times our players should have gotten carded too but didn’t. I will say though that Barca’s intent when their fouls were committed seemed completely different from ours. And my one exception to not complaining is that Cris should have gotten that penalty.

    I didn’t know about the racist comments made towards Dani Alves. I’m really disappointed about that. Especially after what happened with Marcelo and Busquets. Come on guys, we’re better than that.

    On a lighter note…Iker’s shirt in that interview made me cringe!

  19. August 16, 2011 22:41

    last picture (left) eeey macarena

  20. Iram permalink
    August 16, 2011 22:42

    Loved ur post! Simply loved it!

  21. Mouah permalink
    August 16, 2011 22:54

    What a game !! I was on vacation but they aired it in the lobby of the hotel, and turned out that we were all for Real Madrid in there, so the atmosphere was great !
    Una you didn’t talk about Valdes’elbow which trailed casually into Cris’feet and should have lead to a penalty… At that moment I just wanted to hurt him (VV, not Cris of course 🙂 )
    Also, loved the moments of peace between the players of the two teams. I saw Karim checking on Abi when he was down, it was cute ❤ By the way, I loved Sami's reaction when he saw what he did : he stopped the game right away and apologized ❤

  22. Trixmad permalink
    August 17, 2011 01:35

    i’m always blown away by your updates Una! i lovelovelove your blog! thank you for always keeping Madridistas updated with your wonderfully written and comprehensive blog posts!

  23. August 17, 2011 03:16

    I thought this was adorable…Rafa Nadal posted this pic of him and all the other Spanish tennis players crowded around a computer at their tournament watching the game. So cute! I wonder who he roots for…!/photo.php?fbid=10150273872641026&set=pu.64822581025&type=1&theater

    • August 17, 2011 14:46

      Rafa is a proud madridista, as are Feli and Nico Almagro, who are also in the photo. Nico and Miguel Albiol are also good friends. However, David Ferrer is a culé, though his mother supports Madrid.

  24. Aline permalink
    August 17, 2011 03:43

    Did Sami and Sergio get into a discussion?
    Oh my… I can’t…
    Una, don’t you have this gif, please.

  25. black widow permalink
    August 17, 2011 04:05

    you are the BEST. what a post! thank you thank you thank you!

    iker and arbeloa — my two favourites! — and the kiss has to be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen, after iker talking to his mascot (i love how he doesn’t let go of her hand, even when he leans in towards arbeloa for the kiss). *sigh*

    dear god, you don’t want to know where my mind goes when i see iker, sergio and xabi making hip circles like that! i love that iker is wearing a sleeveless shirt for once, too. yes, una, our captains are VERY hot. the way iker celebrated when the goals were scored … perfection. shouty iker = hot as hell iker. (although slo-mo stretchy iker = hot as hell iker, too.)

    ahem! moving on! i, too, find it heartwarming when players on opposite teams demonstrate that friendship triumphs over rivalry, especially when the teams involved are these two. i wish the fans could learn from that — i’m disgusted they would throw rocks and shout racist abuse at players and behave in such a manner. it’s completely unacceptable.

    it’s really good to see abidal is back in full form again. 🙂

    ‘nessun dorma’ has become such a cliche in football, and yet … it fits! it’s such a fantastic, galvanizing song! next year is a big (scary) birthday for me and my present to myself is a trip to spain. it is my birthday wish to myself to hear this song live, before a match at the bernabeu.

    if sergio couldn’t master holding the copa del rey, is it any surprise he couldn’t handle holding his gloves and clapping at the same time? heh! 😉

    and xabi is THE boss. end of!

  26. Jennie Culhane permalink
    August 17, 2011 05:10

    I hope Kaka gets to play in the next game. He needs to be given a chance to show his talent.

  27. August 17, 2011 05:26

    great post as always, Una! That shirt Sergio wore is truly awful…but then his hair in the last .gif more than makes up for his somewhat questionable taste in fashion! (just this once)

  28. August 17, 2011 06:14

    i missed the ICYMI posts so much. even tho i did watch the game, i was still waiting for this post.

  29. August 17, 2011 06:50

    I loved, loved, loved this game! Barca didn’t know what hit them. Brilliant goal by Ozi with a fantastic pass from Benz. And YAY! for Xabi. He doesn’t usually get a good chance at goal and he put this one in the back of the net!

    Ah ha! I knew that was Ozi that came up to the Alves fiasco! The commentators were going on and on about how it was Sergio and how he’s not afraid to get involved…blah, blah, blah. I think they headband is what confused them? Our dear Ozi is getting a little bit of sass in him. Well done Ozi!

    Iker’s shirt? It looks like one of those cheap undershirts that you can see through. No

    And how gorgeous is Sergio’s hair in the last 2 pix? I’m so jealous!

    I love these guys and am SO glad to see them back together again.

    Welcome back from vacation Una! You were missed. ❤

  30. August 17, 2011 08:07

    Hey I keep wondering, why do you always refer to Morata as MFC? What does that stand for?

  31. Louise permalink
    August 17, 2011 08:21


    Great match for Real Madrid, disappointing it was only a draw. I hope the goal from Xabi is a sign of things to come this season (and I love his ruffled hair post celebration).

  32. August 17, 2011 13:50

    Oh how I missed the Bernabeu matches! Preseason is always something but nothing compares to the match at the Bernabeu!!!!

    Thanks for another classic ICYMI UnaMadridista!

    1) I agree with everything written here about Xabi. Every time one thinks he could not have be more bossy, he is. I am loving it, as well as all the posing. The scene with him talking to the referee and Dani Alves is a ture demonstration of boss, I loved it and I was sure while watching it, that you will include it here!

    2) I really like Coentrao’s style of playing in that game, even though he did not start and joined later. I think he is a great add to the team.

    3) Iker becomes more and more fabulous with age, I am sure of that.

    4) I am loving Sergio’s hair. It’s so Sergio.

    5) Last but not least – I was really impressed with the team’s performance, even though they did not win but tied. I enjoyed this game much more than all the clasicos from last season (except from Copa del Rey final of course, which I enjoyed 😉

    Preaseason matches are something different and even though they were fine, I was waiting to see the team against Barca, going into the season. I really liked what I saw and I hope today’s game will be so good as well, and maybe it will end in a victory.

    Anyway, whatever happens today, I cannot wait for the season (beginning after the strike;-).

    Mou rules.

  33. jean permalink
    August 17, 2011 15:33

    I love the title of this post.And I love Sergio quote(so true).I feel a bit sorry for Cris because he played so well but couldnt score:(.Hopefully that wont be the case today.I am so happy for Benzema because he keeps getting better and gaining in confidence(Bon Travail Benzema:). I am actually excited about todays game(well anxious also).
    Sergio’s hair looks amazing.I want to know what special hair product he uses lol:)

  34. Nonna permalink
    August 19, 2011 15:59

    lol, item number #14.


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