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ICYMI – the bad edition

August 19, 2011

Well Wednesday was a special game, so I’m going to do something different with the ICYMI post.  I’ve divided it into two parts, the bad (this one) and the good.  You can consider them the “hopefully, you did miss it” and the “in case you missed it” posts.

With that said, on Wednesday night, there were ugly things from both teams.  Both are at fault, and neither one is blameless.  Here are some of the things I didn’t like:

the melee – I didn’t like the hard tackle by Marcelo on Cesc that led to the fight, but the attitudes shown by both teams after were deplorable as well.  I wrote both teams, because no matter how hard everyone tries to blame Madrid, Barcelona’s players and coaching staff were also involved and they also punched, strangled, shoved…  For example, Keita shoved Pepe when the latter was trying to separate others and see how Cesc, who was still on the ground and in danger of being trampled, was.  And these fights are almost becoming a cliché in the clásicos, no?  With all the problems in this world, in the end, this is just a game played by grown men.  Grown men who should know better.

Özil vs. Villa – both players ended up having to be separated, as Villa shoved Mesut when his back was turned, Valdés then hit Mesut in the face, followed by Villa punching him in the face as well.  When trying to separate Özil, Barça’s field delegate Carles Naval accidentally swept his hand across Mesut’s face.   The referee did not mention Villa punching Mesut in his post-game report, as he didn’t see it.  He explained that both players were red carded for “leaving the bench, entering the field, going up to a rival player, grabbing his shirt several times while confronting him.”  What made Mesut Özil, who is known for being a mild, calm person get so upset?  Sources from Madrid consulted by AS confirm what Özil said later on that Villa had insulted him (there are rumors that Villa insulted his religion, but I can’t see Villa doing that).  It took three people – Marcelo (who had already started walking off the field after getting red carded), Khedira and one of the staff members – to pull Özil off the field.  That’s how worked up he was, so we know it can’t be anything trivial.  And before anyone says that this can’t be true because Mesut can’t speak/understand Spanish, well apparently Mesut also managed to shout some insults in Spanish as he was leaving the field.  That’s awful as well, and I condemn that.  (It just once again shows that the bad things are always the first things you learn in a new language.)

Pinto  – does he do anything besides run off the bench to get involved in fights (and whistle)?  Oh yes, he allowed a goal in the Copa del Rey final that gave the Cup to Madrid.  He’s contributed so much to the club’s image.

José Mourinho’s hands – as everyone knows, at one point during the melee, Mou strolled up to Tito Vilanova, Barcelona’s assistant coach, and poked him in the eye/tugged his ear (there seems to be some debate as to what Mou actually did).  Vilanova responded by slapping Mou across the side of his head.  José Morais then tried to get at Vilanova.  In his press conference after the game, Mou stated that he did not know who Vilanova was.  Now the former action in and of itself is unforgivable.  It gives Madrid a bad image.  And given what a control freak Mou is, I’m sure he knows perfectly well who Vilanova is.  There really was no need to slight him later on, and that only succeeded in making him look petty.  With that said, video images showed that when the fight was about to start, Vilanova made a beeline for Mou.  I’m sure he didn’t have good intentions.  But that still doesn’t excuse what Mou did.

Mourinho also made a gesture that could be interpreted as something smelling bad when Messi and Alves were near him.  That was after Messi spit on the sideline about a meter away from Mou’s shoes, and after Alves shoved Marcelo in the face while trying to separate him from Messi.  I’m not saying that the gesture was in good taste, but it certainly wasn’t unprovoked.

other provocations: according to sources in Madrid consulted by AS, Pep Guardiola went up to Madrid’s bench after one of the goals and shouted, “you’re a fucking gang” three times.  Messi also made some not so polite gestures, such as indicating that it was time for Madrid to shut up.  Vilanova also directed various insults at Madrid, using his mouth and his hands.  Xabi Alonso said he had seen “disagreeable attitudes and things” from the Barcelona players.  We all know that this man wouldn’t make things up.

According to Marca, in the line-up list Barça handed out to the press before the game, they wrote Real Madrid as “Reial Madrid,” or the club’s name as it would be in Catalan.  That’s the same as calling it Huang Ma (learned from the recent China trip) in this report and is just another insult.  Madrid said they have never referred to the Camp Nou as “Campo Nuevo,” for example, because they have respect for these types of things.

the racist noises: the stadium made monkey noises at Marcelo starting after he fouled Messi and continuing after he was expelled for his tackle on Cesc.  As Barcelona VP Josep María Bartomeu said earlier this year, “they are things that happen all the time in football.”  So, I guess we should just forget it and move on.  Never mind that his own players have suffered the same types of abuses.  Plus, the lasers.  That’s really getting old.  I would have expected more originality from the Camp Nou.

Barcelona’s theatricsthis shouldn’t surprise anyone, and Iker complained about it after the game, saying that Marcelo’s expulsion was due to “the tackle they made, the rival player fell to the ground, as always.”  Provocative words for sure, but there were several incidents during the game.  In the action that saw Pepe end up with a yellow card – and it deserved one – Messi went down clutching his face, even though Pepe hadn’t touched his face.  A few seconds later, he was roughly wiping his face with his shirt, which he wouldn’t have done had his face really been hurting.  After tangling with Pepe, Piqué also fell to the ground in the same position several minutes later.  This time there was contact, but knowing how easily Piqué bleeds, I’m sure that if it was a real hard foul, he would have bled (that last sentence was sarcasm, Barcelona fans, before you jump at my throat).

the ball boys: they did try delaying tactics by not giving Madrid the ball or sending two onto the field.  When the latter happened, Özil kicked it into the crowd.  That was bad; he also shouldn’t stoop to Messi’s level.  Alves’ and Valdés’ tactics of running around with the ball instead of kicking it/throwing it in to waste time were not examples of sportsmanlike behavior either.

The attitudes of some of Barcelona’s players were also deplorable.  I’m sorry, but they aren’t the paradigm of moral behavior and the holders of the absolute truth as they and some of their fans would like to believe.  At times they do make sense, but there are other times when they just sound like sore losers/winners.  And before these people start criticizing me, I am by no means saying that Madrid is, plus I don’t always agree with the things coming out of the Madrid camp. 

The statement: Mourinho is destroying Spanish football.  People talk a lot about the Catalanes, but the problem is in Madrid (Gerard Piqué).  The response: last I checked, Mourinho’s team was playing fairly good football, very entertaining, and a vast improvement over last year.  Besides, I don’t think one person is capable of singlehandedly destroying an entire style/game/league in the time of less than one year.  If you want to talk about destroying Spanish football’s image, take a look at those clubs who don’t pay their players, part of the reason why there won’t be football this weekend.

But if what Piqué means by Spanish football is Barcelona’s football (which is definitely how Xavi would interpret it), then he might have a point, because in these two games, Madrid showed it is a challenger to Barcelona.  Plus, if he’s tired of everyone always politicizing football by bringing in the Catalan factor, as he and others have stated many times before, why bring politics into this argument?  It appears that he wants to fan the flames of this politicized anti-Madrid sentiment.  If he’s tired of others doing it to him, then he shouldn’t do it to others.  It’s also Barcelona’s fall-back argument for everything and it’s getting old.

The statement:  for me, the image speaks for itself and it’s pathetic.  It’s a shame.  Madrid’s image is lamentable and does not fit with that of the institution (Xavi).  The response: while I do agree that certain people didn’t present their best image on Wednesday and other times, in general there are many scenes out of the club that make me proud, that show that’s it’s not “pathetic” or “lamentable.”  For example, Xabi and Iker trying to stop the fight, instead of adding to it, or Kaká refusing to join in at all.  Or, the response to the Lorca earthquake.  While Barcelona was busy celebrating their Liga title and only showing their support via a misspelled banner, Madrid was in Lorca, speaking to the people, bringing them hope and raising money for reconstruction.

The statement: Marcelo came out to hurt Cesc.  And you can say the same about Pepe.  There are some Real Madrid players that only make brutal tackles (Xavi).  The response: yes, I’m sure Marcelo had it in for Cesc, that he had been planning this entire thing for months, considering that Cesc has been a Barça player for about four days and that he came in as a substitute with less than 10 minutes left.  Marcelo and Pepe do what they believe opportune for the moment, bad or good, but to suggest they have it in for certain players seems to be a bit delusional.

The statement: we stayed on the field when they raised up the Copa del Rey in Valencia.  They should have stayed for our celebration (again, Xavi).  The response: the RFEF has come out and said that Madrid’s presence on the field was not required, as there’s no protocol that obliges them to stay on the field, and so no one told Madrid they had to stay.  The case was different in the Copa Del Rey, because the runner-up had to go get their medals, so they had to stay, and was duly informed.  In addition, the stadium’s own security forces had advised Madrid’s team to get off the field right after the final whistle blew.  Dr. Serratosa tried to go over to congratulate his counterparts in Barcelona, but was told he had to go to the locker room.  Plus, maybe Madrid was just following Barcelona’s example, as back in 1988 when Madrid won the Supercopa at the Camp Nou, Barcelona didn’t stay on the field to watch Madrid lift up the trophy.

Iker, Xabi and Sergio did end up congratulating Barcelona via the press, later on, but some people are disappointed that they did not shake the hands of the Barcelona players or congratulate them personally.  Perhaps they should, but given the situation, the best and safest thing for everyone was for Madrid to get off the field and for Barcelona to celebrate.  And let me remind you that after the Copa del Rey final, Álvaro Arbeloa extended his hand to Xavi, who ignored it.  And in the other post, there’s a gif of Xavi ignoring Raúl Albiol.  Again, it’s a two-way street.  It’s not only the Madrid players being “unsportsmanlike.”

The statement: [a possible solution to this mess] depends only on them (still Xavi).  The response: funny, that fight looked just a bit two-sided to me.  There’s not only one team at fault, Xavi.  Barcelona’s players and coaches haven’t been angels (again, neither has Madrid), from their provocations, their words, their gestures, their theatrics (I can give concrete examples for each one if anyone is interested).  This mess can only be resolved by both teams.  Both.

The statement: we believe in justice and justice was served today (Xavi).  The response: I guess Xavi updated his “football has triumphed” statement for the new season.  And who knew he was such a comedian?  Yes, Barcelona did convert on the chances they had, but the teams could be seen as equally matched, so who’s to say who the just winner is, if we look only at football?

The statement: we’re not in our best physical moment, yet we still beat Madrid, who had dedicated themselves to preparing for this Supercopa (last one from Xavi, I promise!).  The response: I knew that if Barcelona lost, they would talk about how unimportant the trophy is, and if they won, they would celebrate it like the Champions League.  Xavi proved my words true.  He also proved that he really doesn’t know how to win, since he always has to insult the losing team rather than being happy with the win.  And not just insult, but also provoke at the same time.

The statement: our behavior is exemplary, both on and off the field (Pep Guardiola).  The response: Pinto.  Busquets.  Villa.  Messi.  Xavi.  Choking.  Racism.  Punching.  Petulant kicking.  Insults.  And that’s just the beginning.  I didn’t even get around to Pep himself, though I do agree with him that this has to stop before things take a turn for the worse.

Plus, Barcelona fielded an ineligible player on Wednesday.  The referee noted in his post-game report that “the player wearing number 4 for FC Barcelona, Francesc Fabregas Soler, did not have a federation license, having instead presented his original ID card along with authorization from the LFP.”

The statement: I don’t recognize Casillas.  Madrid has forgotten that they don’t have to be thugs in order to win.  The worst thing is seeing players such as Casillas or Xabi Alonso following Mourinho’s example” (Manolo Lama, Cadena Cope).  The response: I do recognize Casillas.  He’s the same, intelligent, logical, steady player I’ve loved for 11 years.  Iker is the captain of Spain and Real Madrid, and Xabi is fairly close to being both as well.  They didn’t get there by allowing others to control them.  They have earned the respect of most people.  If Iker or Xabi says or does anything, it’s because that’s how they really feel or believe.  And is it that surprising that they may feel or believe something similar to their coach?  While Madrid may have played a physical game at times, they don’t always play like that.  And it just looks worse when the other team is constantly falling to the ground and rolling around in pain for no reason.

The statement: José Mourinho is a real blemish on Spanish football… There’s a player that personifies the transition between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and that’s Iker Casillas.  He’s gone from being a sensible boy to being a crazy one.  They’ve messed him up (Carles Vilarrubí, Barcelona VP, to RAC1).  The response: yes, some of Mou’s actions cannot be justified.  But there are a lot of other things that give Spanish football a bad name, and some of them originate with Barcelona (and Madrid, as well).  I love how some people want to blame Mourinho for absolutely everything.  While they’re at it, they might as well throw in things from the past, while he wasn’t even coaching in the Liga, and the future as well.  And as for that comment on Iker, wow.  Like I said above, Iker doesn’t allow anyone to control or change him.  He’s a 30-year-old man.  He’s the captain of Real Madrid and of the Spanish national team.  One doesn’t get there by being “crazy.”  One gets there by being sensible.  People seem to really believe that Mou possesses magical skills that allow him to transform players’ mindsets and personalities (never mind that most of them have spent 20 or more years developing them and are grown men) with the snap of his fingers.  But as he said, he’s not Harry Potter!

A note: if you came her to argue or to rile people up with accusations and insults, just remember, no one forced you to read this post.  And that you’re at a site called “Following Real Madrid” written by a person called “unamadridista” who has never hidden her love for Real Madrid.  But if you want to debate with me and can keep things civilized, by all means, go ahead.

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  1. Aniekie permalink
    August 19, 2011 18:36

    I know rules don’t apply to Barca, but what does fielding Cesc as ineligble lead to? Any consequences. I mean Syria got themselves kicked out of WC 2014 qualifying for the exact same thing. According to FIFA rules, it would give us a 3-0 result. Now I know that won’t happen, but still. Will they at least get a fine?

    • August 20, 2011 16:55

      I don’t think anything, since it doesn’t seem to be a serious issue. It was listed on the referee’s report under “other incidents.”

  2. AnnaJ permalink
    August 19, 2011 18:42

    Excellent summary. I agree that as professionals (and grown men), both teams (especially coaches) should know better. That being said, in the heat of the moment against arch rivals, it is understandable that the players and coaches periodically forget to keep their emotions in check. It doesn’t excuse it, but it will happen (and likely happen again) – preferably not in December.

  3. August 19, 2011 18:52

    Villa definitely didn’t insult Mesut’s religion. There were statements from him that said Villa insulted his religion:

    …but Sami Khedira tweeted that those posts should be ignored because Mesut doesn’t have a Twitter account so the quotes that AS had came from a fake account.

    Still ridiculous though–what a sad end to what I thought was an exciting and well-played match.

  4. manie permalink
    August 19, 2011 18:55

    I LOVE this post. Verbalizing everything I felt, but so eloquently…Una, you are awesome. I also love your other post, but naturally I had to read the good news before the bad.

    I’ve been bothered recently by the outright favoritism shown Barcelona by journalists who represent fairly respectable news organizations. I can’t remember it being so bad; but beyond that, it is actually just wrong. There is absolutely no way anyone can argue in good faith that Barcelona was faultless throughout the entire melee – as some have done – and it’s ridiculous and insulting that so many of them are jumping to claim Real Madrid itself is hateful, vengeful, horrid, whatever, because of what happens in the clasicos. Sigh.

    • Happy permalink
      August 21, 2011 07:05

      I also don’t understand, why the media protect Barca, they don’t even mention their diving before, because they’re the strongest team now, so they’re the saint team also??
      I can’t see any fair comment on the paper, poor

  5. Ros permalink
    August 19, 2011 18:56

    Thank you, Una. I appreciate your ability to point out the good, the bad, and the ugly of your own team. It was also refreshing to hear all those statements responded to reasonably and intelligently.

  6. Aishah permalink
    August 19, 2011 18:58

    this post is perfect and I wish that things do change for the better in the future 🙂

  7. Andrea permalink
    August 19, 2011 19:01

    Bottom line – disappointing behavior from both teams. What Mourinho did was not right and I think Marcelo (as much as I love him) definitely deserved a card for that hard foul on Cesc.

    We may never get the real story, but I wish I knew what happened between Mesut and David Villa. I have never seen our mild-mannered Bambi so worked up before. It was actually very distressing to watch. And I too sometimes wonder if Pinto has any job other than to sit on the bench, waiting for a fight to break out so that he can insert himself into the mayhem.

    Up until the last few minutes of the match, it was such a good game and very clear that Madrid has improved from last year. I look forward to some clean matches between Barca and RM in the coming season. Hala Madrid!!

  8. luiz permalink
    August 19, 2011 19:06

    nice one una. i’ve been waiting for the post for like 2 days, and fortunately today i get 2!!. haha. you’ve always got the ‘details’.

    keep on being the true madridista!!! hala madrid

  9. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    August 19, 2011 19:36

    I have been waiting for your post una. Whatever happened was disgusting, I didnt know that ozil throw the ball into the crowd, wth happen to Bambi!
    I agree with everything you said, I kind hope that according to Marca Perez met up with Jose today regarding his actions and I hope he apologize, please Jose do!
    Xavi has been the man putting fuel into fire, if Jose has been a jerk, what has been Xavi doing! I saw what messi did what trying to shut up Madrid and I like how Benz calmed coentroa down after messi gesture, but messi still went there and shoved coentroa.
    I feel bad for varane, I truely, I can’t imagine what morata has been thinking at back, what kind of image these kids – I will call them kids because they are – when they see how their role model has been behaving.
    I honestly think that benz has been the breathe of fresh air in this game him and Xabi because the way they carry themselves and the way benz played.
    I as myself just want someone to sit down with Jose explain that RM image is bigger than his ego.
    I love how we own up for our actions and kind wish we apologize too, be the bigger person my club.
    Anyway, clasico won’t be back until decemeber, let’s enjoy these peaceful months of good football because when the ball was played it was so beautiful.
    About pepe he was so man handled in the fight, I wanted to give him a hug! He as pushed and bullied to be pushed aside, pepe might be aggressive on the pitch, but he is a nice person, I felt bad for him.
    Btw I tried to get what happen between pipa and pinto! Did he push him when pipa tried to help or what exactly, because pipa looked worked out too, but he listened to his Argentina team mate or captain, get respect Mascherno for it.

    I just want say and repeat again, both parties are at fault here, but apparently Mourinho is the bad person of the movie that everyone wants to kill or blame!, just saying that he can’t be alone to be blamed.

  10. Lorelei permalink
    August 19, 2011 19:41

    First of all, congratulations to Barcelona (see, we’re not that bad).

    Everyone on the field was an adult and should have acted like an adult. Both teams should be embarrassed, but I’m more disappointed in Real Madrid because they’re my team and I expect so much more from them. Especially from Mou. I hope the club gives him some sort of punishment, not only because he deserves it, but because it sends the message that Real Madrid holds its representatives to high standards. We fans sure do.

    Having said that, Marcelo made a bad tackle that deserved a red card and he got one. Does that really warrant the entire Barcelona team charging the field? No way. Marcelo was leaving the field and having everyone go after him only escalated the situation. And what kind of person goes after Ozil, especially unprovoked? He’s the most mild-mannered player on the team. He shouldn’t have shouted insults at anybody, but it must have been a completely out-of-line insult from Villa. And even if a person is not comfortable speaking Spanish (I’ve been studying the language for 10 years and am still nervous speaking to a native-speaker), it doesn’t mean he isn’t competent in listening to it, especially if he’s had to listen to it every day for the past year.

    Madrid are no angels. But then again, we don’t claim to be. And we don’t demonize the other club or call it an evil empire. Our players can be reckless and make stupid mistakes, but they don’t plan to harm anyone. And I disagree with A LOT of what Mou says and does, but he’s really not the devil, as Pique and co. claim him to be. Remember when Sporting Gijon beat his years-long home record and he had no problem congratulating them? And when he called Preciado after his father’s death, even after everything they said about each other?

    How can Cristiano be called arrogant when being compared to Xavi? Every comment he makes can be summed up as: We are the best in the world. We make history. Therefore we are the victims of every other person and every other club that tries to take away any trophy that is so rightfully ours.

    This is already too long, but I have to say one more thing: WHEN WILL THE LEAGUE ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING ABOUT RACISM? It’s disingenuous and downright hypocritical for any player or any club (Madrid included) to be involved in anti-racism campaigns and then say, “Oh, it happens everywhere” or “What happens on the field should stay on the field.” Racism is far too big and too serious an issue to be swayed by club loyalties and politics. If you’re not going to actually do something about it, then don’t use such campaigns for your publicity.

  11. tina permalink
    August 19, 2011 19:43

    These El Clásicos fights are getting dangerously out of hand.

    Thanks for your attempts at diplomacy whilst being a Madridista. The chain of events look different from every angle, and what really happened – only the players know. While I cannot defend Barca’s part in the brawl, I must say that the claims that David Villa made anti-Islamic insults are seriously seriously damaging. I know you called them rumors, but you also implied them to be true by saying there is no other way a normally mild-mannered Mesut Ozil would be so worked up. But that’s not evidence. Everyone was acting out of the norm in such a tense and heated situation.

    Furthermore, sources from Madrid/AS have taken their “facts” from a false Twitter account claiming to be Ozil’s. Today, thankfully Sami Khedira on his real account has put this rumor to rest:

    From @SamiKhediraReal:
    Mesut Ozil doesnt have official Twitter and any declarations attributed to him and claims to be Mesut Ozil are all fake.Please RT,Your Sami

    Bravo to Kehdira for trying to put things straight and understanding the seriousness of these allegations.

    I’m tired of all these tabloids from both sides making things up, and either intentionally or unintentionally, are being lazy with regards to checking their facts and sources. Fans reading all these lies are only going to worsen the bad behavior and violence. We fans really have to be weary and maintain some civility towards each other. We have to do our part to restore some dignity to the game, to our respective clubs.

    It’s too bad for fans like us to have to deal with all of this. Thanks for your otherwise entertaining and fun blogs!

    • August 20, 2011 16:55

      No, what I said that it couldn’t have been something trivial for Mesut to get so riled up. I didn’t imply it was what the rumors said, and that’s why I even italicized the word “rumors,” to emphasize that they are rumors. I didn’t cit anything as evidence. The AS article that I paraphrased in my statement did not mention the twitter account, it just said that sources from the club confirmed that Mesut was insulted. Please re-read what I wrote.

      I’ll add to the post what I should have written when I wrote it, that I don’t think David Villa would do anything like this.

      Plus, that Sami Khedira twitter account has not been verified, and I’ve heard it’s a fake one. Just because it has the word real doesn’t mean it’s in fact real.

      • Manu permalink
        August 22, 2011 05:47

        It is a fake one, Sami confirmed it on facebook and that account no longer exists.

  12. Cammy permalink
    August 19, 2011 19:46

    Well said Una! The fight was ugly and as you pointed out there was fault from both sides. I do like that Kaka, Ronaldo and Varane were just bystandards showing that not everyone needs to get involved when a fight breaks out unlike Pinto. I also commend players from both teams who tried to keep the peace.

  13. August 19, 2011 19:57

    Well said, Una! I hope it was as cathartic for you writing this as it was for me (and I imagine many others) reading this. A lot of us have this on our minds, and there’s a lot of disappointment about behavior from both teams that’s not easy to swallow–or articulate. Let’s just hope that things will be better the next time around.

  14. Kristine permalink
    August 19, 2011 19:59

    Honestly, I’m just about all talked out over this game, but thank you Una. I agree with this post 100%.

    I for one have decided that I will not watch the Clasicos any longer. Maybe if they take them to neutral fields to play. Until then..Barcelona who?

  15. Pammie permalink
    August 19, 2011 20:19

    thanks for telling it as it is, UM!

    I don’t buy the “we had such an exhausting pre season tour” excuse from Pep. Our players got hauled around the world as well, they also trained in hot LA, played under very hot circumstances in the USA and China. Xabi even played the whole 90 min of the friendly against Italy, just 3 days after getting back from China. While he probably would have preferred to relax off his jet lag with his wife and kids like Xavi (oh wait he is single).
    Yes they started one week later than our guys, but don’t go around blaming that on the 4 goals our guys sneaked past them! I’m very satisfied of our guys performance on the pitch for most of the 2 games and those games were a big joy to watch. (apart from the bickering in the 2nd…)
    It’s a bit sad that these 2 highly entertaining games get overshadowed by what happened in the closing minutes, but that’s el clasico I guess.

    and Mou… I can’t with what he pulled on wednesday, he’s a grown man…

  16. LCMadridista permalink
    August 19, 2011 20:23

    Right on Una! Excellent post! 🙂

  17. amouria permalink
    August 19, 2011 20:24



  18. Sadia permalink
    August 19, 2011 20:29

    Thanks for this. Was really disappointing on both sides. I’m honestly shocked how uncivilised some of the players are, and coaches even! Shame because the match had great moments which were overshadowed by this. I hope the Barca RM spat sorts itself out soon.

  19. maddy permalink
    August 19, 2011 20:40

    oh una! i was waiting for your post to find out what really happened! Thank you!

    I am so disappointed in mourinho. He let us down so badly.

    I think the only way we can end this is to be the better side. Our players and coaches should not comment on clasicos, period. No matter what happens. If xavi and his coven want to run their mouths, let them. Its time for us to take the moral highground.

    Wow, so mesut got hit in the face thrice? poor kid. Very uncultured of villa, a seasoned veteran of the game, to be throwing punches at a young player for no reason.

    Do you think its possible for ozil to appeal the ban? All he did was leave the bench. EVERYONE left the bench. Shouldn’t they watch the replay and ban valdes for slapping and extend villa’s ban? Why do red cards depend only on what the ref sees. He could so easily choose to not see something.

    Do you know what iniesta and cris were saying to each other at the end. It was on the cuatro video. Iniesta is probably the only barca player left for me to respect.

    • Sarah, Madrid permalink
      August 20, 2011 22:17

      He said” ” Cris, this cant be happening”. I appauled Cris for actually not getting himself involove, the only thing he did when I think it was Mascherno going after angry Ozil, he shoved him to leave Ozi alone.

      • maddy permalink
        August 21, 2011 16:28


        cris is a true leader. he wouldnt start fights or add to it for no reason. which is more than i can say for St Messi/the Messiah/the Little Magician (re slamming into coentrao? what the hell was that about? the guy just signed with madrid!)

        • Sarah, Madrid permalink
          August 21, 2011 17:42

          You welcome!

          I know poor coentroa!, it is funny how Messi gestures always goes un-noticed afterall he is “the best” player in the world!!

  20. mickymacky permalink
    August 19, 2011 20:46

    I’m disappointed with Mou’s actions, to be honest. If it was his way of fielding attention to himself rather than RM’s players, he went about it the wrong way.

    That said, Xavi’s delusional statements just reveal someone who has an even bigger ego than Mourinho, while still spouting self-righteous claims that he is a humble person.

    You can proudly vouch for the talents and accomplishments of your club, Xavi — but praising Barcelona does not necessarily call for demeaning the merits of your rivals. Learn the difference.

  21. August 19, 2011 21:02

    Sei que não não entender o que escrevi xD, mas concordo com você, só uma coisa que não: o preconceito contra o Marcelo. Fiquei muito nervosa quando fizeram barulho de macaco para o Marcelo. A torcida inteira deveria ser punida por isso, para que isso fosse, aos poucos, sumindo. Sou a favor destas medidas extremas porque preconceito não cabe em nenhum lugar, então não devemos deixar quieto. Não é porque sempre aconteceu isso nos jogos de futebol que tem que continuar. Sou brasileira como ele, mas não é por isso que o defendo, é porque tenho nojo desse preconceito considerado normal no futebol europeu.

    O Barcelona sempre quer que seus jogadores saiam dessas brigas como os “coitados”, mas não é bem assim. Tudo bem que o Real Madrid também tem jogadores mais nervosos, como o Pepe, Sergio e Marcelo, mas isso não significa que o Barça também não tenha. É questão da imprensa mostrar os dois lados, e não favorecer somente o Barça, como acontece.
    Para o Mesut ficar alterado daquele jeito, pode ter certeza que algo pesado aconteceu, que algo de pesado foi falado para ele. Não concordo também com os palavrões que ele disse, mas na hora do nervoso ninguém raciocina direito, então não o culpo, e sim o apoio.

  22. Henrik permalink
    August 19, 2011 21:02

    Well said!

  23. August 19, 2011 21:23

    What did Busquets do?

    • Jenny permalink
      August 20, 2011 19:24

      Among other things, he went down clutching the wrong leg after Sami fouled him.

      True story – the footage is hilarious.

  24. August 19, 2011 21:29

    I love this post! I can not talk with my friends about the whole Clasico problem, because they are not fans and only know what the papers write.
    They always say I’m overreacting, so I do not talk with them about this anymore.

    I agree with you, I’m not fine with everything our team is doing or did, but they are not the only ones who made mistakes.
    And in my eyes Pique and Xavi have no class! That presser after the match….the club should ban them from any microphones for life, but I’m sure they love what those two said.

    Again, thanks for this posting, it helped me to adjust the whole drama a bit.


  25. Marie permalink
    August 19, 2011 21:31

    I thought both sides were to blame? WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN TEAM’S ACTIONS. It’s really nice you dedicate a post to Barcelona whether it be positive or negative it is nice to know a Madridista can’t stop think about us.

    Why is it you cannot even for one second accept your team is partially to blame without getting off your self righteous soap box? FC Barcelona must be an awful morally bankrupt team because they didn’t help the victims or Lorca and misspelled a banner blah blah blah. I could give you examples of how they are a charitable organization that care for the world but would it matter? Nope. Because in the mind of a merengue you are superior on and off the field right? Incapable of doing wrong.

    For you to bring up the supposed insulting of Islam is low, even for you Una. AS is pro-RM so of course they will find any made up story in your favor painting the big bad evil Barca as not only a racist team but one who would insult a person’s religion. Wanna know how this all started? On a france football site AND on a real madrid blog. So what does this say? Instead of having a mutual respect and civil rivalry places like this blog continue to instill hatred into the hearts of Madrid fans. If you think Mourinho isn’t single handedly responsible for the demise of RM and it’s image then you are ignorant and oblivious to what is happening around you. But then again that is the delusional mentality that has been adopted in the Mou era right? Visit and give yourself a reality check people. You honestly don’t think classy men like Xabi Alonso and Iker Casillas haven’t changed in their mind set? Listen to their comments and their lack of class. It’s so easy for you, your readers, and Mou to say Barcelona’s players fall over because of a gust of wind but have you actually played professional football and know what it’s like to have someone like Marcelo or Pepe come at you and take out your legs from under you when you have the ball at your feet and are running? No you don’t. You have no idea. You don’t know if it’s exaggerated or if it actually hurts like hell. Challenges like that can be potentially career ending fouls but what do you care because it wasn’t your player.

    I can guarantee that if it had been Pique or Alves committing a late foul on Alonso or Cristiano in front of Mou and your bench, everyone would have reacted the same way Barcelona did. If you think differently then you are ignorant or naive. Now of course I think David Villa is a fucking idiot for slapping Ozil because frankly its Ozil and he has the face of a baby deer, you don’t hit a baby deer ever. Villa was out of line as was Pinto. It was lovely to see Higuan try to choke Pinto..that was real nice. I also thought it was real nice that Mou referred to Tito Vilanova as “pito” which is a derogatory term for Latinos like myself, it means dick. If you look at the video you will see Tito pushed back and Mou’s minions Karanka and that other guy were ready to charge and good ‘ol innocent Mou had the same sinister evil grin like all the villains in the children’s movies no of course he’s not trying to stir up drama Una! Mourinho? Drama? NEVER. He was only trying to take the spotlight away from yet another loss to that damned team who he can’t seem to shake off but that’s it.

    At the end of the day the only people who embarrassed themselves are Mourinho and what a pity it must be that FP handed all the control to Mou..probably should have had him evaluated before he went and fired Valdano huh? Somewhere right now Valdano is one happy man because the asshole who forced him out is singlehandedly tarnishing the reputation of the royal team of Spain and bringing down his players with him. Gotta love the world of football..there is never a dull moment. Personally I’d like to go back to the days when things were civil between RM and Barca but I won’t hold my breath for that until Mou is given the boot and the players go on an extensive mou-detox session. Anywho..great game you guys played on Wednesday. It was really beautiful to watch and actually made me a bit worried for the upcoming season. All the best to you all!

    • maddy permalink
      August 20, 2011 17:13

      its called selective vision, when you read parts of a post and launch an attack on the poster. did you not read una’s note at the end?

    • August 20, 2011 17:14

      Did you even read the post? It starts off with “both are at fault, and neither one is blameless.” I won’t reply to your other statements, because things are finally calming down and I don’t want to incite another back and forth.

  26. LDN permalink
    August 19, 2011 21:41

    Bravo, Una. Such an intelligent, eloquent post in response to a match that left me seething… And I’m not even a Real Madrid fan! (nor am I a Barcelona fan) Good luck to your team for the rest of the season. They deserve good things and I hope they get them.

  27. Sadd2 permalink
    August 19, 2011 21:49

    Yeah, I agree. Sucks to see EVERYBODY blame Real Madrid for what they saw on the TV for 2 seconds: Marcelos tackle. and Mourinhos eye-pinch.. Everything that Barca did ( I’m not blaming it all on them, both teams contributed equally to this mess) went unnoticed once again, especially the fact that Xabi and others have shown respect in interviews, while Xavi and Pique, again, decide to stir things up,..

  28. August 19, 2011 21:56

    thank you una for that post! Sums up my feelings quite nicely! Especially thank you for the emphasis of the comments after the game and the replies as they are making me even more angry than all the incidents on and off the pitch before. These verbal provocations (as happened before already this year) go way over the line of normal provocations. They are full of insult. And it gives me a really hard time to forget the whole crap and “give the hand” as our anthem says, while being insulted at the same time.

    And Im sure many of the players feel the same. Even though I wish we could control our nerves better and just ignore their provocations, including our coach as he should be an example especially for all these young players who have to learn to ceep their cool and not getting riled up in games with such a tension as the clasicos.

    on La Roja: Una, did you hear Iker wanted to call Xavi but he didnt reply the phone? And how about leaving out Arbeloas hands and ignoring Albiol? How can he say things like “it depends only on Real Madrid”? When he even strikes out on a hand offered -even after all that?- Youre so right that both teams have to give in to clear up this mess. But pointing only on one side and when this side even takes the step, ignoring it? Then the problem is you Xavi! And its really sad if that hurts La Roja. Muy triste as they wont win anything when noone gives in and ties keep being broken.

    • Dounia permalink
      August 20, 2011 20:25

      Actually Cassillas didn’t reach Xavi coz he called him in an old number , it’s not tha Xavi didn’t want to answer , they ‘ll talk later.

      Meanwhile Iker talked to Puyol and he did apologize for saying that Cesc dive when he sees the video of marcelo’s tackle on him !!

      • August 21, 2011 16:46

        well at the time I wrote this the news was still different and I wrote it based on what that news. What happened the next day I couldnt know when I wrote this.

  29. eruhin permalink
    August 19, 2011 22:06

    Thank you, una, for that post. My respect and love for you have just increased even more. Thank you for defending Madrid but also for staying fair and admitting it when we’re at fault. I loved your retorts to Pique and Xavi’s idiotic comments.

    And by the way, I’m really really fed up with Clasicos right now. Thank God it’s a long time until December.

  30. LiXingxian permalink
    August 19, 2011 22:59

    The morbo makes this cule so sad 😦
    I look forward to the next time La Roja plays! (unless it is against the Stars and Stripes!)

  31. Sara P permalink
    August 19, 2011 23:07

    I love this by the way. I think a true fan of any sport should be able to realize when their team is at fault, which I have with Real Madrid, but I also realize that Barcelona is just as guilty as they were (or even more so). This is a two-sided fight and I am soo sick of watching the games between these two teams turn into a field of babies! Come on guys….play the game and grow up!

  32. jean permalink
    August 19, 2011 23:24

    I like this post.I like how there is two parts:the Good and the Bad.
    As a person of colour I feel very sorry for Marcelo who has to endure these racists chants almost all the time.Something should be done against that but yet NOTHING is done.Players like Etoo fils(from my country, Drogba ….) had to endure the same thing in the past and yet nothing is done.
    Both team were not in their best behavior and this is seriously tarnishing the image of football around the world.Enough is enough! Why is there always fights, controversy whenever these two play? Like I said before, Im not even looking forward to these classicos.
    Cant wait for la Liga to start.

  33. Alyssa permalink
    August 19, 2011 23:56

    As much as I hate to admit it, the people I’m most disappointed in are Mourinho and David Villa. Mourinho had no right to do what he did. I don’t know if you saw it, but there’s also a video that shows Mourinho walking over to Cesc right after the tackle and he seems to be trying to be subtle but also to kick or step on him. I didn’t know about what Pep screamed at our bench before now and I don’t doubt that Mourinho was provoked but as our manager, I just wish I could be proud of his attitude the same way I’m proud of his coaching skill. He has to stop acting out. I want to stand up for him but I can’t when I’m embarrassed by his behavior.

    About David Villa, I’m a La Roja fan and was also a David Villa fan for a long time but that started changing as soon as he got to Barcelona. Not because he was playing for a team I hated but because his attitude starting changing. You could see it throughout the match. He took every opportunity to be rude or unsportsmanlike that he could. What he did to Ozil was just the culmination of it all. Anyone who even slightly knows the kind of person Ozil is can know that whatever David Villa said must have been atrocious.

    I’m fully willing to accept responsibility for this match going to shambles but what drives me crazy is that Barcelona or their fans never do. I don’t understand why we get all the blame. People are blaming Marcelo’s tackle for this fight. Yes, it was a terrible tackle. Yes, he was very wrong. BUT he took his card and he left the pitch. He didn’t fight (neither the decision nor anyone) and Cesc didn’t fight. They are the people the tackle involved. It was Mourinho who walked over to Cesc and kicked or stepped on him or whatever. It was Keita who pushed Pepe. It was David Villa who hit Ozil. People need to stop blaming the foul. Fouls happen all the time. Blame the people who behaved unforgivably.

    Sorry this is getting so long but just one more thing. The entire match can’t be defined by the worst 5 minutes of it. If we look at everything else, it’s certain Barcelona players who should be ashamed of their behavior. It’s David Villa, Pique, Busquets, Dani Alves. Aside from the face-grabbing you already mentioned, look at Sergio Ramos’ foul on Dani Alves. Sergio’s boot made contact and I would not have been surprised at all if he hurt Dani Alves’ foot/leg but Dani Alves fell holding his arm. I expected Sergio to be called out for his rough foul and I was ok with that, but Dani Alves holding the wrong body part makes it clear that his plan was to go down no matter what. Sure, we played a bit rough but at least the only game we played was football.

  34. Carol permalink
    August 20, 2011 00:16

    First of all I would like o say that I really enjoy your blog con la roja. I know we will never see this situation eye to eye since you are a madridista and I a cule.

    I am disappointed that you are using AS and Marca as the sources of so many of the things you say in this. Villa-Ozil case for example. AS reported the rumor of Villa insulting Islam to rile up Ozil. When I went to AS to check the source of this rumor they pointed to a French blog “” Is that really a credible source? Its weird that they were the only site that were reporting this. If Ozil really said this then why aren’t other news sites reporting this?
    AS and Marca are known for being extremely biased for Madrid and they have been exposed for fabricating many stories. For example, the famous photoshoping out a player to make a Barcelona goal look offside. Which is why I find it very difficult to believe some of the things they report, such as Pep shouting “fucking gangbangers.” I saw that in Punto Pelota they were talking about the incident where Messi supposedly provoked Mou by spiting near him. Saw the footage over and over, and it really doesn’t look like Messi was spitting on purpose. I see that the guy can’t even spit in peace now. On the other hand, the gesture Mourinho is making really shows how mature he is right? I mean that is something I expect from my six year old sister not a 45 (?) year old man who represents a club as large as Madrid.
    “Keita shoved Pepe when the latter was trying to separate others and see how Cesc, who was still on the ground and in danger of being trampled, was.”
    Really? Because from what I saw, and what was reported by Cuatro, Pepe was trying to aggressively pick Cesc up from the floor a-la Joey Barton or a-la Arbeloa and Ramos whatever you prefer. When a player has been tackled like Cesc was, you don’t go near him to pick him up with such force as if he was diving and lying on the ground on purpose.

    Prior to Mourinho’s arrival to Madrid, the rivalry wasn’t nearly as heated as it is now. Yes, both teams are fierce rivals but it was never that every single clasico ended in which Madrid lost ended with a rash tackle or vice versa.
    What Mourinho did to Tito is much much worse than what Villa or what Ramos did in the manita clasico. Why? Because they are players, they loose their cool. But when a coach, who is supposed to be a role model for his players, comes from behind and gouges the eye of an assistant coach and goes on to call him vile things in the press conference (you didn’t mention how Mou referred to Tito as pito but whatever) it really shows what a mature adult said coach is. As a coach, he was supposed to clam his players down and stop the fighting instead of instigating something. Which is why I agree with Xavi, Madrid was always known as the club with so much class, the kings of Europe, a club which had classy players like Zidane, Raul, Beckham ect. Now that club has a coach that goes out gouging the eyes of fellow staff members in a melee. You point out how Iker and Xabi went around to calm players down, but honestly when neutrals think about this match do you think they would remember that over Mou’s eye gouge and Marcelo’s tackle? If you think it isn’t unfortunate that Madrid has to associate itself to this image then I don’t really know what else Mou could do in order to really make Madrid’s situation unfortunate.

    Just imagine how much calmer and better these encounters between Madrid and Barcelona would have been had Pellegrini still been the coach of Madrid. Barcelona were lucky for the 1-0 win in camp nou. That match was extremely close, I can only imagine that with more consistency he would have matched Barcelona sooner or later, and matched them with class nevertheless. Now I will ask you, is a 1W-3D-3L record really worth tarnishing the image of your club?

    • August 20, 2011 17:20

      The AS article I paraphrased did not cite the French blog, but rather sources they consulted at the club. Of course, there’s no guarantee that these sources actually exist, but it’s not some random blog. As for the rest, I admitted there are many things that Madrid’s team did that I didn’t like, but the same goes for Barcelona. Their behavior in this whole mess was not perfect.

      • Carol permalink
        August 20, 2011 18:19

        You are making it sound as if Barcelona are as much in fault as are Madrid. I agree that yes, what Villa did was stupid and that Pinto shouldn’t have been involved (the cuatro video shows that Pinto wasn’t choking anyone, it was actually Ramos who grabbed Pinto by the throat). I am disapointed that Villa would slap Ozil, but in the heat of the moment things happen, like it did last year with Ramos. Can you please point me to that AS article because the only ones I find show me to either or the RM fansite, which btw now deleted that article since they were caught for their lies. This video shows the fight, if you pause the video around 0:38 you will see that Eric Abidal (who btw is a muslim) is directly in front of Villa. Now do you think Villa would insult Islam when there is a Muslim right in front of him, and do you think that Abidal a muslim won’t do anything if someone says something about his religion? I don’t want to dwell on this, but it is very unfortunate that you are saying that that Villa provoked Ozil when many Madridista’s take what you report seriously.

        I know that both team had faults, but please don’t make it sound as if they are equally in fault. You make use of Xavi and Pique’s post match interviews to make them look like villains , when infact that have said that they don’t fault the players (Pique actually said the real players are “belisimas” and that it is Mourinho who is the root of problems here) and you can’t blame them since Pique witnessed Mou maliciously poke the eye of his assistant coach. Xavi didn’t say anything bad about madrid, except that their image over the past year has been tarnished due to Mou which it has.

        • August 20, 2011 18:42

          Please stop putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say Pinto was choking anyone on Wednesday, I was referring to the incident last season at the Bernabéu, all the examples in that part of the post are past behavior. And I never said Villa would insult Islam, I don’t believe he would. Here’s the AS article: And even if Villa didn’t provoke Mesut with words (which I hope he didn’t), he can do it with actions, as he shoved Mesut while the latter had his back turned. And I didn’t say that Piqué insulted any players. What I had Xavi and Piqué saying, they really did say. I didn’t make up their quotes. You just wrote your interpretation of the comments, and I wrote mine. Why am I not allowed to present my version, yet you are?

          If I can’t blame Piqué for his comment because he witnessed the malicious eye poke, then can Iker’s comment that Barcelona dives be justified because he’s also witnessed examples of that? I know a lot of Barcelona supporters are upset with that statement. And Xavi didn’t say anything bad about Madrid? Wow.

        • cisarovna permalink
          August 20, 2011 19:18

          I am trying to imagine a mathematical formula by which we can weigh faults to determine a numerical value to represent the amount of fault to be assigned to each team.

          Excuse me if I don’t hold my breath while waiting for such an equation.

          I prescribe to a general logic that if there are a bunch of people standing around fighting and yelling they are all equally sophomoric.

        • liz permalink
          August 20, 2011 22:16

          “Now do you think Villa would insult Islam when there is a Muslim right in front of him”

          um yes. just like Busquests called Marcelo a monkey when he has black teammates of his own.

        • Carol permalink
          August 20, 2011 23:23

          The Pique and Iker situations are completely different. When someone sees that their assistant coach is poked in the eye by another coach do you think they will say respectful things about them? Iker accused Fabregas of “going down easily” when he saw the tackle. That kind of tackle doesn’t result in a player going down easily. I have heard that he called Puyol to apologize so I’m not going to dwell on that.
          I never said what Villa did was right. He was wrong for pushing Ozil.
          You make it sound as if barcelona players started this scramble when infact Madrid was involved in it far more. You made it sound like keita shoved Pepe for no reason, when Keita was actually protecting Cesc from being aggressively picked up from the ground. I think this video shows what a cynical human being Pepe is, with his kick on Valdes from the back. Valdes wasn’t even arguing with him, but he randomly kicks him. With what purpose might I ask? His actions do mirror that of his coach.

        • August 21, 2011 16:22

          Yes, that kick was not right. However, I could also say this. You really don’t think Barcelona was that involved in the fight?

          I think this video shows what a cynical human being Valdés is, with his shot at Özil when his face was turned. Özil wasn’t even arguing with him, but he randomly hits out at him. With what purpose might I ask?

        • Retno permalink
          August 21, 2011 07:06

          No one will know exactly what Villa said to Ozil in this incident except those two and other witnesses around them. But if you watch cuatro video carefully (and I think other videos also show this), right after Villa/Valdes slapped Ozil, Villa said something which I guess must have been really really bad, because it wasn’t only Ozil who got upset but also Higuain. Even if the insults were not about Islam, whatever it was, it still did not justify what Villa did to Ozil, especially since it then escalated the brawl/fights.

          For what Marcelo did, he was rewarded with a straight red card, as the rule applied. It should have stopped there. Mou’s action was bad and I think most Madrid fans acknowledge it. However I still can’t comprehend players like Xavi and Pique who commented all the things Madrid did, but conveniently did not touch even slightly Villa/Ozil incident for example, despite the fact it happened in front of their own eyes. When Villa pushed Ozil from the back, he actually bumped into Xavi.

    • Sarah, Madrid permalink
      August 21, 2011 01:01

      Let me just say that, there is no single madridista that don’t think Jose actions was disgusting and dont represent our club image, but going too far that everyone is saying that we deserve a better coach because of one action, does it mean Barcelona are firing villa for slapping and pushing ozil or Jose say some arrogant stuff he should leave, so Xavi is also being fired from barcelona because he is quite the disrespectful player isn’t he? Not only us, just go ask any arsenal fan, they will probably say the same thing.
      About pellerigni, in the contrary of popular believe but real Madrid is not ONLY thinking about beating barcelona, pelle was not judged back in 2010 over clasicos, neither is Jose too this year.
      Yes, Jose is a role model for his players, but again back to Xavi point, isn’t he suppose to be Barcelona second captain, the role model is not the coach alone, I think a player who grow his whole life in Barcelona and graduated messiah and pretty successful midfielder present an image to players to follow, let me just that actually players such as Xavi influence players in their squad more than a coach, just look at who iker learnt his values from it was Raul, a madridista that he grow up with.
      I don’t want stir things up, but fair is fair, Jose should done better, but Tito actually went to Jose after cesc tackle and actually wanted to fight him, it is not justified but at the end of the day Jose would never poke some without a reason and you would actually believe that Jose is that awful of person that who would kick cesc head, he was angry afte his body moved to what happened to be near cesc head, Jose is arrogant, but kicking someone head, we are going far now!
      Let not forget messi gesture toward Madrid bench to shut up and I am pretty much all has seen it.
      Both should own to their actions, to every actions there is a reaction and both party should blamed for. Real Madrid and Barcelona are both in deep wrong here. None of them are innocent to say the least.

      • Carol permalink
        August 21, 2011 20:24

        Its funny how Madridistas keep brining up just the Villa-Ozil incident. I never said that it was right. Not trying to justify it. Why do some of you seem so keep on vilifying Villa for this did you forget about Ramos slapping two of his NT teammates last season least too? I am not saying that its right, but equating a player slapping another player to a coach gouging the eye of an assistant coach? And it isn’t just gouging the eye, calling him pito (dick) in a press conference. Players slap and confront each other all the time, but how many times in the past have you seen a manager gouge the eye of a fellow professional? Would Wenger, Sir Alex, Ancelotti do such a thing?
        And then Messi telling the Madrid bench to shut up. If thats what all your players did instead of continuously hacking at the legs of our players then please I plead all of the Madrid players to make that gesture.
        @una I would rather someone slap my face that kick my shins from the back like Pepe did. At least the former won’t endanger my career.

        • Sarah, Madrid permalink
          August 22, 2011 14:22

          WE ALL DIDNT LIKE WHAT MOU DID! IMO, what more can we do,I am a fan @ una is a fan, all of us over here are fans, so what do Barcelona want us to do! so, this drama stop!, ask for Jose to be fired? That’s what will make Barcelona and their fans happy!
          About Ramos, madridistas didnt like what he dud, in that accident ramos actually pushed Jose his coach, BUT Ramos apologized for his actions afterwards on private and for the public and Puyol accepted the apologize! end of story.
          Do we really need to go into Ramos’ actions?.

        • Lee permalink
          August 22, 2011 17:39

          What is funny to me is how culés don’t like us bringing up the Villa-Özil incident, yet can go back on a match that happened in November (and Sergio did not slap Puyol or Xavi. There is a difference between a slap & push of the face). Culés also act as if Barcelona aren’t at fault for anything that occurred in the last match. None want to point out the bad tackle Xavi had on Coentrão (which got no card) but are quite content to point out Madrid’s wrongdoings. Or that Messi did not only provoke Madrid’s bench, he also purposely ran into Coentrão afterwards. And it’s not fair to argue what really happened with Messi with a “what if” situation.

        • Christina permalink
          August 22, 2011 19:34

          I don’t think anybody has forgotten Sergio slapping Puyol and pushing Xavi. I know many Madridistas were very angry and disappointed at his actions but the difference is he apologized for it publicly. When Iker was suppose to do a press conference Sergio asked to take his place so he could apologize to everyone for his behavior and talked to Puyol personally to apologize. Iker has done the same thing for making that comment about Cesc. Two big incidents where our players were clearly wrong they took the first step to make it right. I have yet to hear any apology publicly or personally from Villa or Valdes about their actions against Ozil. If they apologize I would have a lot more respect for them but so far that’s not the case.

          Please stop making it sound like Madridistas are standing up for Jose because we are not. Again many of us are appalled by his behavior and truthfully I have lost a lot of respect for him after his actions but let me just clarify that videos show Jose was tugging the assistant coach’s ear to which he turned and Jose’s finger went into his eye. His actions were unacceptable either way but he was not trying to ‘gouche’ his eye as you so dramatically put.

          You are a prime example of my biggest problem with Barcelona fans because so many of you (not all) do not admit when one of your players is wrong. You admit Villa is wrong because there is no way you couldn’t with clear evidence but to say that Messi wasn’t wrong for his gestures or that the entire Barcelona bench wasn’t wrong for storming the field after Marcelo’s foul (which absolutely deserved a red) or that Xavi isn’t wrong for his constant arrogant comments is ignorant of you. No team is innocent here, both sides are equally at fault and the fact that you can’t see that is sad and I feel sorry for you.

        • Gina permalink
          August 23, 2011 04:34

          Sergio Ramos publicly and privately apologized for his behaviour, whereas Villa didn’t. This is the difference. If he apologizes I’d be glad to let it drop.

          And Mou didn’t gouge the assistant coach’s eye. If you watch the vid more closely you’d see Mou was going for a cheek or ear pinch, but then the guy turned, making the action look like an eye-poke. Now, I’m not saying what Mou did is okay. He should NEVER have done that, nor should he have called him “pito”. No, no, no and no. But calling him out for “eye gouging” doesn’t exactly stay true to what happened either.

          I don’t have that much of problem with Messi’s gesture than his action (deliberately bumping into Coentrao). Suffering tackles (which could be rough at times in this game, yes, but not to the point of malicious) does not mean it’s okay to go knocking into opponents. He was lucky the ref didn’t see it.

  35. August 20, 2011 00:28

    I was really looking forward to your post! I pretty much agree with what you said. I’m so glad and relieved that we won’t have to meet Barca until December!

    What Mou did is unprofessional and it is a shame because he represents Real Madrid as a club. On the other hand, I’m glad and proud that some of our player didn’t take part in the fight.

  36. mokia permalink
    August 20, 2011 00:33

    Another thing that few realize is that Ronaldo’s behavior in this match was impeccable. Im not saying that he is usually a trouble maker, but for all the stick that he gets, in moments like this, when there was absolute chaos, he was no where to be found. he deserves credit.. i believe

  37. Amber permalink
    August 20, 2011 00:55

    Brilliant post Una, i agree with everything you said. Love your blog btw.

  38. Yousuf permalink
    August 20, 2011 01:01

    what is beeline?

  39. IceX1992 permalink
    August 20, 2011 01:11

    Plus, Barcelona fielded an ineligible player on Wednesday. The referee noted in his post-game report that “the player wearing number 4 for FC Barcelona, Francesc Fabregas Soler, did not have a federation license, having instead presented his original ID card along with authorization from the LFP.”

    That could be very very important actually….you can’t play with an ineligible player,and in normal competitions if you try it you will lose the game because of the rules…

  40. Floris permalink
    August 20, 2011 01:38

    Thank you for the good (read: bad) edition. This was really a match with a lot of tense from both teams. I believe both equipos are wrong but I don’t like the way Barcelona always respond to us like if they are the good and we are the bad. It is unbelievable that Xavi is making this kind of statements. Personally, i don’t take him serious.

    What Mou did was not the best thing he could have done (the eyeball attack) but I think he felt that this was not justice and this time football did not win. It’s really frustrating to see Catalans that are acting like they are dying when there is nothing happened.

    I hope that Madrid will get them this season. The warming up is over now and it was spectacular.

  41. Nate permalink
    August 20, 2011 01:48

    Great article. While Mourinho should have kept his cool, that entire game was full of provocations and embarrassing dives by Barca. People say this was a great game but to me, the various dives throughout the entire 90 minutes just killed it. Madrid certainly played tough, but when players like Messi (whom I have lost respect for) clutch their face after getting tapped in the thigh, and then get up and pat their teammate in the butt as if to say “good work”, the entire game is ruined.

  42. rmfan8 permalink
    August 20, 2011 02:05

    Wow thanks for that awesome level headed analysis una. It actually made me feel alot better about what happened. Xavi is seriously the most pompous, self righteous, entitled person ever. And he has a way with words. Everyone is painting Madrid as the villains, when both sides are just as bad and should be condemned for their actions.
    Everyone regards Messi as a well mannered footballer but his actions were terrible, especially when compared to Ronaldo’s class that day. Seriously, people are so carried away with Barcelona’s holier than thou attitude, that they forget that Ronaldo has changed as a player and a person. Thank you, Una for showing that both sides are responsible for what happened.

  43. August 20, 2011 02:40

    Very well said.
    I was so surprised seeing the fight broke out and imagine my shock seeing Ozil involved, more so when all the cameras were focusing on his every action! I was shaking very badly after that, I can’t imagine Ozil getting so upset :(( Never knew Valdes hit him too 😐
    and Xavi, I would not even start on him. As you said, Madrid is to blame too but it isn’t right for the other team to put all the blame on the other and at the same time giving out such statements after all that had happened.

  44. Speedy gonzalez permalink
    August 20, 2011 03:02

    i love you

  45. August 20, 2011 03:39

    thanks for this summary UnaMadridista. I have to say I am honestly sick of this RM vs. Barcelona rivalry. it just becomes boring. The rivalry was always there, I know, but with each particular team it has it individual story which reaches the “top” at some point and than it just becomes tiring.

    It seems to me that for this “versions” of the clubs, certain squads, it reached this point and now we are only running circles. It seems the pattern is RM-bad, brutal (no matter how they play), bad bad Mourinho and Barcelona – good but hurt by opponents, but football always triumphs (no matter how they play). I do not think it is quite fair, as it is not always like that and any rational fan of any of those clubs is able to see it. if you always say the same no matter what the facts are, it means you cannot analyse them and it makes you less credible in the opinions-area (I am mentioning no names..;-))

    From the football point of view (football in general, not Xavi-defined football), this game was quite exciting, both teams had some good actions, even though in my opinion Real was more concentrated and Barcelona did not play for their 100%, but they had a wonderful goals (especially this one with Pique’s backheel pass to Messi). However, I fully agree that they both had a shameful moments.

    I guess too much pressure is put on those matches because there is a gap between those teams and the rest in La Liga. THey are not afraid of other teams. If there were more games of that profile with another teams, the pressure maybe would not be that big in el clasicos..

    so tu sum it up: it looks to me now like the fight to become the leader of cheerleaders or the beauty queen in highschool between two spoiled girls, while the rest is looking and wondering what those two are really getting to while the world has its own problems.

    and media call it the war: come on people. war is where the people die not where some guys earning millions while kicking the ball fight play a game.

  46. thediva permalink
    August 20, 2011 04:16

    Oh, my God, sweetheart…. Much of your post, I totally agree with. Some of them I didn’t even know about. For example, Cesc was let back into the club and played the field illegally? Look, I know it was his old club, but aren’t there certain regulations you have to follow?

  47. Futbolfan permalink
    August 20, 2011 05:02

    Oh una, thank you so much for this. It’s really nice to read this after seeing everyone act like Madrid are villains and Barcelona are saints. Ugh.

    And about the fight, I’ve watched the video like a million times, and while Madrid are not to go excused, I realy believe that the Barcelona players were more misbehaived. It seemed like most of Madrid were really trying to break up the fight and calm things down, while Barca were actually interested in a fight.
    Poor Ozil. Carvalho and Pipita were also tring to calm him down. And even Higuain was crazy mad!

    Also, not only Kaka, but Cris was also standing way back while the fight was happening.

  48. Ozilista permalink
    August 20, 2011 05:19

    What I really don’t understand is that all madridistas said that it’s both teams foult, and if they fight there can’t be just one who is to blame. And that the barcelona-side and ‘neutral’ journalist(asfar you can call it that way because they always take barcalonas side) always blame madrid like they almost killed someone. Jesuss, they pretend like barca is always innocent and al the bad things are from madrid :@

    • cisarovna permalink
      August 20, 2011 19:22

      I totally agree and love your name! 🙂

  49. August 20, 2011 05:19

    dear Una, I only have one thing to say: Hala Madrid!!!

  50. August 20, 2011 05:20

    Top quality post!

  51. emily permalink
    August 20, 2011 05:28

    Brilliant! well stated. concise. if only certain media pundits could put things as eloquently. too bad Xavi doesn’t read this blog.

  52. Erika permalink
    August 20, 2011 05:51

    Tell it like it is, girrrrrrl. 🙂 Loved it.

  53. August 20, 2011 06:00

    Great post as usual! The saddest part for me is that I think that we should be happy after this game. And that’s a difficult thing to say after you lost in the 85minute! But we play so good and we have improve so much that we should feel happy. But no, because all this crap had to happen and that’s the thing most people now remember for the game! It really sucks, and it makes me very sad. I don’t want to see my players fighting. I don’t want to see our coach who I respect a lot and admire acting like a child. It really makes me sad… I hope, I really hope that we don’t have to see images like those again 😦

  54. August 20, 2011 06:00

    Great post, u were so reasonable, fair and honest….both teams forgot all about sportsmanship after Marcelo’s foul on Cesc.

  55. Whatever permalink
    August 20, 2011 07:51

    Next time you think about insulting Pep Guardiola watch this video.

    Some reasonable reading for those wearing rose colored glasses:

    For the RM fans and the cules who may troll you are all equally guilty and its not a 60/40 blame..100% blame for each damn team! As a football fan I’m sick of the both of you. Giving the best league in the world the reputation of savagery and being plain old fucking stupid.
    Nobody gives a damn if you want to call Barcelona arrogant, sore losers, sore winners, divers, racists, bigots, anti-Islam’re supposed to hate the eternal rival. I’m no cule, I’m a Valencia fan but even I can see when someone is being completely ridiculous saying their team is partly to blame but your finger is still pointed in the opposing team’s direction. GROW UP. Talk about football, forget the politics and the drama..that’s irrelevant.
    Are you in kindergarden? “He hit me because i hit him first but eventhough I initiated the aggression he’s more than partly to blame!!!” That’s basically you’re argument. You made a serious accusation without any solid proof about David Villa insulting Mesut Ozil’s religion, your “proof” comes from AS, a pro-madrid publication. That’s irresponsible on your part. Unless you have some audio or a comment from Ozil himself you should not speculate over something extremely serious. Then you touch base upon the disgusting monkey chants at the camp nou and everyone forgets the same thing happens at the SB but because its at the CN it’s 100 times worse. Monkey chants are a common thing in SPAIN. The problem lies in the entire country, not just in Madrid or Catalunya. Remember what Luis Arragones said about Thierry Henry? Or when Spain played England and the fans started their all too infamous monkey chants? How about the fact that some(not all) Spaniards refer to the people of Latin America as mulattos? Happened to me when I first visited Spain.

    I don’t give a rats ass about Barcelona or Madrid but what does annoy me is that people use the internet to spread false rumors and add fuel to the fire. And as you said no one forced me to read this blog, its a RM blog, etc. but as a human being you have a responsibility to educate and inform and NOT cause controvery or instill a hate amongst the people who read this blog. Your tone and attitude through this blog when you write about Barcelona and players like Xavi make you sound like your on a witch hunt, ready to crucify people like him. I find it hard to believe you would respect him as a La Roja player when you basically talk shit about him and try to paint his words into a negative light. Media spins everything people say, and you ignorantly re-post what you read in Marca and AS without being able to confirm what is being said. It’s bad enough the Busquets/Marcelo saga was taken too far without solid proof but now it’s another drama without proof. Are you madridistas not only lip readers but mind readers too? Wow. Maybe I should join your ranks and I’ll possess super powers too! Here’s the original site that started this drama..suprise suprise it’s a RM blog site and guess what..the post has been deleted! Of course the geniuses at AS got their valuable info from a reliable source aka this stupid french site:
    This blog is starting to resemble the irrational, delusional ramblings of Tomas Roncero(especially when he’s on punto pelota)…a human being who is almost as despicable as Mourinho himself.

    I’m not saying Barcelona are guilt free, to the contrary they are just as much to blame for overreacting like drama queens instead of keeping it classy and letting the translator continue making an ass out of himself like he has the last season and villa is a moron for slapping ozil for no legitimate reason, a pinto is an even bigger douche bag for being irrational. But for Casillas having the nerve to say Barcelona fall over easily when amongst his team is THE biggest diver of them all..the player who has provoked the most fouls and yellow cards in La Liga..DiMaria also fondly known as DiveMaria? Calling the kettle black. Glasshouse. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Every RM and Barcelona fan should self reflect on their team before they go out pointing fingers, writing heated posts, and creating even more unnecessary drama. Two best teams in the world and all you can do is fight like a bunch of school kids? You don’t deserve trophies or prestige if that’s how you are all going to behave. There’s plenty of teams in La Liga who can behave better and are worthy of trophies.

    • August 20, 2011 17:44

      You do realize that video is from 1996, right? Back when Pep and Mourinho were working together. I’ll just make one more point, since I see there’s no point in trying to be reasonable with you: I mentioned in my post after the Supercopa first leg game the racist chants. I didn’t forget it, and I don’t think it’s worse at one stadium than another, it’s completely disgusting at any place. Go read it. Maybe you should have done that before accusing me of forgetting about it.

      And for everyone else: I approved the comment for a bit of a laugh, as you can see that this poster has been posting comments under various names, including this comment in the same post . Funny, it seems that s/he first cares a whole lot about Barcelona, and then says s/he doesn’t give a rat’s ass and claims to support Valencia, then adds some other inflammatory statements. It appears Iker’s not the only one with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome, no? (Scroll to the end of the post if you don’t understand, I just added a paragraph.)

    • Corrado permalink
      August 20, 2011 18:13

      Just so you know, is somewhat like the Perez Hilton of football news. The website is a joke. It’s known to plagiarize works of other authors and putting its own spin to news taken from credible sources. Madrid fans aren’t blind to Di Maria’s blatant dives too. I personally don’t like that he falls way too easily. He does the same thing for his national team Argentina.

      Anyway, I don’t really believe you are a Valencia fan who’s impartial to either Barca or Real Madrid because the blatant bitterness in your post demonstrates your bias towards the former. But just in case you missed it, here’s the note that Una left at the bottom of the post:

      A note: if you came her to argue or to rile people up with accusations and insults, just remember, no one forced you to read this post. And that you’re at a site called “Following Real Madrid” written by a person called “unamadridista” who has never hidden her love for Real Madrid. But if you want to debate with me and can keep things civilized, by all means, go ahead.

      Posting angry comments on a not-for-profit blog of a self-professed Madridista… I believe you need to take your own advice and do some growing up yourself. Did you really expect a unbiased, non-partisan opinion? Please.

      That said, I was really disappointed with Mou and Marcelo in this match. There are certain times I’d excuse Mou for his ‘larger-than-life’ behaviour but putting his fingers on whoever-that-is is a new low. How do we defend that? Marcelo deserved the red card and some spanking from the coach. But overall, I can’t say I was disappointed with the way our team played in the Supercopa though (well with the exception of the last 15 minutes of the 2nd leg). I’m looking forward to the start of the new season already! Oh and CR7 was class!

  56. August 20, 2011 08:04

    Great post as always, Una!

    I was a bit heartbroken not only by the loss but by the way the game ended, with the unnecessary brawl and all, and no one in their RIGHT MINDS can deny that both teams are at fault. Perhaps it was adrenaline or a heat of the moment thing, and it tends to be stronger when these two teams are involved, but it is not enough of an excuse for the behaviour from BOTH camps. I don’t know if an apology from Madrid will help, but certainly it will prove that we are above THEM. The thing that Barca does best is point fingers while putting themselves up on a pedestal.

    And that series of Xavi comments made me want to tear my hair our! He certainly loves running his mouth off. He believes he is the epitome of class, does he? My distaste for Xavi has honestly extended to his being a La Roja player… I can’t stand that he forms a team with the likes of Iker and Xabi Alonso. It no longer feels right to me.

    • August 20, 2011 08:18

      And by the way, congratulations to Barca. Their behaviour and penchant for falling to the ground notwithstanding, the goals were pretty good. I just hope they remember that the season is only about to begin!

  57. Chloe permalink
    August 20, 2011 08:20

    You. are. amazing.
    This voices pretty much everything I think and it does it without making RM the hero either. I’m sick of Barcelona and their we’re-so-angelic and real-football-is-only-played-by-wonderful-barcelona selves, I’d just love to show all those examples and see Xavi respond to it accordingly.

    And there probably will be Cules on here trying to start things because they are never happy with just being content with the win.

  58. gaelle permalink
    August 20, 2011 08:57

    lol una im glad i missed the game then, cuz this seemed more like a battle field than a football field. glad to see cris was not involved!

  59. jellyace permalink
    August 20, 2011 09:32

    The brawl left me stunned. I find it ironic that the footballers will strike in support of those from the other teams who have not gotten paid. Yet, here we find the millionaires, the highest paid players of the league, squabbling at a championship match. Any of those unpaid players could only dream of playing that match. Both sides behaved shamefully.

    I think one way that both teams can make amends is to give their earnings from this Supercopa to their fellow players who have not been paid.

    • August 20, 2011 18:27

      “I find it ironic that the footballers will strike in support of those from the other teams who have not gotten paid. Yet, here we find the millionaires, the highest paid players of the league, squabbling at a championship match. Any of those unpaid players could only dream of playing that match”

      I agree 100% with you.

  60. Cherrycake permalink
    August 20, 2011 10:09

    Thank God. Sami let us know via Twitter that David Villa didn’t insult Mesut’s religion. As obnoxious as Villa might be at times, I wouldn’t want him to become the target of religious fanatics. It’s dangerous territory, and I despise everybody who tried to put words into Mesut’s mouth, that he never said.
    Actually, I guess the only authentic Mesut statement on that whole unpleasant issue was the one published by German tabloid Bild (“I am innocent…”), which is completely nondescript and thereby typical for Mesut. He rarely ever gives away interesting details on anything and usually sticks to commonplace phrases in his interviews, as he is clearly no man of words.
    So what was it that got him all upset? We will probably never know.
    As to the swear words he shouted when they dragged him away, I agree with you, Una. That’s awful. Maybe it can be explained to some extend with him being a german-turkish boy from a multiethnic working class neighbourhood where a lot of heavy swearing is daily fare, but still. He should be professional enough by now to contain his rage better.
    Thanks for your wonderful posts, Una! They are much appreciated.

    • August 20, 2011 17:48

      Unfortunately, there’s no proof that the Sami twitter account is in fact real.

    • cisarovna permalink
      August 20, 2011 19:04

      I am no fan of Villa, but I agree with you that I hope he did not say anything against anyone’s religion. The political undertones are sufficient, we do not need to add religion to the matter.

      What has bothered by about these rumors and the internet reaction is this idea that because Mesut is religious, he could have ONLY reacted that way if the insults were in some way directed at his religion. This is of course absurd, he is a human being, he is just as susceptible to moments of poor judgement as we all are. Be it due to something from his childhood as you suggest, or just having a bad day, he is capable of making mistakes regardless of the fact he may be religious.

      Of course if the rumors are in some way true, I would be very sad. Still if every time we are insulted we loose control of ourselves, then we would have a heck of a lot of crazy people in this world. So provoked or not, we cannot accept this kind of behavior.

    • Jenny permalink
      August 20, 2011 19:11

      CherryCake, my dear – please don’t write things like that. Ozil isn’t more or less likely to swear just because he comes from a family with little money. Poor people know what is right or wrong just as much as people from wealthier families. Wealthy people swear. It is a paternalistic comment and extremely inappropriate. Making excuses for him based on his working class back-ground is offensive – though as I’ll say below, I don’t see why we feel we should have to apologize.

      You refer to “his rage” – what rage? I’ve watched Ozil in the Bundesliga and on his National Team and at Madrid. He is a very calm person – usually very phlegmatic and unruffled.

      I am also a very calm person – phlegmatic and unruffled. But if I were hit in the face repeatedly over the course of a few seconds, I would do more than swear. I would physically manhandle and try to do injury to the person who dared to strike me in the face. That is a natural reaction. People from rich families would likely behave the same way 😉

      Swearing isn’t a crime, in any case – so why we are apologizing for it? It’s not a moral failing – it is one of two things I take issue with in Una’s report. I don’t see what the big effing deal is, to be honest 😉 I thought Ozil was rather restrained actually – he allowed himself to be restrained, that is, and all he did was curse. That was good of him and makes him a better person than me. I would have struck Villa in the face – as many times as he had struck me – and then one more for luck.

      Which leads me to my second problem with this otherwise excellent post (Your posts are always so splendid Una – but I think I’ve told you this before). Mou DID NOT poke that fellow in the eye. He tugged on his earlobe.

      What you see in the picture frame is the moment the man turned to see what Mou had done. This creates the optical illusion that Mou had poked him in the eye. There’s no depth-perception in that picture you posted because it is a screen capture of a photograph taken of a television screen (which is why “twitter-hero” looks like he was photoshopped in. That is why cules who are claiming that Mou poked someone in the eye are relying on the one frame and can’t show you a video of the moment – because all the video footage shows the same thing: Mou tugging on his ear.

      He shouldn’t have done it – but it is a significantly less serious offence – naughty certainly, and only a playful gesture when the person is your friend and not someone you later claim you didn’t know (which is possible, but not likely) but “poking an eye” is a serious assault. Tugging on someone’s eyes is just childish and silly. I would prefer our coach not to be childish and silly – but I prefer childishness and silliness to a dangerous gesture. And you’ll notice – no one from Barca has claimed he poked him in the eye either – though with Villa’s behaviour they are scarcely in a position to complain about assaults, are they?

      So Una, I do hope you will correct your entry to account for this.

      • Cherrycake permalink
        August 21, 2011 19:16

        Hi Jenny, thanks for your reply. If my comment came across to you as paternalistic, that’s too bad. It certainly wasn’t my intention to shed a bad light on people with little money. Goodness, no. What I was trying to say was that heavy swearing is indeed something a lot of young Turks in Germany grow up with. It belongs to everyday life, and as offensive as it may sometimes sound to non-participants, to them it’s nothing special or particularly shocking, just part of a certain youth slang. Mesut is no foreigner to that, which is good in a way. It might have enabled him to keep his calm so excellently during the Germany-Turkey game in Berlin last October where he received so much abuse from the Turkey fans. I am not making excuses, as you suggest, based on Mesut’s working class background. I just tried an explanation (and failed badly, obviously). I love this guy, by the way.

      • Sasha Twen permalink
        August 21, 2011 23:47

        Just a quick note in agreement – I saw the game live on Sport1 and very vividly remember Mou tugging (somewhat cheekily) on the man’s earlobe as well. The man then turned and this must be when that screenshot got taken. That’s the only thing I saw – and the screenshot might very well be from a different encounter later on – but I have a feeling it’s not and this instant got exaggerated the same way the Villa/Özil incident got blown out of proportion by the rumors about what was said.

  61. war permalink
    August 20, 2011 12:26

    well said,una..tbh,i’m tired of this..or maybe i can say,get used to what always happened after clasico again and again..still happening and will always be.. *sigh

  62. August 20, 2011 12:43

    Keep up the good work Una. We (Madridistas) are proud of you. Pinto, Xavi, Pique, Villa, Messi, Busquets and Guardiola can’t earn a single % of respect from me.
    #Hala Madrid

  63. Sara permalink
    August 20, 2011 13:45

    I agree with everything you said Una. Real Madrid are not the bad guys and Barcelona are not the good guys like they want everyone to believe. Both teams are at fault here. I was extremely disappointed with Mourinho’s behavior, you don’t resort to violence no matter what. But those on the other side aren’t angels either . Xavi is getting more and more full of himself by the day because if you look at it only from the football perspective we really challenged a lot this time. Not only that, what their vice president said about Iker is deplorable and Manolo Lama ” the it’s ok to make fun of a poor homeless man guy” has no right to criticize classy players like Xabi and Iker.

  64. Dounia permalink
    August 20, 2011 15:51

    Well actually i think Mourinho is a bad loser and he lacks sportsmanship , because every time real madrid loses in front of FC barcelona ,he starts to find excuses of the lost ( the referee was by their sides , the drugs rumor , calling Barça a small team ), something that he didn’t do when RM won the copa del rey . and i really think he is the one to blame of the tension between the two teams , coz i still remmeber when RM lost 2-6 to FCB , the players greeted each other and they switched shirts also , something that we don’t see lately.

    Piqué said that he doesn’t blame the players coz they’re great people and he knows the majority of them form the NT but tha only one to blame is Mou and he’s ruining the spanish football!!

    I see that you prefer Xavi the la roja player more than the one in FCB even if i think they’re the same 🙂 because he says what he does feel like Iker and Xabi do 🙂 !!

    On the Ozil-Villa accident , i really hated the way Valdes and Villa acted coz Mesut didn’t do something bad to deserve the slap on his face.
    Actually ,Ozil attempted to make his way through the players who were brawling. He moved past several of his own teammates and a few Barça players, but Villa took his gentle push of Valdes wrong and tried to pull him back, at when Ozil gestured as if to say “Relax.” Villa took the gesture negatively and pushed him, and Ozil reacted by attempting to go after David, when he got a slap on the face from Valdes.

    I really love Cassillas and i respect him a lot , but there is no sense of what he said about Cesc diving and the tackle wasn’t that harsh , well if it wasn’t , then cesc should wait until marcelo broke his leg. and also we know that marcelo wasn’t planing for mounts to do this , but when he didn’t he had the attention to hurt cesc just because he had the ball not on a personal way i know 🙂 !!

    Actually alonso was near to the scene of the ” fight” 🙂 !!

    and to finish , i think the one who gonna suffer from this is Sir Del Bosque coz he wants to have a great team to win titles ( actually he had one who won the World cup ) , and i hope that this tension will end quickly coz La roja still have the European Cup a head and i really really want to see them winning again !!

    i think football players should learn a little bit from the tennis players !!

    PS: I like reading your real madrid blog too even if im a barça fan, coz i like your way of writing and also coz im la roja fan and i wanna know stuffs about the players of the NT !!

    Thank you !!

    • Dounia permalink
      August 20, 2011 16:25

      i just want to add , that Villa didn’t insult Ozil’s Religion , this was a rumor by a RM fan who published it in his blog and deleted after !! Sami Khedira Also denied that on his twitter account , a gesture that i really liked from him !!!/SamiKhediraReal

      • August 20, 2011 18:05

        Unfortunately, that account is not verified.

        • Dounia permalink
          August 21, 2011 07:47

          its actually the official twitter of Sami khedira, coz someone asked him if it is his official twitter , he has to take a picture, holding a poster written on it “DJ BOW TIE” !!
          ( SamiKhediraReal Sami Khedira
          Someone asked me to prove I’m the real Sami by holding a poster written on it “DJ BOW TIE”. Here it is (Please RT) .) he tweeted that on august the 2nd !!

          and here is the pic 🙂

      • Jenny permalink
        August 21, 2011 20:10

        That picture is a fake that was taken a year ago.

        This account is a fake. The people at Sami Khedira’s largest German fan website have verified that it is a fake.

      • August 22, 2011 00:08

        this account is 100% fake!

        Sami has a facebook account officially linked by the official RM facebook!/adambader/status/105341750310215682

        and vertified by Adam Bader (Online Community Manager & Social Media Evangelist at Real Madrid C.F)

        OK guys, Sami Khedira says he IS NOT on Twitter. All accounts are fake. He will confirm on his Facebook page

        and he did!

        Hello Everyone,

        today i have some important news to share with you. Lately there was the rumor that I have a Twitter account and I would comment on current events. Everything that has been written there is not from me! I don’t have an official Twitter account. All statements that you can read there were made by a fake account.
        Yours, Sami

      • Lee permalink
        August 22, 2011 10:02

        Actually, that is not Sami’s Twitter. From his official Facebook page, he said that the account is fake.

    • lugifer permalink
      August 26, 2011 01:07

      tennis is not a contact sport. it’s easier to be sportsman-like.

  65. cisarovna permalink
    August 20, 2011 17:23

    So many things have been said about what transpired at the end of the match. Everyone seems to have an explanation for the actions displayed (“insert player/coach name here” was: protecting a teammate, defending the club, defending religion (?), was verbally assaulted, was pushed or punched, etc). Although it may be true that some parties are more guilty than others, it is impossible to sort these things out, and it only serves to make everyone look like a total idiota.

    I feel the “blame” for this is squarely laid on the lack of (or lack of enforcement of) rules prohibiting players from swarming around the ref, the injured player, and leaving the bench. In my opinion it should not be allowed for 11 players from one side (or anyone from the bench) to approach the ref or basically congregate for any reason in the middle of a match. It does not matter which team it is, once a clump of one color shirt begins to materialize it immediately attracts players of the other color shirt, along with coaches, medical staff and pretty much anyone else who has the means to enter the field. Regardless of the fact they are all grown men who should be able to control themselves, I do not think I have ever seen a group of 40 sweaty men converge on one point which resulted in anything short of a physical altercation. I suspect there are some rules that prohibit some of the things that transpired, but either they are not sufficient, or not applied as it only seems to get worse. If embarrassing media coverage is not sufficient to appeal for more rational behavior, then maybe a multi-game ban would, not that I would like to see any of our player suspended.

    Also for anyone who has not yet seen, Sami has an official Twitter account! @SamiKhediraReal
    AND he has used it to clear up a little internet rumor following Wednesday’s melee. Thanks Sami!!

    • cisarovna permalink
      August 20, 2011 19:25

      I am a little bit deflated now that I realize the twitter account may very well be fake. I had really wanted the whole religious element to be quashed. It makes me sad to see people fight about these kinds of things, or to read what may very well be fake stories written only to inflame a problem that has nothing to do with futbol!

      • Jenny permalink
        August 21, 2011 20:11

        It is a fake – alas!

        It is run by someone who once knew Sami and has lots of pictures of him – but it is a fake.

        The recent “verification photograph” was taken more than a year ago.

        Anyway – Sami is too verbose to express himself in 140 characters 😉

  66. Jenni permalink
    August 20, 2011 19:04

    Thank you for this post,it’s very well phrased and I agree with your points. Both teams were definitely faulty and I don’t like seeing this kind of behaviour from my team.Hopefully things will be calmer in future games.

    The statements from Barcelona’s camp, wow. It’s better to just laugh,to me all that attention from our biggest rival tells that we’re doing something right!

  67. annie permalink
    August 21, 2011 01:01

    @SamiKhediraReal seems to be real. He even proved it by taking a photo of himself holding a random sign a fan told him to write to prove that it was in fact him (about a bow). Of course, you can argue it is the work of photoshop… but it’s a long way to go.

    I am a huge fan of La Roja and I am worried about what will happen next time David Villa steps into a predominately Muslim country to play with the national team. He has received death threats all over the internet. Religion is too sensitive an issue to make up false lies about, and especially with the public figures/stars involved. This little rumour has caught fire, and who will claim responsibility should something happen to him, his family, or any other player because of this?

    Una, I know you cannot control how your readers interpret what you write, and it is really their own responsibility to read it clearly… And someone would have to be quite dumb to believe all this without further proof – but crazy people, as we know, are out there and anyone can access this site. You obviously have your freedom to write about whatever you want on your own blog… but is it worth mentioning? why contribute to the madness at all? Why add any more fuel to fire?

    Madridistas would always want to see or portray Barca and its players as villains, and vice versa. But all of this is just getting out of hand. You don’t deserve any blame for anything, and your blogs have given me and many other endless joy… but all I’m saying is: Everyone should be careful about ANYTHING they write or read from the internet. It’s a public and crazy place. That’s all.

    • Jenny permalink
      August 21, 2011 20:14

      I feel like I’m writing this constantly today – but Sami does NOT have a Twitter account. The people who run his largest fan website have confirmed that it is a fake.

      The photograph “verifying” the account is over a year old. The account is a fake. Only his Facebook is run by him – and there are two Facebook pages. One is a fake. The other is real.

      It’s sad – because it would be great if all the players were on Twitter – but it’s true!

    • August 22, 2011 00:13

      that account is fake. proven. he wrote that hes no twitter on his official facebook account vertified by the club. See a few posts above.

    • Manu permalink
      August 22, 2011 06:10

      It is fake. He confirmed it today in his facebook and that account no longer exists. However he didnt deny the Villa rumors.

    • lugifer permalink
      August 26, 2011 01:05

      quoting a fake twitter account is irresponsible in itself. you heard about stones and glass houses?

  68. jess permalink
    August 21, 2011 02:46

    You write exactly what I think! Maybe your actually Mou writing this blog and you are brainwashing us all!

  69. Lizbeth permalink
    August 21, 2011 03:46

    Wow..this was a great Post..I really love the way you explain things..After every single match I always come and read what you have to say …just amazing..thank you UNA…I have to say that .FCB followers come here and I don´t know why If they don´t like RM …Don´t come here guys !!!! Go to Mundo Deportivo page…there you will find what you want to read…ok…thanks again.UNA ..I´m pretty sure that Madrid will do an amazing job his season…some things to change yes I´m sure..but they are on their way to get good things..

    • maddy permalink
      August 21, 2011 16:39

      exactly!!! i wouldnt go to a barca blog and expect to agree with everyone over there! i dont get why barca fans are surprised when they dont like what they read on a madrid blog.

      the two teams who’ve had to associate with barca more than the usual, madrid and arsenal, would rather never have to deal with them again. arsenal has had to deal with more than their fair share of disrespect from fcb and xavi.

  70. Retno permalink
    August 21, 2011 08:34


    About Xavi statement that Real Madrid dedicated their pre-season preps for supercopa, Mou and Karanka actually said before the two games that they had been preparing for the entire season, not just supercopa.

    But I guess Xavi won’t be bothered to acknowledge this.

  71. Larojacule permalink
    August 21, 2011 10:34

    Shameful of Unamadridista to insinuate time and again that Villa insulted Oezil’s religion. Villa plays with three Islam believers in his team, for whatever’s sake.

    It is one thing for Unamadridista to try to rationalise what her favourite team and her favourite coach (who was by the way, criminal, trying to gouge the eyes of a fellow coach) do, by saying Barcelona weren’t better off..but it is another thing to make an unsubstantiated allegation about a Spanish hero who is the lead scorer for the country that will bring him nothing but a lot of dangerous abuse by those who follow Islam in many places in the world.

    You should actually quit writing for that blog conlaroja for this allegation alone, Unamadridista.. and this from a long time and grateful reader of your blogs. I couldn’t thank you enough for all the time you spent in putting those lovely interviews, but I am outraged at your insinuations about David Villa. Shame on you.

    Publish this or delete this as per your wisdom, but I just wanted to say my inner feeling aloud.

    • August 21, 2011 16:29

      I don’t know if you actually read the post before submitting this comment, but I did not insinuate that Villa insulted Mesut, and I didn’t do it “time and again.”

      How about I continue writing, and you stop reading because I’ve offended you, never mind that I didn’t force you to read anything in the first place. Thank you for reading in the past, and good luck in the future.

      • maddy permalink
        August 21, 2011 16:47

        i admire your patience una. and i envy it.

      • Jenny permalink
        August 21, 2011 20:15

        Una – you are a saint.

      • cisarovna permalink
        August 22, 2011 01:29

        wow. that is the definition of class. not one cuss in the face of such ignorance and disrespect.

    • lugifer permalink
      August 26, 2011 01:00

      dude, chill. they dont even know you.

  72. Magda permalink
    August 21, 2011 14:40

    This post was written beautifully and I’m in complete agreement with you. One of the things that bothers me the most about this, is that the brawl tarnishes what otherwise was a well played game by teams that look more even matched than ever in recent times. Right after the match, all I could think about was the brawl, how disappointed I was with attitudes from both teams, especially Mourinho and David Villa. And I knew that Real Madrid would be the team that would be blamed for this while the faults of the coaches/players of Barcelona would be overlooked. But in the end, those final minutes of the match should not, but unfortunately will for many people, overshadow a great match in terms of football.

    I’m glad that things have seemed to calm down a bit now. Let’s hope that both teams can play the rest of the clasicos this season without fights and theatrics. As you said, they’re becoming a bit cliché.

  73. kdj permalink
    August 21, 2011 17:15

    I haven’t read any of the the other comments after comments #5, but all I gotta say is, our boys need to start winning, so everybody can say whatever they want, and we couldn’t care less. When the world condemns you, better be on the top, at least it gives satisfaction. I have faith!

  74. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    August 21, 2011 17:51

    I just want say Una! we and on behave of all madridista we would like to thank you because we all have been reading “neutral” media and everyone blaming this on Real Madrid, so it is comforting that we can come here and see other madridista share the same views as ours!

    Again, it is called FOLLOWING Real Madrid, it is not a neutral website, Barcelona is being praised all over the media, you dont expect to come over to a RM blog and hear us praising they are so claimed “morals”.

  75. emily permalink
    August 22, 2011 05:44

    Una – some of these comments are unbelievable… Did any of them actually read the post? They are as arrogant and oblivious as their affable, humble hero, Xavi Hernandez. It’s no surprise that they act the same way and see the world the same way he does. You have to almost admire them for their passion, but then you realize that they are truly delusional for coming into this blog and insinuating the things they do about you. I will use some of their words – Shame on them… So close to calling them names… I will just refer to them all as Xavistas.

  76. August 22, 2011 10:42

    You have alot of patience, and I admire that.

    I have since this game lost a good friend cause they didn’t want to admit that Madrid actually played well. Good job once and forever

  77. hervisa permalink
    August 23, 2011 07:53

    I love your statement “Both are at fault, and neither one is blameless.”

    I just want to comment one thing that I’m not really sure about Villa insulting Ozil’s religion but slapping Ozil without reason was a big mistake.

    Hope there is reliable clarification cause I see the racism rumor gone wild.

  78. lugifer permalink
    August 26, 2011 00:58

    thanks for the summary, una.

    1. each person/player should be responsible for his actions. team culpability should only be judged as to how the teams handle disciplinary actions on the individual players. there is no “averaging” of good or bad behavior per team.

    2. it seems that sportsmanship in most sports is on the wane. it has all become about pride and winning at all cost because of how monetized each sport has become. sports should be a showcase of the best of man, not only physically but of character, of honor. there is honor in both winning and losing but clearly these 2 teams do not know how to do either.

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