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all set for the Trofeo S. Bernabéu!

August 24, 2011

Kaká and Sergio were so cute on Monday with the piggyback ride, and now we have video!  Kaká continued the cuteness on Tuesday, with this epic hug of Esteban Granero.  I always wanted to rub Esteban’s head too, or at least run my fingers through his hair.

Madrid held their last training session before tonight’s game against Galatasaray in the Trofeo Santiago Bernabéu (22:30h – another game that will start on one day and end on another, much to Iker’s dismay).  The absences from this session were Álvaro Arbeloa, Sami Khedira and Hamit Altintop, who continued with their recovery processes.  Esteban Granero joined the team for the first part of the session, and then worked on his recovery after.  The 19 first team players were joined by five Castilla players: Tomy, Álex, Nacho, Pedro and Álvaro.

Prior to the game, the five signings of this new season will be presented to the fans: Nuri Sahin, José Callejón, Hamit Altintop, Rafa Varane and Fábio Coentrão.  Álex, MFC ABMM and Dani Carvajal will also be honored for helping Spain to win the U-19 Euro, ABMM for being the pichichi and ABMM and Álex for forming part of the ideal XI.

Mou called up every single first team player and these five canteranos, as well as Mandi, for the game.  Real Madrid’s web site simply said “all the players of the first team” – so does that include the likes of Lass, Gago, Drenthe and Peter Lion?  Or are they not considered part of the first team even though they still are legally?  I can’t say that I like how they’re being treated – ostracized from the rest of the group to push them to seek a new team, even though that’s what they should be doing since they know that Mou does not want them.  Anyway, the team won’t be taking a rest and will train again on Thursday afternoon in preparation for this weekend’s scheduled game against Zaragoza.

If the game goes ahead as scheduled, we won’t be seeing David Mateos, as he said in a press conference yesterday that he has a clause in his contract that will not allow him to play against Real Madrid “neither here (at La Romareda) nor there (at the Bernabéu) and for me that’s a shame because I have a lot of desire to start… I won’t be able to start because they won’t let me.”  I assume Juan Carlos has the same clause in his contract…

However, the game may not be played anyway, since it appears that the football strike may continue into this weekend, after the LFP and AFE met yesterday for six hours without any results, meaning the strike is still in place for the second jornada.  They’ll meet again this afternoon for the sixth time.

And I’m sure you all know about the soap opera involving José Mourinho, whether he wants to leave and the official announcement and letter that followed soon after.  For those that don’t, here’s the sequence of events.  The day started with the RFEF announcing that José Mourinho would be investigated for his actions in the Supercopa second leg game.

A journalist from Canal+ then tried to contact José Mourinho’s spokesperson, Eladio Paramés, to get an interview, calling this number for a Spanish mobile that he had.  In response, he received a text message saying that it wasn’t the right time because “José doesn’t feel supported by the directors (of Madrid) and is considering abandoning the club.”  When the journalist tried to confirm this by calling Paramés’ Portuguese number so that they could publish the information, Paramés answered the phone and denied sending the message, saying that this Spanish number was one he had purchased as a “prepaid” number (as opposed to a contract) more than one year ago and that he hadn’t put money on it in a while and had the phone in a safe in his house.

Canal+, along with their affiliate Cuatro (showing how they’ve been affected by the ownership change to Telecinco), then went public with all of this, calling Paramés a liar and saying they felt embarrassed by his explanation.  But what they didn’t seem to know, and what everyone else did, making them look like idiots, was that for prepaid numbers, if you don’t keep adding money, the number eventually “expires” and the mobile company recycles that number and gives it to someone else.  It’s entirely possible to have a phone with an expired SIM card in it.  In this case, COPE found out that it now belongs to a woman in Gipuzcoa.  And a Marca journalist also came out saying that eight months ago, he had tried to get a statement from Paramés via the Spanish mobile phone number, and found out that it no longer belongs to Paramés, so whoever owned now knew that it used to belong to Eladio Paramés.  Then Punto Pelota got the real and fake Eladios together and the real one forgave the fake one, described as being “a boy from Gipuzcoa.”  He told the real Eladio, “I only answered a text message that arrived on my phone, and went along with it.  When I saw everything that developed, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”  Paramés responded, “I’m inclined to forgive you if you apologize and you identify yourself.”  And so the kid apologized, though he still refused to identify himself, and Paramés accepted his apology.

All that led to Mou publishing a letteron Madrid’s web site stating the following (paragraph breaks taken out to save space):“Only those who don’t know me can dream, make up or believe I may leave Real Madrid at this stage… I believe many people were surprised by the quality football showcased by Real Madrid during the preseason and it would be surprising news to them if I left the club now. Impossible!  I have a fantastic President who is very intelligent and with whom I have a great friendship. I also have a Director General who works for the club 24 hours a day, so my motivation is enormous and my Madridismo is even greater than that of some pseudo-Madridistas… There is no way I’m leaving. No way!  I also wish to apologise to Madridistas, and only to them, for my attitude in our last game. Some people are better adapted to the hypocrisy in football than I am, and they hide their faces and speak in whispers deep inside tunnels.  I’m not learning to be a hypocrite, and I don’t want to.  Best wishes to all. We’ll see each other tomorrow at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.”  (Picture courtesy of Marca.)

I didn’t expect Mou to like using ellipses so much, since when he talks, he’s very direct and concise.  En serio though, the statement was also very Mourinho, in that he managed to sneak in a reference about hypocrisy, only apologized to certain people and was bluntly honest.  I liked that he apologized for his actions, and called out certain people for doing one thing and then saying another.  And while I did not expect a direct apology to Barcelona/Vilanova, nor did they deserve one due to the provocations, it would have been nice if Mou had decided to be the bigger man and at least admitted he was wrong for resorting to physical violence.  However, I can see Barcelona then using such an apology as proof that they’re oh so very innocent, so perhaps it’s better that Mou did not go down that path.

But I do not like the reference to “pseudomadridistas” – reading between the lines, Mou is basically saying that anyone who doesn’t agree with him cannot be a madridista.  Plus, he’s only been a madridista for a year (though a very loyal one at that), compared to those madridistas who have been their entire lives, who have suffered and rejoiced, who will not be swayed by all the money in the world, and who might just possibly not like the tactics that Mou is employing, saying that it’s a departure from the señorío that has been synonymous with the club until this past year.  And they’re right to a certain degree, that while Madrid has been hated by certain sectors even before Mou arrived, I have never seen the levels we’ve experienced in the past year.  The image of the club has never been this bad either as it is now.  However, I do believe that Mou is the right person for the club, that he has our best interests at heart.  I just wish he would tone down his actions a bit and act with a bit more restraint.  He can still get his points across in that way.

And then, in response to the RFEF opening an investigation into Mou’s conduct during the Supercopa vuelta, Madrid put out the following statement:

1.- Real Madrid CF has from the beginning opted to show prudence and responsibility so as not to feed the tense atmosphere created by such events.

2.- Real Madrid CF wishes to express how surprised it is to see this investigation is being ordered five days after the match, curiously just a few hours after the President of FC Barcelona publicly demanded the Spanish Football Federation to take action.

3.- Real Madrid CF wishes said investigation absolutely clarifies what happened during and after the match. The club wishes it throws light onto the provocations, humilations (sic), insults and aggressions that our first team squad and coaching staff were subjected to both on the pitch and inside the tunnel leading to the dressing rooms. These things regrettably gave way to the incidents that took place.

4.- Real Madrid CF will continue to defend this entity’s inherent values and will always strive for the greatest collaboration possible between clubs and institutions throughout the world.

I’m not sure this statement does anyone any favors.  It is definitely not a prudent statement.  For one, it just gives more ammunition to those who say that Madrid sees conspiracies everywhere.  And it makes Madrid sound petty and immature, in that they justified their actions by saying, well they (Barcelona) started it, so we had to respond.  However, I don’t think the response should ever be physical.  The misspelling of the word “humiliations” also bugs me – you would think they would run official announcements through spell check!  Plus, what is the point of the fourth statement?  What does it have to do with anything?

(I’m not fully awake this morning, so I apologize if some of my observations don’t make too much sense.)

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  1. noimz permalink
    August 24, 2011 11:19

    thank you for the post, imo if madrid stays shtum then the federation will walk all over us and whenever you know who orders the too in the media.
    as for the last point, as i work for the government side for many years, you tend to add these lines to make your statement more general and to cover all uncovered loops that someone might get out of your statement. i dont know if you are getting me, its sort of terms and conditions apply thingy.

    otherwise, the other option is say nothing and what then do you think. last i learned is if you stay quite then you are concurring with what you are being told or accused in this case.
    am just saying

  2. Lola permalink
    August 24, 2011 11:31

    On twitter they were saying that the pseudomadridista reference was a referral to Diego Torres and yeah, in that case I agree with Mou.

  3. Gina permalink
    August 24, 2011 11:47

    Can’t agree with you more in regard of Mou, Una!

  4. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    August 24, 2011 12:18

    I agree about the statement, I felt there is no need for it, it added nothing to the case at all, although I get that our club feel a little upset esp after Mr. Sandro statement of ” we want fix it, but hey look at them they started it”.Ironically I actually was saying the same to my friend as in point 2 after REFF announcing the case :P!

    As, for Jose letter, I honestly think he speaks of how I feel as a madridista, this is exactly how I feel about the whole thing and Yes apologize accepted Jose + I agree about your last part Una.

    + I dont think media is helping either, I am die-hard fan, but I was first to think what Jose did was unacceptable and required an apologize, BUT the extent that media is going to make us only agains US ONLY sound like the sore-loser, that we don’t own sportmanship, that everything is our fault because we cant accept lost. It is a piss-off.
    This whole case is a piss-off never the less, I am pretty sure many madridistas feel the same, why is that our club and coach the only one in fault here.

    Oh let’s not forget calderon statements x_x!!!!

    Anyway, that’s out of chest!

    I hope LIGAAAA WILL BACK SOON, please reach an agreement so I will see some football and I wanted to see Matoes, this Morientes clause is kind being lame now, does this mean we wont see Sarabia against us in Getafe?

    + I cant honestly wait to see NURI today! It is about time we see him. KAKA + GRANERO ADORABLE.

  5. gaelle permalink
    August 24, 2011 12:27

    i think the pseudomadrista is reference to people like shakira n them… 1 minute they love madrid the next they don’t and not people who does not agree with him

  6. Iram permalink
    August 24, 2011 15:13

    how do u write so much when you’re not “fully awake”? :p I loved the post- thanks for all the updates

  7. Danielle permalink
    August 24, 2011 15:31

    I think that he owes Vilanova an apology. Fe came up from behind and gouged him in the eye then to add insult to injury deliberately mispronounced his name for a male body part. He’s a coach who has an even higher responsibility. It’s fine that Real Madrid and sticking by him but no one should excuse what he did or hold him to a lower standard. I would say that no matter who they were or what team they played for. Some things are just universal. When you physically attack someone who can’t even see you face to face you should apologize. A large part of the world has given up on Mourinho being classy and/or calm but we shouldn’t give up on expecting him to not be criminal. And physically assaulting someone is still a crime

  8. jean permalink
    August 24, 2011 15:41

    I love Mou’s “apology ” letter lol Its so Mou.Does it even sound like an apology? To Mou Yes.I would like to see players like Drenthe or Peter Leon play but the question Una is who is Mou going to replace?This is not an easy decision to make because we have so many talented players but only some of them would be part of the first team whether they like it ot not.What is the solution for players like Lass, Drenhte, Peter L.sell them to a club? Use them for “not important ” games during the season? Can the ego of some players in our team stand the fact that Mou play some canteranos instead of them? So many questions and not enough answers.To be honest I dont know how this situation can be solved.

  9. Sunny permalink
    August 24, 2011 17:08

    I thought “pseudo-Madridistas” was a jab at people like Pique who pretend to have an interest in our club and its sanctity.

  10. Jennie Culhane permalink
    August 24, 2011 17:27

    Thank you for your hard work on this site. Thanks for the cute video’s of Kaka and his team mates. He is a very likable guy to say the least.:)

  11. Jess permalink
    August 24, 2011 17:39

    I was watching all the drama unfold on Punto Pelota last night! It’s more and more like a soap opera every day!

  12. Gilly permalink
    August 24, 2011 18:13

    I would highly doubt ‘first team players’ includes Drenthe and co- Mou seems pretty keen to keep out all the outward bound players.

    Be nice to see RM play some football again- PLEASE SORT OUT THESE NEGOTIATIONS! *general frustration shout-out, not a directive to you Una 😉

  13. henry permalink
    August 24, 2011 18:32

    I believe Mr. florentino Perez will be happy now. This is the kind of coach he has always wanted (not that I have a problem with Mr Mourinho). He fired Mr Del Bosque because he was too docile, he needed a coach with action, one who can speak up, finally finally I believe he has his man. Just making an observation……..Hala Madrid.

    • Happy permalink
      August 25, 2011 17:11

      I feel exactly the same when Mou once came, he is the hottest coach, he can sells paper, and he has results, although I miss Del Bosque all the time, I agree Mou is the most suitable coach for Madird at this stage.

  14. August 24, 2011 20:26

    oh, oh, oh. Exactly 1 year ago I was in Madrid and I was at the match for the Bernabeu Trophy and I got sentimental now, as it was great experience and one of my coolest holidays ever. Up to this day I sometimes have a dream I am in Madrid as I loved this city and felt awesome there, not to mention that I visited Bernabeu 3 times during a 6 day stay;-))

    Enough of memories – I agree with a lot that you write Una and my thoughts on Mou are very similar. There are moments when I absolutely adore him, but sometimes his tactics are too much for me (and whatever this punch in the eye of Villanova was, I still don;t like it and do not approve it). I particularly do not understand the tactics “we vs. the world” as I feel that sometimes the conflict between them (team. all for one one for all) and the world is artificially provoked or created, what does not seem so necessary for me. On the other hand, I do appreciate the honesty and fearlessness. I have a very strong doubts about some of the institutions ruling football (national, international, it is similar in most of the countries), I am also a big fan of doing things the other way if it is reasonable, not in a way that is popularly acclaimed but lacks logic or is simply stupid. So I agree with a lot of things he’s saying.

    So basically, I am intrigued by this guy and he never fails to surprise me. I think it would be very interesting to work with him (*sending my CV to Real* LOL) He is certainly an intriguing personality, but I would not say he is as bad as people (press mainly) paint him.

    Having said that, I found the letter he wrote to “us” hilarious. I mean, I get that he means this for real (and I agree with your other opinions about it), but I can almost imagine his little smile while dictating (o yeah, dictating it while walking around the office) this letter.

    Last but not least: gifs with Kaka are adorable. I hope that this affection is not caused by the rumours that maybe Arsenal will borrow him, I hope they are not true and he stays!

  15. Diana permalink
    August 24, 2011 21:10

    “And while I did not expect a direct apology to Barcelona/Vilanova, nor did they deserve one due to the provocations, it would have been nice if Mou had decided to be the bigger man and at least admitted he was wrong for resorting to physical violence.”

    I respectfully disagree. I think that no matter who instigated what, Mourinho owes Vilanova an apology.

  16. evita permalink
    August 25, 2011 01:34

    Thanks Una. I’m not one on conspiracies, but Barcelona really, really, really want Mou out of the Spanish league.

    RM had an incredible performance in the Supercopa. They’re knocking on the door. The best thing that could’ve happened to us is that 5-0 loss to Barca nearly a year ago. It spurred a fire in their bellies, and they appear to be relentless in their pursuit of victory.

    As a new Madridista I’m going to have to say put up or shut up. The’re almost there but we need the vital trophies. Let go of the whinning, and bring home the trophies. There are givens in life…when you’re born you will die at some point. You will get older, and when you work you will pay taxes. Barca will dive, fake injuries, live in hypcorsy, and refs will favor them. It’s a fact of life. Let’s move on. They have a very tough time beating us without cheating to force a red. Hell, I can slam dunk on Michael Jordan if he’s not allowed to get out of his seat or hold a basketball in his hand. That’s easy….

    Screw Farca/Uefalona and lets just get it done on the pitch without all the horseshit.

  17. daniel ikemba permalink
    August 25, 2011 04:08

    “I just wish he would tone down his actions a bit and act with a bit more restraint”

    When he decides not to speak to the press and stay quiet, he is insulted and called all sort of names. what do you guys really want?

  18. daniel ikemba permalink
    August 25, 2011 04:30

    oh! I am suprised about ur comment: “But I do not like the reference to “pseudomadridistas” – reading between the lines, Mou is basically saying that anyone who doesn’t agree with him cannot be a madridista”

    I think you read in between the wrong line. Read it again and you will realize who he is refering to

  19. August 25, 2011 18:46

    una, i think Mateos is not allowed to play because hes on loan. Its totally legit and he signed. While Juan Carlos was sold to Zaragoza (on a buyback clause) but I think he will fully available for his club.

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