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September 8, 2011

Even the wind cooperates to make Sergio’s hair look good…

The Spanish and French internationals returned to the fold yesterday in the afternoon session at Valdebebas.  Also training normally were Marcelo, who had completed a recovery session on Tuesday, and Esteban Granero, who had done specific recovery work.  Seven players from Castilla (Jesús, Carvajal, MFC, los hermanos Fernández, Joselu, Iván González) joined the first team.

I would have expected the utilleros to wash the shirts after each session…

Iker, the A-team, Sergio, Benzema and Marcelo held their own session inside of the session, with exercises and stretching, and with Iker dressed in white like the field players instead of his usual yellow.  Ángel di María and Pipita Higuaín won’t be back in Madrid until today, and Khedira, Sahin and Altintop are all still (still?) injured.

However, what everyone (the press) was interested in was what happened before the session started.  As the players walked towards the field, Cris went up to Pepe, put his arm around his shoulder, dragged him over to where Ricardo Carvalho was and put his other arm around Ricky’s shoulder.  Pepe rubbed Ricky’s head as Marcelo clapped and Fábio Coentrão encouraged them.  Pepe and Ricky then walked onto the field talking.  (By the way, the kid standing at the railing with his back to us is none other than Luca Fernández, Enzo’s little brother and a very promising goalkeeper.)  The media then talked about the “reconciliation,” but I’m thinking that there was no real problem in the first place, and that they all deliberately did this since they knew the media was watching and they wanted to end the speculation.  But the Spaniards must be relieved, as all this attention on the Portuguese national team takes a bit of attention off of them, since they’re very, very tired of being asked whether the Madrid and Barcelona players get along.

Later that afternoon, Cris headed to the Palacio de Vistalegre, accompanied by Óscar Ribot, to present his documentary “Ronaldo Tested to the Limit,” which was produced by Castrol and which basically proves that Cris is indeed a machine.  Seriously though, the documentary shows Cris being subjected to a bunch of tests and tries to determine why he is so great, such as seeing how many panes of glass he can smash through with a single kick of the ball.  It’s also a great excuse to ogle that body of Cris’, as he wears short shorts and very tight shirts, in the name of science.

Cris arrived in a car driven by Spanish rally driver (and confessed madridista and former presidential candidate) Carlos Sainz, and posed with him.  Also on hand was Jerzy Dudek!  He also appears in the documentary.  Carlos gave his take on this season: “I believe that Mourinho’s second year is always a good one.  I’m very optimistic; I believe the team already had a great campaign last year.  But as is logical, all madridistas expect more.  We expect to win the Liga, to always win the Champions.  Madrid has to opt for everything, in addition to playing well.”  He also observed that Cristiano is a bit thinner this year than before.

Meanwhile, Jerzy said he was happy to return to Madrid, as the fans are always very affectionate towards him.  He also spoke about this season: “Madrid is much more motivated this season.  The two games against Barcelona showed that this team is much stronger.  They’ve taken a step forward.  Like all madridistas, I hope this year Madrid wins La Décima and the Liga.”  He also gave his take on the supposed Iker vs. Mou confrontation: “Iker is very intelligent and he knows what to do, but it’s normal that he has friends on and off the field.”  We also found out what Jerzy is up to these days: “I’m enjoying life, I’m resting.  I didn’t receive any good offers, and in addition, my wife insisted that we return to Poland because 15 years outside was too much time.”  Jerzy also said he’ll always support Real Madrid, and that he’s watched all the games the team has played up to now.  We miss you Jerzy!

Cris: oh look, there’s a Real Madrid photographer, the thumb goes up!  Jerzy: I’m so glad that part of my life is over.

Watch a little preview of the film here.

Cris was also interviewed by Sky Sports on the set of the documentary, take a look here.  He says last season was probably the best one of his career, thanks his teammates for giving him the “great passes” that lead to his goals and affirms that he would give up individual accolades in order to achieve collective awards.  Cris also says that Sir Alex is his second dad, and calls Mou “Mister Mourinho.”

And a little section on our canteranos.  Despite Pablo Sarabia now playing for Getafe, he and Dani Carvajal are still teammates of a sort, since they both study at the Universidad Camilo José Cela, as Dani tweeted yesterday.  And Marca had an interesting story on a set of brothers, one of whom plays for Barcelona, and the other for Madrid.  Their names are Dorian and David Babunski.  Dorian (15) plays for Madrid’s Cadete A as a forward, and David (17) for Barcelona’s Juvenil A as a midfielder.  Their father Boban, originally from Macedonia, played football in six countries, including in Spain, with Logroñés and Lleida.  When he retired, he decided to continue living here, in Castelldefels.  His sons inherited his love for football, and joined Barcelona’s academy early on, though they both had to leave (David to Gramanet, Dorian to Cornellà) at one point to develop further.  David then went back to Barcelona, while Madrid made an offer for Dorian, which he accepted.  He now lives in one of the club’s residences.

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  1. Barbara permalink
    September 8, 2011 11:15

    How bad is Sami’s Injury? There hasn’t been any information on Real Madrid’s site–usually they have a medical report that states what the player is doing (working in the gym, surgery ,ect) but I haven’t seen any information about Sami’s injury. Is he being treated in Germany?

  2. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    September 8, 2011 11:31

    I expcect a picture of Iker speaking with Mou laughing too :P, I feel our club respond to these rumors and when I saw pic, videos of Pepe and Caravlho I laughed so hard, although I find Cris super cute when he pulled Pepe, speaking of Cris, the guy is just HOT and we miss Dudeek!!!

  3. September 8, 2011 11:46

    LOL good to know that I’m not the only one slightly annoyed/worried about the fact that Sahin and Altintop are all still injured. It’s almost to the stage where you wonder what the hell happened in their medicals when they were assessed. And as much as I hate to say this, what Mou was thinking of…

    Cris…. what can I say… I’m just glad that he’s on our team. So, so glad for that fact.

  4. cisarovna permalink
    September 8, 2011 12:01

    I ogle in the name of science 🙂
    will this film be available on the Internet? Curious if we will see it here in the US

    • Buckhum permalink
      September 8, 2011 23:06

      Surely a legendary film like this will be available online for all to see. I’m positive that even Messi will be in awe of Ronaldo’s thighs.

  5. @ulonghaz permalink
    September 8, 2011 12:06

    LUCA? he’s LUCA?
    God, he has grown up so fast >.<

  6. PepperPots permalink
    September 8, 2011 12:38

    LUCA knows how to pose!!!

  7. jean permalink
    September 8, 2011 16:50

    I looooooooooooove this post.Smiles on pretty much every pic.
    I love that pic of Pepe and Sergio, its adorable.And Look how adorable Iker smile is.
    And Cris looks good as usual.I cant wait for the next game.

  8. Peter Baltimore permalink
    September 8, 2011 18:58

    As always, excellent piece of writing…

  9. mel permalink
    September 9, 2011 00:03

    Sergio’s shaved his beard of – Haleluja!!!!!!!! Mmmm, he looks fine.

  10. Jill permalink
    September 9, 2011 00:40

    what is sergio doing in that gif? is he walking backwards?

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