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all set for Getafe!

September 10, 2011

Madrid trained yesterday afternoon at the Bernabéu to finalize their preparations for their game against Getafe tonight (20h).  In order to prevent anyone from gaining knowledge on what sort of tactics the team has prepared, the session took place behind closed doors.  And closed windows too, because José Mourinho ordered that the windows of the two restaurants in the stadium that overlook the field be covered.  Getafe is one of Cris’ preferred “victims,” as he’s scored seven goals in the three times he’s faced the neighboring club.  The last time Cris stared down Getafe was on May 10, corresponding to the 35th jornada of the Liga, where he scored a hat trick as Madrid pulled out a 4-0 win.

Twenty players were called up for the game.  Esteban Granero made his return, and it looks like Mou will be rotating the Castilla goalkeepers, as Jesús was cited to back up Iker and Adán.  Lass was the only one of the healthy players not to make it to the convocatoria, perhaps because he hasn’t spent that much time training with the bulk of the team.

Goalkeepers: Iker, Adán, Jesús Fernández.

Defenders: Carvalho, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrão, Arbeloa, Albiol, Marcelo, Varane.

Midfielders: Granero, Kaká, Özil, Xabi Alonso, Callejón, Di María.

Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Higuaín.

In his press conference, Mou spoke about a wide variety of topics, and refused to speak about Neymar and his starting XI (“it bothers me that two out of three questions that you all have asked me so far in this press conference are extraneous things”).  Pepe, Marcelo, Aitor Karanka and Rui Faria attended the press conference, though they sadly did not ask any questions.

Anyway, here’s what Mou had to say.

on Peter Lion not being able to play: Pedro León will not play if Getafe doesn’t want him to play [technically, that’s true, but it’s really due to the clause that they were made to sign, because what club other than Madrid has money to throw away like that?].  He’ll play if they pay what’s stipulated.  The contracts are made like that, with variables and objectives.  Those who draw up the contracts are a super-intelligent president and JAS, who has incredible capabilities.  They’re smart people [this reminds me of Butragueño’s “FP is a superior being” remark – both that and Mou’s have to be taken with a grain of salt, no?].

[It’s been reported that the non-playing clause is €2 million, and applies to each game where Getafe plays Madrid.]

on Altintop’s injury-plagued time in Madrid: a manager is not a doctor.  He’s a manager.  The medical exams that the players undergo before they are signed are not the responsibility of a manager.  What is the responsibility of a manager is knowing when a player is a good deal, and a good deal is signing a player that, injured or not, has ended his contract and costs nothing.  Even though he might be injured now, he won’t be injured in a few months.  In addition, your medical department has guaranteed that the player has no limitations and can play during the three or four years of his contract.

on Enzo Fernández and the cantera: it seems to me that there should be about 20 players from the cantera who have debuted and 40 that have trained with us.  This boy whose name is Enzo just happens to be the son of a player named Zidane, but I’m going to coach a boy named Jesé, the son of Mr. Rodríguez, and I coach Nacho, the son of Mr. Fernández.

The Madrid photographers are at it again, with the weird angles…

on whether he would like to receive a gold medal from the government of Madrid, like Pep Guardiola recently did from the government of Cataluña: jajajaja, you make me laugh!

Watch a video here of Mou smiling, asking for help on how to say “business” in Spanish (“Business?  I don’t know how to say it in Spanish, “negocio,” no?  Help me, ¡joder!) and his laugh to the medal question.

Other things

– Punto Pelota reports that Mou will travel with the team to Croatia for their first Champions League game on Wednesday, but as he’s sanctioned, he’ll watch the game from the hotel and also won’t speak to the press before the match.

– there is hope in sight!!!!  Iker showed up in Navalacruz in a shirt from Cállate La Boca, which we all know is a brand that Xabi likes, since he wears their shirts and even dresses his son in them (see here or here).  We can all dream that Xabi took Iker shopping right?  Let’s imagine that they went out and bought Xabi-approved shirts and pants and other articles of clothing, including accessories and shoes, and then donated Iker’s purse collection to a women’s consignment store!

– laugh of the day: Mundo Deportivo reports that José Mourinho has instilled a “reign of terror” on Real Madrid, after FP allowed him to do whatever he wants.  Apparently, no one in the club can even move a pencil without Mou’s permission, and everyone – players, coaching staff, other staff, directors – are afraid of Mou.  During the U.S. tour, one of the journalists covering the team started feeling ill.  Normally, one of Madrid’s medical staff would attend to them, but no one from the press corps dared to ask because Mourinho would interpret this gesture as a sign of friendship between the medical staff and the press, and he’s been doing everything he can to isolate the press from his team and staff.  In fact, only he and Karanka are now allowed to speak to the press.  There are players who don’t like this, but they’re not brave enough to speak up.  Jajajaja, you make me laugh!

– cute thing of the day: a couple of days ago, Denis tweeted this photo of Dani Carvajal.  That prompted Dani to tweet back, “what kind of photos of me have you tweeted!!!”  (He did end his tweet with an “I love you, Russian boy” though).  But he still got revenge yesterday, when he tweeted this photo of Denis “sucking up to the coaching staff.”  These boys are adorable, no?

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  1. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    September 10, 2011 12:40

    Mourinho is Hitler afterall, I love Mou combination of a football destoryer-evil magician ( he obviously doesnt use his power for good) and dictactor. I cant wait for the revloution or better attack with fire torchs on Bernabeu to get rid of this evil-Mou!

    I love Mourinho’s answer to Enzo and his laugh, the Altintop one not much!!…Pepe and Marcelo looked they took one for the team to attend the conference, they were playing rock-paper at the locker-room, yeah Marcelo pepe you lose you are going :P.

    Anyway, Finally La Liga is here, HALA MADRID!!….

  2. thediva1983 permalink
    September 10, 2011 14:06

    Iker showed up in Navalacruz in a shirt from Cállate La Boca, which we all know is a brand that Xabi likes, since he wears their shirts and even dresses his son in them

    *lol* I like the fact that this store in San Sebastian almost seems to be telling people to shut up upon entry. That’s a cute name! 🙂

  3. cisarovna permalink
    September 10, 2011 15:06

    Una is that why Iker has that backpack that says Cállate all over it? I thought it was such a strange word to have all over clothing, seemed almost a little naughty.

    • unamadridista permalink*
      September 10, 2011 15:46

      Yes, he has this one. In the store, it’s listed under “school materials,” perfect for Iker going back to school!

  4. emily permalink
    September 10, 2011 16:40

    That Mundo Deportivo article plays into my theory that the RM players all say that Mou is a wonderful coach to keep from getting on his shit list. We all know what happens when you get on Mou’s shit list… see: Peter :Lion

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