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ICYMI – the ‘rico, guapo, gran’ edition

September 16, 2011

In case you missed it – Dinamo Zagreb vs. RM [2011-09-15, CL group stage, 0-1].

Grammatically speaking, the title of the post is incorrect, but there really was no other name for this ICYMI.  More on that later… To sum up the game, the jerseys weren’t the only red things out there (the boys looked great in that color, no?) because Cristiano ended the game with a bloody ankle.  Ángel di María was the only one that managed to get one past Saint Ivan on Wednesday, which was also the first goal that Madrid has ever scored while wearing red.  I’ll take that, plus the win, even though I had hoped for more.

ONE.  I love this little moment between I. Casillas and F. Coentrão, plus of course the red and yellow color combination, as it reminds me of Spain (or ketchup and mustard).  And I laughed when I heard Iker yelling, “Alonso, Alonso!”  Does that mean that for once, Xabi was not perfectly positioned?

TWO.  As stated earlier, Ángel di María broke Madrid’s inability to wear the red and score goals (it’s actually not that big of a deal, since they have only worn red three times before in their 109-year history) and the boys looked great celebrating.  As this was Ángel’s first goal of the season, and also his first goal for Madrid as a married man, it was no surprise to see him do his traditional heart celebration (and because we’re used to it by now).

Marcelo gave Angelito a great pass, Angelito scored, jumped up, and then Marcelo jumped into his arms.

Marcelo Sunshine definitely knew that 50 percent of the goal was due to him.  Look at him celebrate!  Meanwhile, the bench also erupted.  Normally, I think Aitor Karanka would have been more exuberant, but since he was playing the Mou role on Wednesday, he was much more restrained.

THREE.  Back to the beginning of the game.  These are much better than their club portraits, no?  But I don’t think Madrid would have been happy had Iker stuck his tongue out for the portrait…

FOUR.  You think this was the moment when Tonel whispered to Cris that he wanted his shirt?  Tonel had also hugged Pepe, Carvalho and Coentrão as they made their way down the receiving line.

FIVE.  Ivan Kelava was excellent, no?  He added to his “Saint Ivan” nickname.  He made a lot of great saves, and unluckily for him, he also spent a lot of time on the ground after he kept colliding with our players, such as Cris, Karim or Sergio.  Or else he’s very lucky, because they all gave him a hug/high five in the end.

SIX.  Even though Cris and Lass were in pain on the ground, I was amused because I liked how Marcelo was trying to make the referee notice Cris’ ankle with some strategic pointing, and how Ricky had his hand placed right on Lass’ derrière.

SEVEN.  More of our players on the ground.  I liked how Fábio managed to get a few choice words out before falling back down to the ground.

EIGHT.  I just like this picture.  And the very tight jersey.

NINE.  At the beginning of the second half, the camera must have used a special filter or something to give the footage a retro/vintage effect and Mesut and Karim a dreamy quality.  And Xabi would be proud of Karim’s pose – it’s quite fierce, no?  And look how stylishly the shorts are knotted and how effortlessly the jersey is tucked into the shorts..

TEN.  Cris kept me entertained with his gestures…

ELEVEN.  … as did Aitor Karanka, who looks like he’s about to break out into a rap right here.

TWELVE.  The Perfect Profile, in action.  But I don’t know why Iker was wearing his patented, pissed off, I can’t believe they just scored look, because he didn’t allow any goals in.

THIRTEEN.  More Cris in action and gestures.

FOURTEEN.  The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

FIFTEEN.  In the stands were Zidane and the three players cut from the game day squad – El Pirata, Arbeloa’s twin and Tomy – and of course Mou (behind them and behind a glass wall, pictures below).

SIXTEEN.  Mou looked quite pissed off by Marcelo’s expulsion.  Was he thinking, we’re ending with 10 AGAIN?  Due to the red card, Marcelo will miss the next CL game against Ajax on Sept. 27.

SEVENTEEN.  As soon as the game ended, Cris hobbled over to Dinamo coach Krunoslav Jurcic to show him his bloody ankle.  He didn’t reveal what the response was.

EIGHTEEN.  Some post-game scenes.  It appears that no one got Cristiano’s shirt (at least on the field) because he was in no mood to be approached, and because he had to be interviewed (and the club, much to my dismay, doesn’t allow the players to do those interviews topless).  But it seems that Luis Ibáñez scored either Ángel or Pipita’s shirt, as both were walking around topless, as well as Carvalho.  And Xabi’s profile is quite nice too, no?

NINETEEN.  As for the shirts, Iker wore head to toe yellow to accompany the red, and everyone wore dark blue/gray Champions League jackets with neon green accents onto the field.  Add to this the variety of boot colors – purple for Marcelo, orange for Cristiano, black and yellow for Sergio, white and yellow for Di María, white for Mesut, white and purple for Carvalho, silver for Pepe, blue for Benzema and Coentrão – and there was a rainbow out there.  Of course, Xabi opted for classic black.  Plus, we had the refereeing team in lilac.  And the subs wore azure jackets.

Alfredo di Stéfano said in his column in Marca that he didn’t like the color of Iker’s jersey, as it was very “eye-catching, and it shows the rival where he’s positioned.”

Bonus Sergio picture: here he is zipping up his jacket on the way to the field.  He was the only player not wearing it in the tunnel, and the team got called onto the field before he had a chance to finish putting it on.

TWENTY. On the way to the bus, Cristiano said what he was feeling about the refereeing, his ankle and the whistles from the crowd.  “I had to get three stitches.  I don’t understand this refereeing, those who appeal for fair play, the protection of the most skilled players.  I don’t have this…  I’m sad because the referees say that they protect those players that have the most skills and sensitivity.  But when I play, they don’t protect anything.  Other players are treated fantastically, and you can’t touch them.  But you can hit me or knock me down and nothing happens.  I don’t understand.  The truth is I don’t understand.  Let’s see if my ankle will swell up.”  As for the whistles, “I think that because I’m rich, handsome and a great player, people envy me.  I can’t find any other explanation… ”  Cris also said of the referee, “I hope we won’t get this referee again because he really is an embarrassment.”  Cris was limping after the game.

Now I see a lot of people are taking the “rich, handsome, great player” remark out of context.  It was in response to queries as to whether the whistles of the rival fans had affected him, and while Cris was still very upset over the ankle incident.  He also said it in a very resigned tone, he wasn’t bragging at all, which is what it may sound like if you just read the quote without any background information.  Plus, he even said it himself – it’s the last explanation he could come up with, so it’s not like it was the first thing that came to his mind, or something that he believes.  And because Cristiano Ronaldo said it, there are lots of people who would prefer to misinterpret the quote than learn about the truth.

Meanwhile, Karim Benzema also complained about the ref: “he sent Marcelo off but he didn’t send Leko off for a very rough tackle.  Cristiano’s ankle is very bad.”  And Ángel said, “the refereeing was not good.  The kick to Cristiano deserved a yellow card.  But the referee didn’t see it like that and now Ronaldo is being stitched up and Marcelo was sent off for nothing.  I believe the referee make a mistake.  In the locker room, we gave all our support to Marcelo.”  I wonder if UEFA will fine any of our players for these words?

TWENTY ONE.  The Mou/Karanka corner.

Aitor Karanka was more composed, and didn’t say anything about the refereeing, just “you have to treat all the players the same, and not just protect some.  There’s no need to say that you protect some players, while for others anything can happen without consequences.”  He added, “right now they’re stitching up Cristiano in the locker room.  We hope that it’s nothing serious.”  Karanka also said that they were satisfied with the game, despite the difficulties.

As for Mou, he arrived at the stadium with the rest of the team, on the team bus.  However, he wasn’t sitting in the first row, where he usually sits, but in the second one.  The bus dropped off the team at the players’ entrance, but Mou wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near there, so he stayed on the bus for the next hour.  But he wasn’t alone, as two members of the club’s security team was with him, as well as Javier García Coll.  At 20:30h, he left the bus wearing a cap, and got into a black Mercedes minivan with tinted windows.  The vehicle drove him (his two bodyguards walked next to it) the 800 meters to the entrance of the private box where he was going to sit.  During the game, he was accompanied by his two security guards and didn’t stop taking notes for the entire game, just like if he were on the field.  The end of the game elicited a pissed off gesture from Mou, and I love how the cameras made him look so sinister, because we know that the reality is nothing like that.

During the game, cameras captured García Coll, who sat next to Mou in the box, using his mobile, and a couple of minutes later, Chendo answering his mobile.  Shortly after, Chendo was seen speaking to Karanka…

TWENTY TWO.  After the game, Iker posted two messages on his Facebook, one in Spanish, and the other in Google-translated English.  The result was the following: “Well, the most important are the three points. We have had enough and good times. Ever allow scares but overall good. We started winning in the Champions League. Now I think playing in the Levant. A party will not be easy. Already last year we let 2 points. Good night kids!”

What he meant to say was, “well, the most important thing are the three points.  We had many and good occasions.  We had a few scares, but in general, we played well.  We started out the Champions by winning.  Now it’s time to think about Levante.  The game won’t be easy.  We gave up two points to them last year.  Good night kids!”  But I think I prefer him to be talking about parties, don’t you kids agree?

That caused Álvaro Arbeloa to tweet, “I’m shocked by Iker’s English…”  Jajaja!!  That’s one of the best things he’s ever tweeted!  And he’d probably be shocked by Raúl’s German as well, as Iker posted this photo of some “lost in translation” action going on between Mesut and Albiol.  The expression on Raúl’s face is priceless!  And I like how Sergio has even taken out one earbud out to listen in.  These boys are an endless source of amusement, no?

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  1. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    September 16, 2011 16:06

    This what I told my friends about cris, the guy was pissed and what do you expect from a guy who is bleeding and in doubt of missing matchs and this guy is cris, the guy who wants to play every game.
    Anyway, I think too much talk about this game, we don’t have to send a video of tackle, let’s move on now! I think Marcelo didn’t deserve the sent-off, but again let’s focus on the results, hala Madrid! We really got 3 points, good start, I wished for better as like una, but the gk was spot on!!!

    • Sarah, Madrid permalink
      September 16, 2011 16:12

      And yes, alvaro best tweet, he should hive him lessons, no? But again I can’t think of iker fb without these adorable status…

  2. stijn permalink
    September 16, 2011 17:02

    another great post 🙂

    just want to repeat i love your blog !

  3. mickymacky permalink
    September 16, 2011 17:43

    una (or anyone else who might know LOL)… this is an entirely nonsensical question… but why do teams bother with a jacket when they go out onto the field prior to kickoff? @.@

    • Sara permalink
      September 18, 2011 18:44

      They do that to preserve their body temperature because it’s not good if they warm up and then stand still for the anthem and take the group photo, that’s why they stretch and jump around after the handshakes and photo ( I hope this helps that’s what my P.E teacher told me once, I don’t know if there is another reason).

      And Adidas makes more money from selling those jackets!

  4. September 16, 2011 18:38

    una Iker posted the picture of Mesut and Albiol first, so i think that since Iker teased Albiol, Alvaro teased him back with the ” conmocionado con el ingles de Iker “

  5. superfan permalink
    September 16, 2011 18:50

    Iker’s facebook is the best. Hahaha. And why is Arbeloa shocked by Iker’s english? He should offer his help to Iker and Sergio. Haha. I swear, these boys and their facebook or twitters are so adorable. Never stop posting, boys. 😉

    And thank you for this wonderful recap. If it weren’t for Kelava and his awesome saves, I think Madrid would have scored more. But I’ll take the 1-0 win. 🙂

    And as for Cris’ haters because of that comment, deal with it. They should learn the entire context before talking shit again. Ugh. But haters will always hate. So…whatever.

  6. Louise permalink
    September 16, 2011 19:07

    I’m sure Xabi turned around, looking indignant, and asked, “Are you screaming at me? All you had to say was ‘please.'”

    I love the last pick. It looks like Sergio is turning around to help translate (hee), while Alvaro is staying out of it.

  7. mel permalink
    September 16, 2011 19:52

    No Ramos on the groud after Zagreb’s goalkeeper knocked him in the face???? I thought for sure his nose broke!!!!! My heart almost did tooo!!

  8. Akshat permalink
    September 16, 2011 20:06

    Una, I’ve been following your blog for around 2 mnths now, alongwith the Con La Roja… I hadn’t commented till now because I’m basically a VERY lazy chap. But I can’t take no more. I’m tired of being first to your post every single time this past mnth and not seeing a single appreciation. Hat’s off to you…. Your blog is the best Madrid blog there is. Period. Carry on…

    • Akshat permalink
      September 16, 2011 20:07

      Btw, I’m a die hard Madrista from India….

  9. edgar permalink
    September 16, 2011 20:08

    I love how the media are throwing a hissy fit over his quotes. Its like “how dare he say things like that”. I really find it funny how people get so upset by Ronaldo when basically he has never done anything wrong to anyone. I guess Cris should take the haters as abadge of honor because you have to be good to have so many of them. But what’s even more funny (or sad, depends how you look at it) is how the media and haters totally disregard why he said the quote because of his bloody ankle that he had to get stitches for.

  10. Henry permalink
    September 16, 2011 22:11

    Hala Madrid everyone, it was a nice start to the champions league. I knew the game wasn’t going to be easy. Nice post Una. I always enjoy your posts the more whenever there are loads of gifs. Pls Una, as a fan of your blog could you do me and other Madrid fans a favour, by posting loads of gifs of subsequent games? Thanks. Oh and by the way I kinda agree with Senor Di Stephano that Iker’s jersey colour would help the opponent in spoting him easily. Also boooooooo to all Cristiano Ronaldo haters. We love you Cris.

  11. September 16, 2011 23:14

    I watch the games, follow the guys on twitter and follow the Real Madrid on YouTube, however still enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for writing for us.

  12. September 16, 2011 23:45

    Very nicely put description of the match…loved it

  13. September 17, 2011 00:13

    Ugh, the Champion League jacket is so hideous and tacky! The giant stars just a big no-no.

    I love how you have an eye for detail, Una. The fact that you notice how Karim tucked his shirt so stylishly and how Sergio took out the earphones to listen to Mesut and Chori’s conversation! I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t pointed it out.

    Iker’s English is just the best, no? “A party will not be easy!” I’m sure it won’t, Iker.

  14. manie permalink
    September 17, 2011 00:59

    And because Cristiano Ronaldo said it, there are lots of people who would prefer to misinterpret the quote than learn about the truth.

    Seriously, I was surprised more than I should’ve been by the number and range of articles quoting an out-of-context statement. Geeeez. Hasn’t he said something similar on one of the interviews?

    Anyways, great recap. I was happy to see a yellow Iker with a red team. I am also eternally happy for Iker’s facebook and I hope he never stops using google translate.

  15. September 17, 2011 01:03

    I absolutely LOVE your blogs! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Rachel permalink
    September 17, 2011 02:13

    Cristiano’s remark was quite clearly sarcastic/ironic. Watch his facial expression. There’s a slight smirk.

  17. Yojo permalink
    September 17, 2011 03:25

    I follow most every reputable and “reliable” soccer/football news out there and and espn have made a big deal of CR7’s “handsome” comments. Too bad no one out there is going to clarify his comments like you can.
    There are a lot of haters out there and it’s too bad it’s getting in the way of them appreciating his talents and skills and even his seemingly good-natured character.

  18. Hala_Madrid permalink
    September 17, 2011 07:27

    haha i love how Arbeloa makes fun of everything, but i gotta say Iker’s post was hillarious. In regards to the CL game i wish we could’ve scored more but the most important things is we won. Cris is an exceptional player, he played injured the rest of the game and that just shows how he doesn’t give up, I love him.

  19. nicole permalink
    September 17, 2011 11:09

    the ankle looks bad.hope he’s fine.also, are there more photos of sergio in the red jersey-

  20. jitu parawii permalink
    September 17, 2011 12:46

    una, i need to have sex with you.

  21. Sadia permalink
    September 17, 2011 15:32

    I’m not a hater of Ronaldo in any way or anything but the whole “rich, handsome and a great player” was rather disappointing from him. That’s not exactly gonna do anything to relieve problems of people hating on him haha. Even if he didn’t mean for it to sound so cocky it really is in my opinion.
    Thanks for this post anyway.

  22. jean permalink
    September 17, 2011 16:47

    Poor cris :(.Is he going to be okay? I hope he wont be out for too long.
    Congrats to Di Maria. I couldnt watch the game but Im happy with our win.

  23. September 17, 2011 20:23

    I (along with every other Madridista and Portugal fan) hope that Cris’s ankle isn’t seriously injured. That amount of bleeding is scary.

    It seems to me like Mou made quite a commotion at the end of the game. Tomas and the two men behind him looked over at the noise.

  24. bbBenz permalink
    September 18, 2011 06:57

    Xabi would be proud of Karim’s pose – it’s quite fierce, no? And look how stylishly the shorts are knotted and how effortlessly the jersey is tucked into the shorts..

    your detail amuse me Una 8) great review as usual. Hala Madrid!

  25. Cammy permalink
    September 18, 2011 07:06

    My favorite part of the match was Iker yelling “Alonso, Alonso” with eyebrow movement and finger pointing. I laughed so hard when I saw that.
    And I must give Iker credit for always capturing the perfect moment on his cell phone.

  26. black widow permalink
    September 18, 2011 07:11

    thank you, una!

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: iker’s facebook is truly the gift that keeps on giving. “a party won’t be easy.” his google-translated english is still loads better than my spanish, so i felt badly giggling, but seriously … how could you not? he’s adorable. comedic gold! (and that arbeloa tweet made my day when i read it!)

    i really like the red shirts. my favourite CL shirts are the purple ones, but this colour is strong and striking and bold. i like it. i’m still unsure about iker the banana/corncob/lemon/pineapple though (and i guess the “i.casillas” is not only a thing now, but it’s spreading, too. huh.). ketchup and mustard, indeed. i also want to believe he’s growing more of a goatee than a mustache (oh please, please let this be true!).

    the 3 points are great, but what a price. it’s unfortunate what happened both with marcelo and ronaldo. his ankle looks awful and it must have really hurt. i hope he won’t be out any matches as a result. honestly, why do refs in RM matches seem to be so biased?

  27. September 19, 2011 06:17

    Great post, as always, Una. You are the pro.
    Two ESPN radio hosts were talking about the Rico/Guapo quote and weren’t surprised by it at all. They felt that CR merely stated what so many other highly paid, popular athletes, and stars, think about themselves but would never dare to say.
    It’s unfortunate that so many individuals are taking it at face value, rather than reading the sarcasm and exasperation that this young man truly feels. There are a few refs who do take care of him, but every player knows that CR is the ultimate threat to the safety of a clean sheet, so the mercenaries will ever be at the ready to eliminate the source of that threat.

  28. September 19, 2011 14:41

    Iker’s tweet is almsot as good as “please be patience” of Sergio or even better! 😉

    I did not see the match, but the ICYMI provided an excellent report, as always! Thanks!

  29. GourcuffLover permalink
    October 7, 2011 01:14

    I love your recaps and I must add Im not even a Madrid fan but your blog is soooo good and funny. You have a great eye for detail, keep it up!

    I love Ikers google english, it had me in stitches!I can only imagine him on the computer trying to put a sentence together. He must probably re-read it 100 times.LOL. Props to him for actually trying.

    The more I read your blog the more I fine the Real Madrid boys interesting. I bet they would make for a great sitcom!!!

    And Cris IS rich,handsome and a great player….So why is everyone having a cow about the obvious? Its like saying Ice Cream is cold, delicious and fattening and then acting like its not…

  30. Cleopatra permalink
    June 23, 2012 11:52

    @ GourcuffLover…. That saying about Cris is hilarious… Hahaha. You re right, it is that obvious!

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