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ICYMI – the counterattacking edition

September 28, 2011

In case you missed it – Real Madrid vs. Ajax [2011-09-27, Champions League group stage jornada 2, 3-0].

Madrid’s still not where I want them to be yet, but wow, their counterattacking… that’s what brought us to victory on Tuesday night.  In the first 20 minutes or so of the game, the crowd at the Bernabéu made it clear that they were displeased with how their team was playing.  Then Madrid scored a goal off a counterattack (11 touches and seven passes in 16 seconds), and the game was theirs from that point on.  I guess whatever tips Pep Guardiola gave Frank de Boer about Madrid did not work.

I love that Cris and Kaká were sharing a joke as they waited for the Champions League hymn to finish!

ONE.  Champions League nights at the Bernabéu are always special, there’s always an electric feeling in the air.

TWO.  Some pre-game scenes.  Too bad Pepe was injured, since that meant that he had to show up in his own clothing, and we all know that his t-shirt and scarf collection is at times cringe-worthy.   And I love the picture of Iker that they chose for his locker!  Smiling Iker is always good.

THREE.  The boys warming up.  I’m worried by how naturally Cris converted his clasped hands into a double thumbs up.  That is not good, since it means that he has done it a lot in the past, and that he’ll do it without thinking in the future.  Meanwhile, one Ricky was smiling and the other was focused, as were Mesut and Sergio (for the most part).  As for Iker, why does he like layering so much?  It’s one of life’s great mysteries, along with the related one about why he’s so reluctant to remove his shirt.  By the way, I was very happy to see Kaká start the game, and even more so since he took Ángel di María’s spot.

FOUR.  While waiting to go out onto the field in the tunnel, Álvaro Arbeloa patted Iker on the ass (twice!) and then gave him a kiss and another pat, this time on the chest.  Some people have all the luck.  Or is Iker un tipo con suerte, because he received a kiss from Alvarito AND Sergio?  I like how the door swung to block the kiss at the exact moment it was given, as if it were so hot that we couldn’t handle seeing it.

Meanwhile, Xabi was being his usual boss self, giving last-minute instructions to Álvaro and Sergio (though Sergio’s attention started wandering there at the end after he nodded to show he was paying attention), and doing hip circles.

FIVE.  I can never get enough of Iker’s smile lines.  And good news, it looks like the rest of Iker’s facial hair has caught up somewhat with the mustache, to give it company on that adorable face.

SIX.  The goals.  I bet FP’s favorite one was the first one, because his three pet signings of the 2009-10 season – Cristiano, Kaká and Karim Benzema – combined for a golazo.  The other two goals were great as well.

I love how Mesut jumped on Karim’s back, and Karim carried him to the corner, and how enthusiastically Cris celebrated this goal.

For the second goal, Cris jumped into Ricky’s arms.  The bromance is alive and doing well!

And Kaká seemed to be telling the critics, “¡toma!

As for the third, the celebration showed how this team is a piña.  Divided by nationalities?  Ha.

Karim seemed to be smelling Kaká, and liking what he smelled.  I would wager that Ricky is one of those people who always smells good, and that he smells like clean laundry.  Plus, the guys are really obsessed with each other’s hair, no?  And check out that forehead thing between the Spartan and the Boss!  I feel bad for that Ajax player who almost got caught in the middle of the celebration…

SEVEN.  Yes, he is handsome, rich and a great player.

EIGHT.  The three goals that we scored last night wouldn’t have been much help had Iker not made a few fantastic saves, including this one below.

NINE.  Karim Benzema had to leave the game in the 75th minute, but hopefully it’s nothing serious.  Aitor Karanka said at his post-game press conference that “in principle, there’s nothing to be worried about.  It was just some pain.”  And Karim himself said in the mixed zone that he had a bit of pain in his back and the left abductor muscle, and that he’ll see how the abductor is tomorrow.  I love his French-accented Spanish!

TEN.  Hamit Altintop made his debut for Madrid, more than four months after his signing was announced, on May 19.  He entered the game in the 84th minute for Mesut Özil, and didn’t really do anything out there, but just being there was enough for him, I suppose.  He said after the game, “I’m very happy to have debuted.  After the operation, the rehab went well and I was feeling good today.  It’s not easy, but I’m taking it step by step to help out the team.”

ELEVEN.  Rafa Varane became the third youngest player to debut with Madrid in the Champions, after (can you guess?) Raúl and Iker.  He said after the game that “it’s incredible that at the age of 18, you’re playing and playing as a starter.”  He also said, “it’s very important having Lass and Benzema at my side.”

TWELVE.  A couple of observations on shirts.  Cris of course popped the collar on his jersey, and I’m surprised he didn’t do the same for his jacket.  Meanwhile, TVE’s cameras disappointed me by not zooming in on Kaká while he had his shirt lifted, and for continuing to zoom in on Kaká later (yes, I am very difficult to please) when there was a shirtless Sergio Ramos in the background!  Shirtless!  Of course Iker was strolling around there next to him, with all his shirts on.

THIRTEENMesut Özil also joined in the fun, and something made him laugh while he was on the bench after being subbed out.

FOURTEEN.  The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

Xabi clocked up the most mileage out of all the players on the team, with 11.997 kilometers run throughout the game.  That’s no surprise, given how Xabi dominated the midfield out there.  Sami Khedira was second, with 11.913 kilometers.

FIFTEEN.  The Sergio Ramos hair envy section.

Thoughts on that jaunty little ponytail that Sergio wore in the morning?  If he had a scrunchy, he’d look just like Sergio García…

SIXTEEN.  After the game, Iker said, “we’re happy for Kaká, we know what kind of player he is and we have confidence in him.   He’s a kid who is committed to himself, his teammates and his team.  We want him to return to what he was, but we already know what the press is like, if he had a worse game, they would start criticizing him again.”  Regarding the support he received from the fans, Iker said, “you’re always human and sometimes you make mistakes.  I’m happy that people give me affection, and when I fail, I will accept it and try to smile.”  He also took the time in the mixed zone to shoot down the rumors that he and Cris had an argument after Monday’s training session: “it surprised me, and when I spoke with him this morning, the only thing I could do was laugh, because I didn’t understand it… we laughed, and there really is no problem.  I was astounded.  The only thing we could do was laugh.  I’ve been here for 12 years and one gets used to hearing all kinds of rumors.  Today, we made light of it, we asked each other this morning for photos of our fight, we wanted to see them.”

I chose this picture because it doesn’t show what Iker was wearing.  He was wearing that ratty old white t-shirt again.  Surely he can afford something better?  Plus, this is a profile picture, and we can never have enough of those in our lives (okay, in my life).

Meanwhile, the man of the night, Kaká, said, “I feel better with each passing day.  Things are going well for me on the field… I don’t play to shut up the critics, but to enjoy myself.  And I’m going to help this team a lot.”  And the other Ricky, Ricky Carvalho, also expressed his happiness for Kaká, and complimented his partner in the defense, Rafa Varane: “despite his age, he’s very secure.  He’s a great teammate in the defense.”

Meanwhile, Sergio spoke to COPE, and he was asked why his voice was so hoarse (they thought it was hoarse, I found it sexy), if it was whether he had gone out the previous night.  Sergio laughed and said it was because it’s hard to make yourself heard out on the field over the roar of the crowd.  In that case, Iker’s voice must be the hoarsest after the games.  Guti! Guti!!  GUTI!!!

SEVENTEEN.  The Mou/Karanka corner.

José Mourinho served the last game of his suspension by watching the game from a private box near the presidential box, giving up his “usual” seat next to the bench.  He had arrived at the Bernabéu with the rest of the team, but was not allowed to enter the locker room, so he said goodbye to them at the entrance (Cris almost didn’t see him there) and headed for his box.  The box had tinted windows, meaning no one (spectators or cameras) could look inside (and possibly see Mou calling in directions to his assistants?).

In his post-game press conference, Aitor Karanka admitted that everyone was happy for Kaká: “those who have had confidence in him are happy, upon seeing the joy on his face.  He deserves to be how he is now, because he’s a great player and for everything he’s gone through… Ricardo has frankly had a bad time of it… he’s very important for us and now he’s happy.  He’s suffered with the injuries, with not being at the same level he was before.”

EIGHTEEN.  Other notes.

The players wore black armbands as a tribute to former madridista Chus Pereda, who passed away on Tuesday at the age of 73.

I don’t usually like anything the ultras do, but this made me laugh.  When they saw that Altintop would be entering into the game as Madrid’s third and final substitution, they started chanting, “we want canteranos, we want canteranos…” as Esteban Granero had also been on the sidelines, warming up.  I almost felt like joining in.  By the way, the three players cut from the game day list were all canteranos: Nacho, Mejías (not surprising) and Callejón.

Mesut posted this adorable picture on his Facebook earlier in the day.

The boys are back in training on Thursday, after getting Wednesday off.  This weekend’s game is against Espanyol on Sunday at 22h.

Good news: Capote has been released from the hospital, 14 days after suffering a heart attack while training with Lucena.  However, he will have to give up his dreams of becoming a professional footballer, due to his condition.  He tweeted, “after 14 very difficult days, I’m leaving the hospital, I’ve lost what I most wanted, football, but I’ve gained the most important thing, life, thank you to everyone.”

Speaking of the cantera, dairy company Grupo Leche Pascual is the cantera’s new official sponsor, with the agreement to be formally announced and presented on Thursday.

And check out this video, featuring an eight-year-old Gonzalo Higuaín, and his friends and former coaches talking about him, such as how good he was, how obsessed he was with football, how small and thin he was… Plus, there are bonus adorable mini-Argentine footballers!

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  1. sherv permalink
    September 28, 2011 15:57

    can you put a gif of Cristiano’s celebration when he is signaling the guys to join him? Please???! 🙂

    LOVE your blog…check it daily!

  2. Aniekie permalink
    September 28, 2011 15:58

    Being Dutch (and also a long time Ajacied), I had the ‘pleasure’ and ‘privilege’ of listening to Frank de Boer talk after the match. While normally only Cruyff and his ‘Cruyff-isms’ have my blood boiling, Frank was quite blood curdling himself after the match.
    On advice he’d given his players, he told he warned them about the counter attack (duh) and that they also had to be smart about how to handle things, this is where it gets interesting.. He told Gregory vd Wiel ‘either you have the ball or Ronaldo should be down’
    I have a bruised forehead from head-desking and face-palming to be honest.
    (imagine Mou saying something like that and the shit storm it would cause)

    • Ally permalink
      September 28, 2011 16:14

      Hee! I’m Dutch too 😉 but not an Ajacied…
      I can’t believe De Boer said that!

      btw ” I feel bad for that Ajax player who almost got caught in the middle of the celebration…” That Ajax player is Eriksen 😉

      • Aniekie permalink
        September 29, 2011 16:53

        IKR?! I guess we know what advice Guardiola gave De Boer?

    • Sarah, Madrid permalink
      September 28, 2011 16:22

      I thought if Mou was not suspended yesterday infront of Ajax, that would been a mini-small war going on between him and De Boer, his comments was a bit provoked before the game, no?..
      I actually will miss Karanka now after Mou suspension is finished.

      • Aniekie permalink
        September 29, 2011 16:54

        before the match De Boer was actually quite respectful of Mou saying how he helped him a lot in his Barca days and that they are still in touch.

        • Sarah, Madrid permalink
          September 30, 2011 15:36

          Sorry,I may have mixed his comments with Cruyff 🙂

    • Jenny permalink
      September 28, 2011 16:31

      There are different standards for Mourinho – I think its because he’s so charismatic. People can’t bear it that someone who has been that gifted in life (because lets face it, no other coach will be doing Armani ads anytime soon). Nothing he ever says is really that shocking compared with what other coaches say, when taken on its face. He never raises his voice or uses profanity. Even his post-Barca comments after the semi-final were less offensive than Alex Ferguson’s “typical Germans” remark when Bayern kicked his butt out the Champions League – which everyone dismissed as just funny – but which I found to be offensive pandering.

      And yes – imagine Mourinho saying he’d told Pepe that he either wanted to see Messi off the ball or on the ground. A lynch mob would form.

      • Sarah, Madrid permalink
        September 29, 2011 16:15

        Mourinho is a provoked person, he doesn’t raise his voice or use insults, but he can use a word as simple as ” por que” and turn it into the worse conference in football history (as some people think).
        Plenty coaches speak about the referee, saf or wenger or even mancini, but when Mou does it he will provoke the sentiments, it is not about about what he say, it is about how he says it!…

    • September 28, 2011 16:45

      “either you have the ball or Ronaldo should be down” – o hell no. That’s wrong on so many different levels.

      Ouch. Yeah, we all suffer when people who represent our clubs shoot their mouth off. 😐

    • kiki permalink
      September 29, 2011 17:45

      So true! Mou is judged by a different standard and yes it is probably due to his charisma, popularity & media pull and above all his proven successes.

      It doesn’t take a genius to see why those who don’t want Real Madrid’s success began a media war against him immediately. Look at his wins & titles. Barca got all in a tizzy as soon as he showed up & he really doesn’t go as far as the other examples listed here.

      Either way he is happy to take the slack & uses the attacks to cement his team together in an “us against them” mentality, he has used this mindset to success before.

      Not saying I’m thrilled with every behavior of his, but there IS a double standard & it stems from fear of him.

  3. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    September 28, 2011 16:09

    “The Sergio Ramos hair envy section”….Una! You are one of a kind, hahahahahaha!

    I also didn’t like how we played for part of the games, BUT I think we played to our strenght to a club who likes to keep the ball..
    Cris’s goal was amasssssssssing!!….Esse AMASINGGGGGGGG!!..

    I actually wanted Pirata too in the game:(! Happy for Altintop debut, but Pirata should be in ahead of Angel for example?

    Awwwww I love iker, ramos, arbeloa trio of love moment…Kaka-Cris broromance is increidable!!.

    Good win in the end of the day, still room for improvement, man of the match without question is: ” THE BOSS “

  4. Jenny permalink
    September 28, 2011 16:32

    A typical ICYMI – witty, clever, beautiful.

    I never miss a match – but I can’t miss ICYMI.

  5. September 28, 2011 16:48

    That first goal had me practically crying with joy. It was a symphony in motion. It was mindbogglingly good. It was what football is all about despite whatever Xavi may say.

    Our defence had me headdesking repeatedly, but overall, this match was brilliant.

    I wish we could see more of Pipa on the field. He deserves so much more time than what he is being given.

  6. Iram permalink
    September 28, 2011 17:27

    Loved this post. It made me smile a lot. U r gifted Una!

  7. Alyssa permalink
    September 28, 2011 17:28

    THIS MATCH MADE ME SO HAPPYYY!!! I agree that we’re not perfect yet but this match was proof that we’re well on the road to getting there! And what made me the happiest: KAKA!!!! I want to personally go and laugh in the face of every single person who thought his career was over. This is what I’ve been waiting for. During all those those days of hoping and praying that Kaká could be Kaká again, this is what I’ve been envisioning. He’s been playing really well again for a little while now, but this was the first time that playing great football seemed like second nature to him again. I’m so happy for him! And for us!

    Aaaand much more superficially and fangirl-y, Criska is totally backkkk! The way Cris jumped on Kaká after Kaká’s goal and then even while Kaká was hugging everyone else, they were still holding onto each other! And that smile on Cris’ face! I love his giant smiles when his teammates score in comparison to his “hear me roar” celebrations when he scores. He’s such a selfish ass, right?

    Last but not least (actually, most), Iker, love of my life, please shave! I miss that beautiful face of yours! He definitely had some San Iker moments in this match, didn’t he? Oh how I love him 🙂

    ps. STILL not 100% convinced that Altintop isn’t a hologram or something. Not until he spends more time with the ball.

  8. mari permalink
    September 28, 2011 17:31

    Thanks for the pregame and postgame moments, Una! The game was on delayed telecast here in the Philippines so I missed those adorable moments. You are the best! ö

    I agree with the Ultras! Esteban should have been substituted in for Xabi. We are already up 3-0 and the boss needs a rest for fuckin sakes – he’s been playing since the Supercopa! Give the pirate aka XIT a chance, he can handle it! I’m really pissed with Mou about this (though i’m glad that he chose Kaká over dive maria because it produced positive results. but then again, he was subbed in later in the game. ugh). I fervently hope he’ll start Granero and Callejon against Espanyol this weekend. ¡por favor!

    Back to the game itself, I agree with you, too. Still not their best game – i don’t expect to win any trophies with the way they’re playing still. Anyhow, LOVE the goals (and the goal celebrations) and the fact that the goalscorers assisted each other – Benz to Cris, Cris to Kaká and Kaká to Benz! Credit to the others involve as well like Xabi, Mesut, Sergio and Arbie! The first goal is so exhilarating to watch and I love the second goal because of how Kaká celebrated! You can really see and feel his emotions coming through! Varane – I’m really happy we signed him! I’m loving him game after game! And of course, our San Iker with all his fantastic and world-class saves! That’s the Iker that I know! Our defense was sloppy most of the time,and he showed why he’s the no.1 GK in the world! I also admire him being self-critical and even apologizing for his mistakes (on his FB).

    Thank God, Capote is ok. It’s unfortunate that he may not be able to play football anymore but the most important thing is that he’s alive. There is more to life than playing football. Maybe he can follow dela Red’s footsteps..

  9. Louise permalink
    September 28, 2011 19:09

    Xabi’s passing was great last night and I loved the little forehead bump he had with Arby after the pass he gave him leading up to the 3rd goal.

    And Iker was also very good. Happy with the way Varane is coming along, too.

  10. September 28, 2011 19:54

    You can tell how important that goal meant to Kaka after he scored. His reaction to (and for) the stadium crowd was so powerful. He might not be fully back to ACM form, but he’s getting there, and the game helps us all believe that he can only get better.

  11. kiki permalink
    September 28, 2011 20:04

    Oh Una! You’ve outdone yourself yet again! I won’t say more as I would just gush on & on, when you’ve already said it all & said it so well!!! Thanks & ♥♥♥♥ to you!

  12. manie permalink
    September 28, 2011 20:10

    Aniekie’s comment about what de Boer said – good thing UEFA said it would protect skilled players! My head hurts now too.

    I didn’t watch the match (gosh, work gets in the way of everything), but I can’t stop watching the first goal. Love.

    And Kaka, I KNEW he would come good. Even though it’s just one major match, I really hope he’s back for good because I love seeing him playing so well. Thanks for a great recap Una (particularly about the ultras – I wanted to see el Pirata too).

  13. rojafan permalink
    September 28, 2011 20:35

    I’m very happy for Kaka. I’m getting frustrated at Pirata not playing. He played so well in pre season. What happened? And the Pipita video; those mini Argentines are speaking way too fast for my bad Spanish but they are adorable.

  14. Gilly permalink
    September 28, 2011 21:30

    Oh that Karim smelling Kaka gif- DEAD!! So funny. I only caught part of the match, but they played well and the Bernabeu crowd were fab.

    Sergio needs to shout himself hoarse more often- boy sounded oh so sexy.
    Thanks for the write up Una 🙂

  15. September 28, 2011 22:25

    Hey Una,

    When RM players got into pitch to start second half, both Chris and Kaka was looking up at something with a lot of focus, then Chris did a face move that be could meant not-bad or so-so, the TV did not show what they were looking at, was it other teams results? do you have an idea?

    • Anna permalink
      September 29, 2011 18:29

      im know im not una, but the commentators on my match said it was the other results from that night 🙂

  16. September 28, 2011 22:27

    Una, once again, you did not disappoint!

    I must admit the defense had me a bit nervous throughout the game. Had Ajax been a better in the final 1/3, it would not have been a clean sheet for Iker. Varane does well for a young player and saved many a goal chance. With his pace he was able to close down the players until his other teammates could arrive. However, set pieces are not his strong point but I suspect that will come with time. I’m sure the other center backs are helping him learn a lot.

    I’m so, so, so happy for Kaka and you could tell that his teammates were as well. Division on the team? yeah right! :\

    Xabi….some spectacular passes. I truly think he is so underrated when it comes to his offensive role on the team as I have seen comments made on some boards that he hasn’t played that well since coming to Madrid. Seriously? Do they even watch the games?

    Sergio had some fantastic passes on offense too. And yes, I was definitely envying his hair during the game.

    I understand Mou wanting to give Altintop a run out since he’s not been able to play before now but…I too really wanted Granero to play. I saw him warming up and got my hopes up. 😦

    The passing in the first 20 min. or so was not good at all. Cris seemed to be a bit out sorts which is not usual. Once they got it sorted out, it was fantastic. That very first goal….holy cow that was amazing. The passing and involvement of so many players….fantastic stuff!

    • kiki permalink
      September 29, 2011 18:09

      Yes! So happy about Kaka & that goal is one for the ages. Warning: a novel about Xabi is below:

      I cannot say enough how underrated Xabi is. Xabi has the offensive skill and creativity like Xavi & Iniesta. He formed the heart of La Roja with them, with Boo-hoosquests pulling the clean-up shift. You could see this a bit more in Xabi’s play on Erreala or LFC.

      Xabi is somehow overlooked because he possesses, in addition to his offensive side, skills that his 2 La Roja compatriots are lacking in, comparatively.

      Xabi’s long range passing skills are the absolute TOP, his header stats, recovery, tackles, physical presence..I could go on & on. BUT MOST OF ALL HIS BRAIN. He played more defensively, especially last season because he can & we needed it. His defensive game, & skills in general have continued to improve & if possible have become more efficient.

      He is the true Director on both his teams as he has the brain, can sit back & truly scan the pitch.(not discounting -as much we don’t like some club actions & his mouth – Xavi’s brain on La Roja – Xabi flows with him & sees the action from the “regista” position on La Roja)

      I can’t stand how some boards (probably anti-RM) discount him on La Roja. He can tiki-taki with the best of them, (which is why his Barca team-mates said if they could pick one player to come to them it would be Xabi) …but he can initiate the Counter-Attack like none other, as well. He is the Best of Both Worlds.

      He is somehow overlooked because his skill-set is actually LARGER than other midfielders and the further away from the goal you play, the less notice you get. There are many attacking mids but there are few mids ANYTHING like Xabi. You could easily start a debate just trying to NAME what type of midfielder he actually is.

      How many players like Xabi do you see in ANY league? I repeat, his skill set is RARE. If he didn’t have those extra skills you would see him playing in a more Xavi-like capacity and getting more accolades.

      We snatched Sahin, because we are scanning for anyone who comes close to these skills, they are truly hard to find.

  17. September 28, 2011 23:38

    thank you so much una!!! 🙂

    did you see this??

  18. Sahar permalink
    September 29, 2011 00:21

    That was an awesome game. I love champions league. I am so happy for kaka no one deserves it more. Kaka is back. Other teams need to watch out. I have always believed kaka and ozil play well together. Di Maria is great but a times selfish. Cristiano also seems to look for his teammates more when kaka is around. He loves his kaka and plays differently with him 🙂 Hala Madrid!

  19. jaz permalink
    September 29, 2011 03:25

    i love this team! i really do!!!
    thank you una for bringing them closer to the rest of madridistas 🙂

  20. jean permalink
    September 29, 2011 04:06

    Awesome stats for Xabi, MOTM for me.Iker is second and I dont like his mustache but I love his smiling face:).
    I like seven , one. ” Los Ojos ” is so adorable:)(thats my nickname for Ozil).
    Im so happy for kaka, he is coming back to his “old self”. Great result and on to the next game:)!

  21. jellyace permalink
    September 29, 2011 04:44

    Thank you, Una! I so enjoyed the match and this post. ALL the important elements were here and kept me smiling!

  22. September 29, 2011 05:33

    Yep I do love Sergio’s hoarse voice! And we can never have enough of those perfect profile pics in our lives 😀

    Plus, I have a question… Why does Iker have as ‘I.Casillas’ on his back? I think it’s since the pre-season game in the USA that there came an ‘I’ added.

    I don’t think it’s because there’s some new player named Casillas, since Iker has owned this name already. So I guess it’s because he just love his first name on the kit?

    • black widow permalink
      September 30, 2011 04:49

      this is a mystery for the ages i have been asking for months! perhaps he doesn’t want us to confuse him with his brother? 😉

      • September 30, 2011 18:49

        Haha maybe… Though I think it should be Unai to register as Unai Casillas or U.Casillas, since Iker has been using Casillas for ages XD

  23. superfan permalink
    September 29, 2011 07:22

    I love this team so much. That’s all I have to say.

    But thank you so much for this post! And I looove the addition of the Sergio Ramos hair envy section. Perfection. Hahahaha.

    Amazing team is amazing.

  24. PepperPots permalink
    September 29, 2011 11:57

    7-8-9-10!!! I love those men!!!

  25. Charlene permalink
    September 29, 2011 13:17

    While you couldn’t see Kaka without his shirt, you could clearly see his abs as he ran towards the camera celebrating his goal.

  26. whitezeppelin permalink
    September 29, 2011 15:35

    Vote for una at

  27. jean permalink
    September 29, 2011 16:04

    Omg look at Ramos’s hair! How lushious, bouncy and shiny it looks.I cant believe Im jealous of a guys’s hair!

  28. noim303 permalink
    September 29, 2011 17:40

    I loved the group celebrations of the goals, you can clearly see that everybody feels part of the team and that they are happy together. LOL at the ‘smelling Kaká’s hair’ gif, I hadn’t noticed it but once you said so it became clear and it was hilarious!
    At some point the celebrations seemed like a battle of bromances: Benzil vs. Criska! They competed to see who caused more ‘awww’s and ‘oooooh’s (for me it was Ozi jumping on Benz and running towards Cris, I’ve never seen any of them do that kind of thing so it was new and ridiculously adorable!!! >o<)
    I love AltinTOP's big smile when he's waiting to enter, he seems so happy to be there! And the scene of Ozi sitting in the bench made me laugh a lot while I was watching the match because he's there, laughing but sitting all by himself and there's no one near him, how's that possible in a bench full of people? xD
    All in all the game wasn't that good but we are in the right path to return to our best times! Good thing to see Kaká so recovered and we are very lucky to have been able to enjoy such a beautiful and exciting goal!
    PD: and you've got my vote, of course!

  29. black widow permalink
    September 30, 2011 04:55

    heh. i only now just noticed that the xabi pose section is #14. if i’m not mistaken, it’s always #14 … just like his jersey. una, is that by design or happy accident? 😉

    i’m DELIGHTED kaka did so well. i’m so, so pleased for him. he needed that, both the goal and the roar of approval from the crowd. good stuff.

    i’m with those who say iker needs to shave the mustache. i love him no matter what, but i love him a tiny bit more without it. he’s basically perfect, though, so mustache or no mustache, it doesn’t matter in the end.

    i’m glad we’re back in fighting form, too. it’s been a rocky start to the season so far and there’s still loads of work to be done, but we’re on the right track!

  30. September 30, 2011 09:11

    Few things in life give me as much joy as this blog. “The Sergio Ramos Hair Envy section” hahaha!!! Even though I’m a guy I find your fascination with our (admittedly handsome) players very entertaining and funny!

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