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all set for Atleti, part II

November 26, 2011

A couple more reasons to love this team (¿cómo no te voy a querer?), as we head into tonight’s derbi madrileño!  Plus, go Getafe, especially all the madridistas there!

At yesterday’s training session, Marcelo Sunshine was left behind, sitting on the field, as the rest of his teammates walked away.  But that was all part of his cunning plan to get his little hands on Ángel di María, as we can see, although ultimately he wasn’t successful, due to Ángel’s trademark speed and evasion techniques.

Later on that day, as the team arrived at the Bernabéu to begin the concentración, Sergio wore a sweater with a big, thick, red vertical stripe.  My eyes just travel down that stripe and stop at the end of it.  It’s almost as if it were an arrow directing our attention to a specific part of Sergio’s body… Meanwhile, Cristiano and Fábio arrived together, having carpooled.  I’m going to imagine that Fábio had just gone to Cris’ house to steal get vegetables, and then Cris offered to drive Fábio to the stadium.

When I first saw Iker turn up like this, I thought madre mía.  The shirt is too busy, the scarf is too short, the blazer is too tight… but then I saw Hamit Altintop, and I gave thanks that Iker hadn’t gotten his hands on that plaid shirt, which is two times worse than a normal plaid shirt, because it’s a marriage between two plaid shirts and one that will obviously end in divorce.  Hopefully Hamit changed out of it before Iker saw it and got any ideas.

This morning, Iker posted on his Facebook that he had started the day by drinking Cola Cao (it’s nice to see he’s a traditionalist and a fan of the original version, not the turbo version).  He wrote, “many things stay the same, despite the passing of the years.  I remember when I was small, my mother would give me a big glass (of Cola Cao) to help me replenish my energy after playing or training.  What she didn’t know was that I would have liked to have one before training or playing as well!”  Shortly after that, he posted, “Marcelo came to have a Cola Cao with me.  He brought along a friend of his, but I don’t know who he is, although his face looks familiar…”  Watch some people take this as a sign that things (still) aren’t well between Iker and Cristiano…  I love the lighting in that photo, because Iker really does look like a saint!  Jajaja!!!!

And looking ahead to the game, here are some facts and statistics from Mister Chip via AS.

The breakdown: Real Madrid and Atleti have faced each other in 243 official games (148 in the Liga, 37 in the Copa, four in the Copa de la Liga, three in the Copa de Europa, and 51 in the regional championship) with the following balance: 129 wins for Madrid, 59 for Atleti and 55 ties.  Madrid has scored 428 goals and Atleti 315.  The first derbi was played on Nov. 16, 1913 and Madrid won 2-0.

In the Liga: of the 148 derbis madrileños in the Liga, Madrid has won 81 and Atleti 35, with 32 ties.  Madrid has scored 265 goals, while Atleti has found the net on 199 occasions.

Player records: Paco Gento has played 29 derbies, the most out of any player.  Santillana (13) and Di Stéfano (13) are the top goal scorers for Madrid and overall.  Raúl has won 17 derbies, the most out of any player.

An objective for Sergio: our second captain has played 10 Liga derbies and has not lost one (eight wins and two ties).  If Madrid does not lose today, he will become the only player to have played more than 10 derbies without losing a single one.

Winning streak: Madrid has an unbeaten derby streak of 19 games, the longest unbeaten streak of any derby between clubs in the first division.  The last one that Madrid lost was on Oct. 30, 1999 in the Bernabéu (1-3).  A total of 4,410 days have passed since then until today.

Early goals: in 16 of the last 18 Liga derbies, a goal has been scored in the first 15 minutes and on nine occasions, a goal was scored before the six-minute mark.

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  1. bummi7 permalink
    November 26, 2011 15:01


    fantastic post thx

  2. November 26, 2011 15:10

    thank you for the translations! between google translate and facebook translate, i got the gist, but they weren’t really accurate. he’s so cute. 🙂 🙂 and that’s the first thing that popped into my mind in the photo with marcelo and CR7 — he really DOES look like a saint! jejeje!

    … although, a saint who can’t dress himself! the blazer isn’t too bad, but that tiny scarf and shirt and heavens, don’t forget the hand-held clutch murse … ack. i love your description of altintop’s shirt … 10 euros says iker asked him where he bought it!

    i’m SO excited for the derby today! they’re doing a little presentation for iker before the match, too, to celebrate his 127 caps. i hope my brand new TV channel shows that. i plan to take my phone off the hook, draw my curtains and spend a couple of glorious hours with my boys. hala madrid!

  3. Alyssa permalink
    November 26, 2011 15:32

    I love how Iker was clearly self-portraiting but he turned away not looking at the camera so it wouldn’t seem like it haha. Such a cutie pie!

    I’m really excited for this match! ¡Hala Madrid!

  4. superfan permalink
    November 26, 2011 15:57

    Here’s hoping we continue the winning streak tonight! 🙂 Or (really) early morning in my country. Haha. 🙂

  5. noviana noor aisyiah permalink
    November 26, 2011 17:08

    jajaja i love iker said that. i can see the media is now busy to create a story between them jaja.

  6. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    November 26, 2011 17:20

    A mini fashion post always make my afternoon! Hamit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. amouria permalink
    November 26, 2011 18:37

    Hamit and Iker MUST take a course in fashion with Ramos…my god, their choice of shirts is really really horrible…
    the post is great Una, especially the pic of Ramos..lovely

  8. November 26, 2011 18:41

    I’m so excited about tonight’s match!! *glee*

    RM fasun sense. O lord. It’s hit a new low here with Hamit. Who need a fashion consultant asap who will hopefully ask him to shave and recc a good barber.

    Iker’s fb is a joy to all and a gift that will hopefully never stop giving. 🙂

  9. Pammie permalink
    November 26, 2011 19:24

    I hope cola cao signs an endorsement deal with Iker, because he’s giving them a lot of free advertisement right now 😀
    Marcelo trying to bully Angel is hilarious.

    So we got Iker and Hamit, who can bond over their awful fashion choices…
    I was also happy to see Esteban’s sweater with the horizontal stripes again!

  10. November 26, 2011 19:37

    For the first time ever, Sergio’s outfit looks somewhat OK lol
    still not a big fan of his jeans but overall he looks good

  11. PMom_GA permalink
    November 26, 2011 22:22

    Cheer up, Una, about Sergio & the stripe, however directionally nice it was. The outfit *could* have been worse. How??

    Those red sneakers could have been worn to to match the stripe! *shivers*

  12. PMom_GA permalink
    November 26, 2011 23:50

    Holy guacamole! Barca loses to Getafe, 1-0! Now a 6 point spread for LaLiga!

  13. maripili permalink
    November 27, 2011 02:07

    I’m so happy that Real won and even happier that Getafe won too. Six points ahead!

  14. November 27, 2011 03:35

    wooo! Go Getafe too indeed. The scorelines from those 2 matches are probably the highlight of my week.

  15. Wendy permalink
    November 27, 2011 04:07

    I’m curious to know who drives away Cristiano’s card after he leaves with Fabio… That guy in the neon yellow jacket? Because he certainly looked very fortunate ahahah.

  16. Marie permalink
    November 27, 2011 04:10

    Ooh, a bonus post! Thank you! That line about the plaid shirt ending in divorce made me laugh out loud 🙂 (I can see a combination of 2 plaids being Iker’s dream come true :P)

  17. November 27, 2011 04:41


  18. mickymacky permalink
    November 27, 2011 09:58

    “it’s a marriage between two plaid shirts and one that will obviously end in divorce.”


    that was gold.

  19. Ally permalink
    November 27, 2011 10:24

    Thank you Una! and thank you Getafe 😀
    Is Iker promoting Cola Cao too? First a picture of him in that Salsa sweatshirt drinking Cola Cao and now this one…

  20. gabriela permalink
    November 27, 2011 16:55

    yay for fashion check, I love when you do it.
    What in the name of God is Hamit’s shirt? WHY?? how could anyone invent this and think it would look good? And why would anyone buy it? So many questions.

    Marcelo ❤

  21. wandering permalink
    November 28, 2011 03:30

    Is Cola Cao only available in Spain?

    Maybe if I drink it, i’ll have more energy too! Jejejejeje

    • unamadridista permalink*
      November 28, 2011 15:38

      I know it’s also sold in Portugal and China, of all places.

  22. November 28, 2011 17:00

    LOL, I laughed the entire time that I was reading, what a super-funny post! Sergio’s waering arrow directing WE-Know_Where, Altintop wearing a shirt that is two shirts during the divorce and Fabio getting carrots or whatever from Crispy’s home garden – hilarious beyond hilarious!

    I love you Una!

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