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ready for the weekend…

January 13, 2012

Lots of things going on yesterday, starting with a training session, a visit from Michel Teló (which of course got that song stuck in my head again) and Iker’s presentation as an Adidas player!  Plus, interviews with Iker’s mother, Jesé and club legend Raúl!

Unai has the same profile and the same gestures!  Even his hand looks like Iker’s!

Madrid trained on Thursday morning, after receiving Wednesday off.  The training session had 21 players from the first team, who were joined by Castilla’s Nacho, Carva, Pedro Mendes, MFC ABMM, Joselu, Óscar Plano and Tomás Mejías.  The starters from Tuesday’s game had a recovery session, while the rest of the players trained at a higher intensity.  Meanwhile, Sami Khedira and Ángel di María continued to recover from their respective injuries and so they were absent from this session.  Sami received treatment to his ankle, though he apparently has to stay off of it for several days – he wasn’t even able to drive to Valdebebas himself.

Jajaja, now Calleti knows what it’s like to be the rider, instead of the horse!  El Chori gave him a ride into the training session.  The two of them were polar opposites in terms of hair – while José’s was sticking straight up, Raúl’s was completely plastered down.

Michel Teló was on hand to watch the training session, as he was in Madrid to promote his new album.  He also got the chance to meet all of the players, including his fellow Brazilians, and Marcelo presented him with a personalized shirt, which had his (Marcelo’s) number.  Michel later got everyone on the team to sign it.  He revealed that he was excited and happy to walk on the same field as these “persons whom I’ve always admired.”  He also confessed that he never imagined he would be here, and that “I’m nervous.”

Michel also said that he always chooses to play as Real Madrid in football videogames, and that Cristiano Ronaldo is his favorite player.  But why didn’t anyone dance together??  Why couldn’t they organize a dance-off, or even a duet?

Iker Casillas was presented as Adidas’ newest signing in a ceremony which took place at the store the brand has inside the Bernabéu.  As we can see above, on hand were his parents, and his hot little brother Unai in between them.  During the presentation, Iker said, “on a personal level, I’m happy.  Each year you get older and more mature, and I’m much better now than I was years ago, both physically and mentally.”

Double the profile, double the fun!

Iker also defended Cris, saying, “Crís is a very competitive player who always wants to do his best and to give it everything he’s got.  He’s always going to demand a lot of himself, as that’s the way he is.  He wants the best on the collective and individual levels.  The Bernabéu is demanding and that’s good.  They’re like that because they know that we can do more.  The other day, I didn’t hear any whistles, nor did I see any debate.  Cristiano, when he was presented, filled the Bernabéu, which is something that has never happened in the history of football.  The fans have always been with him to the death.”


During the act, Iker also left his handprints in concrete, though as we can see above, it took a while for him to make a deep enough impression.  From now on, Iker will be wearing Response pro gloves and Predator boots.  Will he ask them to make it in the exact shade of yellow of his jersey?

We also got to see Iker’s first Adidas ad, not counting his appearance in one for La Roja.  The ad says, “we’ve always had the most outstanding athletes.  Gymnasts who received 10s (Nadia Comaneci), young athletes who have already broken records (Derrick Rose), tireless athletes (Haile Gebrselassie), footballers who are artists (Zidane), creators (Xavi), geniuses (Messi)… we were only missing the best goalkeeper in the world.”

I love the close-ups of that beautiful face!

There are some print ads as well.  I love seeing him with the captain’s armband, it’s so sexy, no?

The other day, I mentioned the reaction of la abuela de Iker when Sara’s name was mentioned.  To keep things fair, here are Iker’s mother’s thoughts on his girlfriend.  Mari Carmen was interviewed by Diez Minutos during the unveiling ceremony for the Avenida de Iker Casillas.  When asked her thoughts on Sara Carbonero as a daughter-in-law, she replied, “she’s an impressive girl, very lovely, a very good person.”  The follow-up question was if she would like to become a grandmother, to which Mari Carmen responded, “I’m already prepared for everything, but I’ll leave it up to them.”

“La madre que parió a Casillas” also said that “Iker is a very good person, but like everyone, he has his defects,” that fame hasn’t changed him and that she still can’t believe how famous her son has become because she never thought he would become a goalkeeper (“portero” in Spanish), as she thought he had a better chance of becoming a “portero en una casa” (a doorman).  And although Iker is already 30 years old, “I still insist that he doesn’t speed when driving and for him to be careful.”

I love how Iker’s parents are showing up at many of the acts involving their son!  They didn’t do much of that before this season…

Jesé recently spoke about playing in Gran Canaria, what the group is like, and sharing a flat with Omar in an interview with Madrid’s web site.

on the game against Vecindario: playing there is special because you love the people and the fans.  There are a few Canarians (Canaries?) on the team such as Mandi, Omar and myself, and when we return home, people are very excited to see us play, because we don’t go there often, just once a year.

on the team: we are a fantastic group.  We all get along very well, we joke around a lot and whenever someone is feeling low, each one of us will give him support.  That’s very important for a team.  [Sounds like the first team!]

on living in Madrid and sharing a flat with Omar: we’re compatible and we get along very well.  I can’t get mad at him, we’ve been together since we were young.  It’s already been six or seven years playing together, including on the Canarian regional team.  He’s a great person and a great player, like everyone else on this team.  I remember during the first year I came to Madrid, my parents had a bad time of it and I did as well, since I was very young.  My parents took the risk that I would achieve something here and at the moment, we’re on the right path, but we have to continue like this and have a lot of humility.

In an interview with AS, Raúl revealed that his wishes for el madridismo are for the team to win the Copa, the Champions, the Liga, everything.  Raúl also said he watches all the games, and he believes the team is getting better and is more competitive.  He also joked that he sees himself playing until 2037.  In reality, however, he said he’ll see how he feels each year before deciding what to do.  Hopefully in 2037 he’ll be back in Madrid, working for the club!

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  1. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    January 13, 2012 14:35

    Iker is so beautiful, I will never be tired to say that….I love addidas for the pictures and video!!!!
    I still love iker’s grandmother answer better :p

    Raul!!!!!!! Grande!!!

    • Alyssa permalink
      January 13, 2012 16:59

      I planned to say almost exactly this so I’ll just say ditto here instead of re-writing it all haha. I agree with you 100% Sarah!

  2. amouria permalink
    January 13, 2012 16:02

    Thanks a lot dear Una.
    I wished you reflect on the disturbing statement of Di Stefano. It came at the worst time i think. I do not disagree with his thought; at the end of the day, he is entitled to think of Cris the way he likes. BUT, as an old man, he should be wiser (hahaha, they told us, wisdom grows with age, this is not the case with DS, we remember his painful statement last year.
    And saying that the public is always right is also not correct. The public some times act as racist, homophobic, uncivilised, so should we accept their actions blindly…
    Any way, Di Stefano was pathetic yesterday and I loved the way Cassilas responded to him. The public is to death with Cris…yes Iker now you proved that you are THE captain

    • thediva1983 permalink
      January 13, 2012 18:11

      I can understand what you’re saying: At a time when players are being accused of being racist against other players or the players themselves have been targeted by fans with racist comments, it seems like it’s all in poor timing. However, what I realize is that you cannot change the mindsets of some people, at least not overnight. That takes time. And I don’t think the fans are always right (considering current events), but they do have a right to express how they feel when someone is not performing up to his best. I think what DiStefano is trying to say is that the players can’t be babied all the time and they have to accept that – it’s a general statement. (Personally, I don’t know if he’ll address the issue of racism or homophobia or hooliganism anytime soon – not necessarily because he doesn’t want to, but because what he’s talking about is concerning Cristiano Ronaldo.)

      Unfortunately for Cris, his actions and words have always been scrutinized so publicly. I have noticed myself that there are times when he acts a certain way that is unbecoming. Then again, I see it with a lot of players, so he shouldn’t be singled out for his behavior. DiStefano has looked out for him in the past as well as now, and I think he wants to ensure that he’s a good player for Madrid. Part of me believes that he said what he did because to him, it is a privilege for one to play for RM (Hell, for any club, really), and you must earn the respect and trust of the public, which I think Cris has, but I think DS is saying that you shouldn’t complain when the public is booing you. It shows that you are ungrateful. It shows a sense of entitlement.

      I know it sounds like I’m giving DiStefano the benefit of the doubt and it is so confusing, but I think it’s an example of this mentality that he has. I don’t think it’s so much about age as it is experience. I’ve had people in my family say the same things to me. I don’t always agree, but you don’t want everything to get to you. You have to be strong in life, and only fight back when you need to. You fight to get ahead, you fight for equality, you fight for justice – those are just some examples, and you may not do every one of them. But you pick your battles and pick them wisely. Part of me believes that this is the message he is trying to convey.

    • January 13, 2012 20:53

      I agree with you. Di Stefano is our don and we respect him tremendously. At the same time, I wish he would keep quiet at times. Last years statement and what he just said are both times when I wish discretion would have been used.

    • RMfan permalink
      January 14, 2012 10:15

      Di Stefano is not pathetic. Jesus. Sure what he said might have rubbed people the wrong way and I don’t agree with some of the things he said either. But to call him pathetic? That’s wrong. Just remember this that Cristiano is doing a lot of great things for Real Madrid right now but without Di Stefano the club would not be what it is today. So please try and show some respect.

    • Sarah, Madrid permalink
      January 16, 2012 20:06

      You can’t call De Stefano pathetic, show respect my fellow madridista :), he basically said a general statement, I don’t think when he said that he thought about racist comments or negative comments, he spoke about fans booing one of their players, as it is something that bernabeu fans did in the history before even Cristano coming, ( I amn’t sure if De Stefano himself didn’t get his share of booing either).
      What De Stefano meant ( as he is known for a person to say it as he sees it) for cris to suck it and just deal it as bernabeu fans are a paid customers who wants to see a good product for the money they are paying, as they are the paid “customers” they are always right.

      ( Not that I agree with the booing, as I always show support regardless of what’s happening on the pitch!, however I think De Stefano for me is always right we owe him so much to doubt a general statement as this one).

  3. January 13, 2012 16:02

    what did Iker’s abuela say about Sara?

  4. Happy permalink
    January 14, 2012 15:49

    Raul!!!! Forever prince!!!Forever captain!!!

  5. Jess permalink
    January 15, 2012 08:42

    Now that they mentioned it, Iker and Sara’s kid would probably be one of the cutest babies ever! Also, I want Raul back in Real Madrid sooo baddd!

  6. January 16, 2012 04:36

    una, you’re a good woman for providing both sets of opinions, but i’m going to side with iker’s abuela anyway!

    somehow, i don’t see iker as a speed demon when he drives, even without his mother requesting it. didn’t he say once that he drives like an old lady — e.g. very slowly?

    in that first gif on the right, i actually thought that WAS iker for a split second, and had to do a double take. the resemblance is remarkable, not just the physical features, but right down to the gestures and expression!

    can someone please enlighten us about the di stefano incident? i haven’t read about that …

    • unamadridista permalink*
      January 16, 2012 10:00

      He has to drive slowly so all his hair won’t be blown away when it’s drying.

  7. January 16, 2012 16:25

    Just one more reason to love Adidas.

    I can’t stand Nike!

    I can’t believe Raul is playing in Germany…I don’t think I can wait until 2037 for him to come back. He better be here in 5 years max!

  8. jean permalink
    January 17, 2012 18:45

    I want to know the story behind the “thumbs up”? In every single picture??!!!!?
    And how cute/adorkable is Iker?:)


  1. another job I’d like « following Real Madrid…

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