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the round-up: Barcelona I

February 5, 2012

As much as I hate to push shirtless Javi (!!!) down the page, it is time to start catching up, no?  I left you all hanging right before the Copa del Rey round of eight ida game against Barcelona and in hindsight, it didn’t matter because that game is much better if it’s forgotten.  This game saw Mou use an unprecedented line-up, with quite a few oddities.  Ricardo Carvalho started the game, despite not playing a single minute since the end of September.  Another surprise starter was Hamit Altintop.  And the result?  Well, Madrid played quite terribly.  Despite that, there were of course some fun moments, my favorite kind!

Jan. 18 – Real Madrid vs. Barcelona.

The bad football was overshadowed by an incident when the ball wasn’t in play – Pepe stepping on Messi’s hand.  During the game, Pepe had also done some bad acting, which was already despicable enough and should be left for certain other teams to do, since they’re so much better at it.

Santiago Bernabéu once said following the aggression of one player on another, “the shirt of Madrid can be stained with sweat, with mud, even with blood, but it can’t be stained with shame.”  Many years later, those words are still very much true, and it was particularly applicable to this game, on quite a few levels.  I’m very, very disappointed with Pepe.

But since I’m the kind of person who prefers to be optimistic and not dwell on the bad things, here are the highlights of the game.  It had all started out so well.  Our boys were looking fantastic as they warmed up, and adorable as they waited in the tunnel for the signal to go out onto the field, with Sergio doling out the kisses and high-fives (if he has any spare ones, I’d love for him to send a few my way).

Meanwhile, on the bench, Kaká tried to take a seat, but El Chori, El Pirata and Calleti wouldn’t let him pass by.  Adorable!  One row ahead, Antonio Adán looked on Calleti stroked Marcelo’s neck.  Marcelo was also left impressed by the atmosphere at the best stadium in the world.

The only good thing about the game was that Cristiano made peace with the Bernabéu, and they applauded him on several occasions, and not just for his goal, which he celebrated with Kaká and Marcelo.  I guess Cris wasn’t that bored or tired after all, as he appeared before the game!

I was left disappointed that there was no dancing.

I love flying Iker!  And slow motion makes it that much more fun!  The Barcelona goals devastated Iker, and my heart went out to him.  But few people look this good in defeat, no?

Ricardo Carvalho showed up in this monstrosity after the game.  It looks like he has a brunette sheep draped over his shoulders.  Not a good look.

At the post-game press conference, José Mourinho said, “wins have many parents, but defeats only have one father and that is me.”  He also said, “I understand el madridismo, and they may be angry.  But I don’t listen to them.  The responsibilities are mine, especially when my team loses.”  Note to Mou: el madridismo is what makes the club what it is.  Without it, there would be no club.

He also praised Cristiano, for being “the best one on our team,” Carvalho and Altintop for “playing very well,” and Pepe for his “great work,” though he added that if he acted intentionally in any way, then obviously it’s reprehensible.

The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

Here are a couple of reasons why Xabi is the bossest person out there.  Look at the stares he gives Busquets and Cesc when they try and get a piece of him.  One look says it all – you’re not worth it.  And they really aren’t.

It was hard to see frustrated Xabi though, although we did get some good posing out of it.  As you can see, his excellent posing started in the tunnel before the game.

This has become one of my favorite Xabi posing pictures and if one day The Xabi Alonso pose section™ decides to choose the best poses, this one will be a contender.

Of note: the good relations between Madrid and Barça’s players endure.  Prior to the game, Carles Puyol gave a very warm greeting to Agustín Herrerín.  Their embrace is quite touching, no?  After the game, Iker saluted some of his La Roja teammates, including Cesc and Busquets.

Jan. 19 – the Pepe video.

Madrid’s web site released a video in which Pepe said that “with regards to the play with Leo Messi, I want to say that it was an involuntary action on my part, that I would never hurt him. If Messi feels offended, I apologize for that. What I try to defend is my team, my institution, I do that with my body and soul, and I have never thought about hurting someone in my profession.”

I think it would have been better if Pepe and the club had said nothing at all, because this sort of non-apology apology – which reminds one of the statement Mou released after the Supercopa poking incident – just gives more ammunition to the anti-Madrid camps.  I have no doubt that Pepe does work very hard to defend his club, but seriously, he also needs to work hard to make sure that the rage doesn’t get the better of him.  This wasn’t the first inexcusable action on his part, and it worries me a lot because I know it won’t be the last.  He needs more self control.  And to rediscover the boy who exchanged fish for a Macca shirt.

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  1. February 5, 2012 16:52

    I don’t want to even think about this match. Pepe broke my heart that day.

  2. Sara permalink
    February 5, 2012 17:06

    This game made me wanna pull my hair. Very poor action from Pepe. I hope things like this dont happen again! Thanks for the post, Una. We all missed you very much.

  3. Mariam permalink
    February 5, 2012 17:50

    a new post 😀 so refreshing.. muchísimas gracias unamadridista, these posts mean so much to us 😀

  4. Ally permalink
    February 5, 2012 17:57

    Thank you very much for this post!
    Xabi is boss in the second gif 😀 love it
    I don’t like seeing Iker sad.. I really thought we could win this game 😦

  5. Alyssa permalink
    February 5, 2012 19:53

    It’s one of my greatest dreams in life to have Kaká dive onto me like that 😉

  6. supermann permalink
    February 5, 2012 20:45

    love to see a new post from u , hugs and kisses from sweden

  7. kweyork permalink
    February 5, 2012 20:51

    great to have you back Una…

  8. February 5, 2012 20:57

    I missed your posts so much! i knew that that u would feel the same way about this game

  9. June permalink
    February 6, 2012 00:32

    I missed you Una! Glad you you are back…

  10. February 6, 2012 00:39

    wonderful to see it UnaMadridista, I had to comment even before reading;-)

    I see already that we’re in for a treat! The silver lining of a long absence is the pure joy once the new blog entry appears, I cannot wait to read it ALL!

    I hope you had fun with the project at work, but I am also very happy to see you back!

  11. helina permalink
    February 6, 2012 00:52

    You’re back!!! You we’re so missed!

    Thnaks for the great posts again 🙂

  12. jas permalink
    February 6, 2012 01:37

    you alone una can convert an awful thing into something good. i hated that we seem to can’t beat barcelona but heck, at least our team still looks better than them 🙂
    love xabi
    love kaka
    love iker
    love this team!!!
    love this blog! 🙂

  13. Lili permalink
    February 6, 2012 02:42

    One thing to say: I miss your blog!!!!!!!!

  14. February 6, 2012 02:51

    Welcome back … we have missed you. 7 points ahead after Getafe so all worthwhile

  15. TexFan permalink
    February 6, 2012 04:13

    You’re back! So excited! Yes, that video of Pepe was a sham. I adore him, but his actions are inexcusable, and very disappointing.

  16. mokia permalink
    February 6, 2012 04:33

    Great to have you back UNAMADRIDISTA!!

  17. divine permalink
    February 6, 2012 05:16

    Welcome Back! We missed you so much. Thank you for your post. cheers.

  18. Jen permalink
    February 6, 2012 05:44

    Yayyyy you’re back!!! Great post (as per the usual)…couldn’t agree more with everything you said.

    Thanks Una!

  19. Jenny permalink
    February 6, 2012 05:49

    This roundup is lovely. You’ve been missed.

  20. emotionalism permalink
    February 6, 2012 08:24

    una so glad you’re back ive missed your post match updates! ive been checking back every day to see if theres a new post lol

    hope all is going well with your work project or whatever that thing is you mentioned before your break

  21. February 6, 2012 11:03

    I’m so glad you’re back, Una! 🙂

  22. noviana noor aisyiah permalink
    February 6, 2012 11:30

    una glad you’re back. i miss you and all your post. how’s your project?

  23. maria permalink
    February 6, 2012 16:19

    Hi Una, welcome back!!! These past couple of weeks have so boring without your posts… And what a great comeback, i thought you were gonna skip the barcelona matches, so i’m glad you looked back to the previous games…
    And I couldn’t agree more with you, regarding the pepe incident. That attitude of his, was so shameful and disappointing; and I was really hoping for some more severe measures from the club. Quoting Sergio Ramos after the game:”el escudo tiene que estar por encima”, and Pepe should know that better.
    Broadcasting that video message on the official website was almost as coward and shameful as Pepe’s attitude on the pitch. That just sound phony and pathetic; and besides apologizing to Messi (who I’m sure could care less about Pepe’s angry issues), he should apologize to all Madridistas, his teammates, his family, his club, and really everyone who appreciates football, come to watch him play or look up to him. Fair play should always be praised above all things or any rivalry there is, between 2 teams.
    Real Madrid has always transmitted high moral values, such as integrity, decency, humility, and fair play. As you very well quoted Mr. Bernabeu, “no one should ever stain Madrid’s shirt with shame”, that couldn’t be more well fitted to this situation.
    I hope you don’t mind me sharing my opinion with you on your blog. I just felt the need to say something, as I was really revolt by that repulsive action… I don’t think Pepe realize how big is Madrid, and that its greatness goes way beyond football.

  24. February 6, 2012 17:26

    I didn’t think Xabi played his best game either. What’s Cesc thinking trying to provoke Xabi out there though?

    Pepe’s act was distasteful. Good to finally see a post up Una, we missed you.

  25. February 6, 2012 18:36

    Oooohhh can’t wait for the rest. Pepe’s non apology was difficult to take. He really missed an opportunity. After what happened last time, and his own decision to take a break from football, this seems so short sighted. We all saw what happened. He should know better, by now. If he really had broken one of Messi’s fingers, he could be taken to court. *shaking head in anger at Pepe*
    And Mou saying he doesn’t listen to the Madridismo is somewhat short sighted. I can imagine that didn’t go over well… I am hoping he meant something different than the translation implies!

  26. yojo permalink
    February 6, 2012 21:07

    Geat closing lines. Good read as always.

  27. senjojo permalink
    February 6, 2012 23:20

    u hve been missed ma dear.kept refreshing the page n nothing for two weeks…n finally! i see a new post. welcome back!!!

  28. Rose permalink
    February 7, 2012 00:07

    Great to have you back Una! Looking forward to all the recaps!

  29. Flora permalink
    February 7, 2012 02:43

    Una so glad you’re back!
    AHHH Fabregas makes me so mad! Who the hell does he think he is provoking Xabi? Whatever, Xabi is probably thinking “B*tch please I’m way too classy for you”

  30. wandering permalink
    February 7, 2012 04:20

    We all had our hearts broken that day. No excuses this time. I wanted to kick Pepe too or at least shake him till he gets some sense. It will always be better to lose with class and dignity.

    We miss you Una, truly.

    As for our team, let’s get La Liga, la Decima and the next el clasico.

    Always, hala Madrid!

  31. NickiBella permalink
    February 7, 2012 18:21

    I love your page and I love that you are like me when it comes to being an honest fan. I love MAN U, but when they play terribly or are in the wrong with their actions I am one of the first people to call them out on it. You do this with RM and I commend you for it. The incident with PEPE was NO accident. If you watch the footage he deliberate and knowingly stepped on his hand. It may not seem like a big deal, but they wear metal cleats and you can really hurt someone that way. I don’t know what happened to Pepe bc he has been playing dirty as of late. Barcelona are no angels, but dirty tackles and fouls shames the game.

  32. February 10, 2012 01:04

    Great that you are back!♥
    And thanks for that entry.:)


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