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the round-up: Getafe

February 10, 2012

Slowly, things are returning to normal in the world of Real Madrid, after several weeks of pure locura.  But what has thankfully stayed steady is Madrid’s win streak in the Liga.

Jan. 29 – on vacation…

José Callejón and Antonio Adán made an appearance on TVE’s program En movimiento con (it aired on Sunday), which has a famous person – in this case, former canterano & Real Madrid midfielder and current Pignoise singer Álvaro Benito (whom I’ve always considered the third Callejón; in fact, Álvaro even joked about how he and José share a hairstylist because so many people have that opinion) – introducing social organizations.  The topic on hand was how sports can help people overcome obstacles, and Álvaro’s first stop was the Alcalá Meco prison (which frequently receives visits from our players) where the Realmadrid Foundation, along with Obra Social Caja Madrid, collaborates to help the social integration of prisoners to minimize tensions and reduce conflicts through football.

Calleti and Antonio were on hand for the segment showing viewers the work the Realmadrid Foundation does in integrating children via sports through their schools.  The program was shot in Madrid, with José saying “the important thing is to have fun, to get along well with others, to be good teammates and to always have the hope to play football and learn.”  Antonio believes the foundation is doing a great job integrating Spanish children with those of other nationalities.  The three of them also participated in a partidillo with the kids, some of whom tried their luck in penalty kicks against Antonio.

Álvaro also chatted with José about how the season is going, and he said everyone is treating him really well and welcomed him with open arms, but that the ones giving him the most support are naturally the ones he knew from before, from the cantera.  Meanwhile, Antonio said he’s learning a lot from Iker whom he called “un ejemplo.”

Speaking of canteranos, Castilla lost 0-1 to Albacete, but they are still leaders in their division.

And what a performance from Rafa Nadal in the Australian Open final!  Despite the loss, he made us so proud, no?  It’s not surprising that he’s a madridista!  Earlier in the week, when he was interviewed at the tournament, Rafa was asked about Uncle Miguel:  “tell me, from Uncle Toni to Uncle Miguel, he played for Barcelona for a long time, one of the great soccer players, one of the great soccer clubs, but you don’t support Barcelona, you go for Real Madrid.”

Rafa’s response: “well, yeah.  Right now yes, but when my uncle played in Barcelona, I supported my uncle in this case, but when my uncle came back to Mallorca, you know, I went back to Real Madrid.  It’s my team, it’s in my heart, so I can not do nothing about that.  I’m happy with that.”  ¡Grande Rafe!

Jan. 30 – random news.

Marca ran an interview with Roberto Carlos, whose team Anzhi is currently in Alicante training during their mid-season break.  He told them – and everyone else – that he’ll be retiring at the end of this year, although he’ll continue working for the club, because he has a lifelong contract with their president, and was asked to help create their structure for the next 10 years.  That means that he won’t return to Real Madrid for the moment.  Highlights from the interview:

on living in Madrid in the future: yes, I have a house in Madrid and in one or two years I’ll be living between Madrid and Moscow.  I consider myself madrileño.

on who the best coaches he played for are: Del Bosque and Fabio Capello.

on his favorites on the current team: if I say Özil, Kaká could get angry with me.  If I say Cristiano, Benzema may be upset.  If I say Casillas… I like everyone.

on who he would sign for Anzhi: I would sign Sergio Ramos.  He’s a great centerback and a fantastic right fullback.  I can’t sign Casillas because he has a lifelong contract with Madrid.

Marca also ran a story about Simón Cabarcos, a goalkeeper for As Pontes in the third division, whose other job is making shinguards, between games and training sessions, for his company Blindaxe Sports.  He has several clients on Castilla (MFC ABMM and Joselu’s shinguards are shown below, and Jorge Casado is also a client).  MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín got his decorated with the flag of Spain, the escudo of Madrid, an image of Christ and his name and number.  Joselu commissioned flags of Spain and Galicia, plus his number and names of his loved ones.

José Mourinho, Aitor Karanka and José Morais were seen in Marbella “spying” on our next CL rival, CSKA, who is playing a series of friendlies in Spain during the winter break.  They caught a game between CSKA and Videoton.  I would love to see Mou dressed in a suit to spy, but that’s wishful thinking since we hardly ever see him in a suit nowadays.

Marcelo underwent tests at Sanitas La Moraleja after ending the last game with pain to his right leg.  He had to play injured for 17 minutes, as Madrid had already used up all their substitutions.  Mesut was in Germany, doing a shoot with the German national team, while Mou had apparently asked that Sami be excused from this commitment to continue with his recovery.

Over on COPE’s “El partido de las 12,” Michel Teló was the special guest, and he talked about his famous song and dance of course.  He said he’s always going to be grateful to Marcelo and Cris because their dance after the goal in Málaga changed his life, although according to Michel, Neymar dances better than Cristiano.  Michel did an acoustic version of his song, which was pretty great, though of course it gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day, which is particularly annoying when you don’t speak the language.  Plus, journalist Tomás Guasch showed off the special version of “Ai se eu te pego” that he prepared for the occasion, and it made me laugh.  The lyrics:

Barça, Barça, you all are seven points away.

¡Ay, end of a cycle!  ¡Ay, ay, end of a cycle!

Emilio (in reference to fellow journalist Emilio Pérez de Rozas), Guardiola, estáis cagometrados.*

¡Ay, end of a cycle!  ¡Ay, ay, end of a cycle!

¡¡La décima!!

Emilio, you wimp, hail the champion!

* “El cagometro” is Guasch’s term to explain the anxiety, fear and paranoia that Barça develops when Madrid is close to them.

Jan. 31 – training.

After two days off, the team returned to training to start preparing for Saturday’s game against our friendly neighbor, Getafe.  Twenty players from the first team were joined by seven from Castilla (Casado, Mandi, Lucas, Omar, Denis, MFC and Jesús).  Di María and Khedira remain injured, while Marcelo was also a no-show.  The club later announced that he has been diagnosed with a muscular contraction of the femoral biceps in his right leg.  Meanwhile, Xabi trained in regular sneakers, and he was announced to have problems with his right sartorius (not sartorial, since we know he’d never lose his sense of style) and psoas (not posing, since we know he’d never stop posing) iliacus muscles.  And I loved how Ricky became one of Esteban’s Los Piratas!

On Tuesday, José Callejón attended an event related to the Fútbol Draft awards, as he had advised the technical committee that chose the preliminary list of the 132 best national young footballers, along with Adrián López (Calleti is a former winner).  The event took place at the Ciudad de Fúbtol de Las Rozas, and José found time to speak to the press, telling them that the team is good but needs to continue working with humility and taking each game at a time.  When asked about the referees and Barcelona’s recent spate of referee criticism, he replied,

I thought that Barcelona didn’t talk about the referees.  I suppose something has changed.  Something had to happen for them to start taking about them again.

I love him!  This declaration also earned José a “¡grande Calleti! from Álvaro Arbeloa.  As for his own performances, José said, “I’m very content.  It was a dream to return to Real Madrid.  I want to thank the míster and my teammates for their help.”  He also said that both he and his teammates believe Mou is the ideal coach for the club.  José and Adrián also played a game of Play during the event which ended in a 0-0 draw (Calleti’s line-up: Iker, Sergio, Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo, Xabi, Coentrão, Di María, Cris, Özil and of course, Callejón).  And as you can see, José was rocking a new hairstyle – his porcupine quills were decidedly shorter.  It makes him look more like Juanmi!

Ten of our canteranos made the list of 132: Dani Carvajal, Juan José Manresa, Derik Osede, Iván Sáez, Álex Fernández, Sergio Molina, Francisco Montávez, Jesé, MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín, José Ángel Pozo.

Meanwhile, Álvaro Arbeloa announced via twitter that “after a long and endless wait, at last the unique and incomparable Raúl Albiol is coming to twitter, 1/02/2012.”  Like the good brother he is, he warned everyone that “I don’t want to hear anything about kangaroos, haircuts or any teasing.  Only good words for my friend Raúl, eh?  I’ll be watching you all!”  He also told a person who threatened to troll Raúl, “don’t even think about touching my brother.”

Feb. 1 – training, El Chori on twitter!

Madrid trained again on Wednesday.  Xabi was not able to train at the same rhythm as his teammates; today he trained in sneakers alongside Mesut, Pepe and Ángel, who moved one step further towards healthy status, as he graduated to doing ball exercises as well.  Meanwhile, Sami and Marcelo worked out inside, and the rest of the team was joined by canteranos Nacho, Denis, MFC ABMM, Álex and Merchán for the session.

The club was also informed that the Competition Committee had rejected their appeal of Sergio’s second yellow card against Barça in the Copa del Rey second leg game.  Sergio’s response, via twitter, was “after the decision of the committee, I respect that the referee can make a mistake, but I don’t understand how the punishment can be maintained after seeing a video which clearly shows the action does not deserve a card.  These are things that only happen here.  What are we going to do!!”

Iker also told us that this morning, he was “obligated” by Silvinho (sic) to work out in the gym.  The machines apparently surprised him because he hadn’t ever seen them before as “I haven’t been here more than three times!!  Jejeje!!”  Sergio’s take was “in the seven years I’ve been in Madrid, it’s the first day that I’ve seen the melón (Iker) in the gym.  Incredible but true.”

And Raúl Albiol finally joined twitter!  His first tweet read “Good day everyone!  The time has come… I’m here… I send you all a big hug, tweeters!!!”  He was welcomed by many of his teammates, past and present.  Álvaro Arbeloa tweeted, “ladies and gentlemen, with you all… Raúl Albiol” with the hashtag #BienvenidoChori (welcome Chori).  Iker called it a “notición!!!!!!!” (big news), while Esteban Granero was elegant as usual and tweeted “happy to have the great Raúl Albiol on twitter.”  “At last” was Xabi’s comment, while “Grandeee!!!” was the work of Sergio Canales, and Sergio summed up things with a “I want to welcome the great and legendary Chori of Villamarchante to twitter.”  Meanwhile, Mesut posted an adorable photo of himself to celebrate his four million fans on Facebook.

Iker had lunch with a bunch of Getafe players – former teammates Jordi Codina and Miguel Torres (I miss him), plus fellow goalkeeper Miguel Ángel Moyà and Albert Lopo.  Where’s Peter Lion?  Meanwhile, Álvaro Arbeloa had lunch with Dani Pacheco.

Over in Valencia, one of Barcelona’s directors, Jordi Moix found it fit to talk about Real Madrid, even though the subject matter on hand (Pinto’s illegally positioned hand to be exact) was the Copa del Rey semifinal between Barcelona and Valencia.  He told Canal Plus when asked about the performance of the referees at the Mestalla that “we don’t talk about the referees… nor do we go to the parking lots to await them.”  Is that so?  I seem to remember first Leo Messi, and then Sandro Rosell, both speaking about referees recently.  And it’s quite coincidental that right after the two of them complain about the refereeing, an important decision that would have had a determined impact on the outcome of a game goes their way.  Plus, why drag Madrid into this?  It was a poor attempt to deflect attention away from the subject matter at hand.

Feb. 2 – more training.

The team – 20 members of the first team plus Jesús – continued preparing for Getafe.  The good news was that Xabi was one of those 20 players, leaving only Di María, Khedira – the two of them did some jogging with Carlos Lalín – and Marcelo as the injured players.  And according to Raúl Albiol, the team has “inaugurated a new statue of Antonio Adán at Valdebebas… it was placed in front of the goal.  Grande Adán!!!”

And AS reports that the club figures in the city’s plans to host the 2020 Olympics.  The article says that if the Spanish capital is chosen as the host city (voting will be on Sept. 7, 2013), the Bernabéu will host football matches and possibly the gold medal game, while the new basketball pavilion being constructed in Valdebebas will be the site of basketball games and the rugby portion of the games will be held at EADS.

Feb. 3 – all set for Getafe.

The last session before Saturday’s game against Getafe took place on a freezing Friday morning (the only parts of some of the players exposed to the elements were their eyes, as you can see below), with 21 footballers from the first team plus Jesús from Castilla taking part.  One of the 21 was Ángel di María, who trained at the same intensity with his teammates, leaving Khedira and Marcelo as the injured players.  However, Ángel is not yet fully recovered, as he was left off the list of players called up for the game, along with the other two injured players.  Carvalho and Altintop missed out due to the coach’s decision.

Some of the players spent the beginning of the session protecting themselves against the cold, while others used dance to stay warm (that’s Pepe, by the way).

Marca invited us to see if we could guess the footballer underneath the layers and layers of clothes.  Are the shape of their bodies and their particular styles enough for you to guess right?  Answers at the end of the post.

Aitor Karanka gave the habitual day before a game press conference, his 16th of this season and 37th overall as assistant coach.  When asked about Barcelona and their decision to speak about the referees, Aitor said, “we spoke about them after the Copa game since the entire world saw what happened and it was difficult not to say anything.  Now it’s others who are speaking.  We admit when they help us and when they hurt us.”  When pressed for a response as to whether he believes Barcelona has reason to complain about the referees, Karanka responded, “I’m not going to talk about whether Barcelona has reasons or not to complain, I only talk about what goes on here.  They know what they’re doing.”

He also said that Xabi is doing well, but Di María is not yet at 100 percent and so it’s better to wait.  Aitor described Esteban Granero as a “spectacular boy” and said he is responding well to being given minutes, while Kaká is “physically well and we all know what he can contribute” and Ricardo Carvalho does not have any psychological problems as was said.”

Several kilometers south, Miguel Torres was busy speaking to the press about the upcoming game against his former team.  When asked about how he had gone out to eat with several of his ex-teammates during the week, that guapetón Miguel replied, “I maintain relationships with a few teammates and the other day we ate with Casillas, but it’s because we do that once in a while.  It was a friendly lunch, and we didn’t talk about the game.”

Later that night, the team started their concentración, and Xabi showed up for it with a newspaper, ABC by the looks of it, tucked under his arm.  Only Xabi Alonso.

El Chori is doing quite well on twitter so far. He tweeted this photo on Friday, writing, “very cold in today’s training session, I leave you all with a photo of a teammate and tonight I’ll tell you who it is.”  Later on, he revealed the teammate to be “El Gran Pipita Higuaín!”  Did you guess right?  Álvaro Arbeloa had no idea, and when he found out who it was, he tweeted, “what a pair!”  He also said he would tell El Chori to get a haircut…

I’m quite impressed that Raúl takes the time to properly accent his letters on twitter, I know of many people who don’t, and surprisingly, I’ve noticed that Xabi Alonso doesn’t always do that.

It’s almost time for Las Fallas again, and Mou is once again the subject of caricature.  In one of this year’s ninots, Mou – looking a bit like ZP – appears dressed in a suit (no tracksuit or puffy vest?) and poking the bulging eye of Tito Vilanova, while one of his feet rests on the head of Jorge Valdano.  Sergio Canales is also “participating” in this year’s edition…

Answers: from left to right – Mesut, Pipa, Albiol, Cris, Pepe, Sahin, Granero.  How’d you do?

Feb. 4 – Getafe vs. Real Madrid.

Sometimes the game between Getafe and Real Madrid feels like a reunion, since many of our former canteranos and players have found a home in the Coliseum (Getafe’s current squad has three canteranos, while Madrid itself only has five, which is really disappointing).  Anyway, the Coliseum has always been a difficult stadium for Madrid (remember Sergio slamming into the goal post, or Iker’s little tantrum after Dani Parejo’s goal?) and the freezing cold on Saturday night didn’t help things one bit.  With that said, it’s clear who the warriors on our team are: Xabi Alonso and Álvaro Arbeloa, who both wore short-sleeved shirts, although it’s due more to their preference for playing in short sleeves than anything else, as Xabi reminded us after the game.  The rest of the starters wore long sleeves, some wore gloves (Kaká and Benzema at times, plus Iker of course, who also had leggings on) and Cris and Mesut had a long-sleeved layering shirt that extended to mid-palm.

As the forecast temperatures were near freezing, the utilleros brought with them a box of blankets (mantas), and José Callejón and Gonzalo Higuaín wasted no time in draping one over themselves, after putting on all sorts of other protective clothing.  I love that they decided to share!

Later on, Esteban Granero also got under the toasty-looking blanket.  Poor Pipita looks like he’s suffering a lot, no?

In the stands, some of the fans had the same idea, with one pair using a Madrid flag to cover themselves.  In the palco presidencial, however, the presidents had to maintain a dignified appearance, and so the two of them sat there shivering with just overcoats.

In addition to the cold, it was also very windy.  After seeing what happened to Iker and Sergio, I was left wondering if the wind would be strong enough to move José Callejón’s hair.  It wasn’t.  That must be some super strength hair gel.

Prior to the game, Esteban Granero spent some time greeting his former teammates, such as Javier Casquero.  Meanwhile, José Mourinho and Luis García emerged from the tunnel arm in arm.

Fun moments: Cris complaining after Xabi grazed the ball during a free kick attempt, and the fourth official sending Mou back to the bench.  Despite that, Mou of course had to get the last word in.

There were also some amusing moments featuring Cris.

I love how this spectator looks like he’s on top of the pile!  What a goal from Sergio, heading in the ball off of a corner kick from Mesut Özil.

And I adore how Sergio’s hand just kind of drifted oh so naturally over Pepe’s ass!

Sergio tweeted after the game that “my goal was dedicated to two very important people in my life.  I love you all very much…!!”  Given that he made the letter “L” with his fingers both during the celebration and in the photo he tweeted after the game (later on in the post), we can assume one of those people is his girlfriend Lara, no?

The Sergio Ramos hair appreciation section.™

After the game, there were lots of hugs, and Sergio put on a jacket to do the post-game interview with Canal Plus.

The win was conditioned by the fact that the referee “forgave” a handball from Pepe (a familiar sounding plot line), which unfortunately means that the “referees favor Madrid” camp is screaming again.  Sergio said after the game that “I believe it’s time to set aside the issue of the refereeing,” something that Xabi echoed, and I agree with them.  Sergio also said the play that led to his goal was something that they’ve been practicing all season.

And special mention goes to Miguel Torres, who moved to the centerback position for this game and did very well (he looked fantastic too).  Right now, I’m loving players that have been moved to the centerback position!  After all, that list includes Sergio, and Javi (!!!)!

The Mou/Karanka corner.  I loved that moment when Mou told his team to hold on for 10 more minutes, and the fact that he had the nice gesture to go up to Tsepo Masilela after the game to shake his hand and to see how he was doing (Masilela got injured but had to stay in the game because Getafe had already used up its three substitutes, which is reminiscent of Marcelo, no?).

In his post-game press conference, Aitor Karanka said it was a difficult game due to the rival and the weather conditions, “but frankly, we played well and we had the game under control.  The result wasn’t in danger in any moment.  And if our play had been more refined, the margin would have been greater.”  With regards to Sergio’s leadership on the field, he said, “there are many players with personality and character and he’s showing that.”

The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

Once again, Xabi was in charge.

I’d love a Xabi sandwich!

There were also some fun incidents after the game, as the team left Esteban Granero behind at the Coliseum (luckily, he’s very familiar with it, as it’s his old home).  What happened was that El Pirata was chosen to undergo a drug test, and it took him two hours to do it, and when he came out, his teammates were no longer there.

After the game had ended, the players started coming out of the locker room to go to the team bus, with some stopping to speak in the mixed zone and pose for pictures.  The majority of the players were on the bus by 22:15 and they were waiting for the last two to arrive, Sergio Ramos and Esteban Granero.  The players were impatient to begin their two-day vacation.  At 22:35, Sergio finally appeared (due to his goal, he had been the most sought after player in the mixed zone), running towards the bus, explaining to those who were still seeking a quote from him, “the bus is leaving and they’re going to leave me here.”  As soon as he got on, he apologized.

The rest of the players asked the driver to start heading towards Valdebebas (Cris, Iker and Gonzalo were the most vocal about their impatience, while Mou spent the time joking around with Óscar Ribot), and so at 22:42, the bus started pulling away.  However, they then realized they were missing someone: Esteban Granero, but they decided to leave him behind and let him take a taxi back.  One hour later, at 23:58, Esteban finally re-appeared, accompanied by Dr. Serratosa, to a round of applause.  They returned to Madrid together (but not in a taxi).

Minus Esteban, this was the scene on the bus on the way back.  As expected, Mesut, Sergio, Pipita and Karim all posed with hand gestures (and a double one in Benz’ case), while Kaká and Nuri abstained.  Lass could go either way, but when he’s with Karim, he will.

And Raúl Albiol tweeted that his new web site is now accessible!  As long as he keeps providing childhood pictures like this one, I’ll keep visiting…  Brian resembles his father, no?

Feb. 5 -yay for Castilla!

While the first team got the day off, the filial was playing at the Alfredo di Stéfano, against Coruxo.  Despite the cold (at least they got to play during daytime), the boys managed to score six goals: a hat trick for Joselu (his first with Castilla; he went home with the game ball), a doblete for Denis and one from Dani Carvajal.  The end result, 6-0, meant three more points for Castilla as they seek to solidify their position as leader of the group with 47 points.  They’re also the top goalscoring team out of the four groups (80 teams) in the Segunda B division, with 45 goals.  By the way, Pedro Mosquera started the game.

This was both a happy and sad day for Joselu.  As his grandmother had passed away last week, he dedicated his first goal to her by kissing his fingers and then pointing at the sky.  The second goal was dedicated to his girlfriend.  As she’s going to be traveling to China to work there for several months, Joselu decided an appropriate way to celebrate would be to make his eyes slanty.  Not cool, Joselu, I expect better from you.  I can’t believe there are still people who do that…  They should know better following the uproar that occurred after other athletes, such as Ronaldo or the 2008 Spanish Olympics basketball team, posed similarly.  And then after the game, Joselu found out that his grandfather had passed away.  Meanwhile, Dani Carvajal decided to do a “FIFA 12” celebration – it looks like that Icelandic fisherman celebration, no?

On twitter, Jorge Casado called Denis “grand,” Joselu “enormous and spectacular,” and called Dani’s goal “the ugliest in the Liga, jajaja!”  MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín congratulated the three goalscorers, and ended with the hashtag (in Spanish) “Carva’s ridiculous celebrations.”

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  1. February 10, 2012 09:09

    Yayaya for updates!! 🙂

    Again, it’s good to have you back!

  2. @ulonghaz permalink
    February 10, 2012 09:12

    what a looong post, Una 😀

  3. Shukri permalink
    February 10, 2012 12:42

    Hello Una nice that you are back! I have question about José Ángel Pozo. I think he will be the next Casillas, that he will be next cantera who will go directly to senior team and be the best player in the world in his position. I have herd/read that Manchester City want him and have bought him (to summer). You have a lot of “inside” information, can you you can deny / admit this? If he he leave than i will kill my self and the Real directors:(

  4. maria permalink
    February 10, 2012 18:34

    una I simply love your comments: “the callejon super strength gel”, or that Lass can pose either with hands gesture or without, depending if benzema’s on the picture, or not… Hahahahaahahh… I really feel that you probably write like you speak; since your writing is very spontaneous… I couldn’t agree more with you, I’d love to see mou on a suit again… I practically forgot how good he used to look in a well cut suit…
    I have now idea how you have identified the players in that picture above… My only right guess was Mesut, I should do my homework better… I also have a question for you, Una, I hope you can help: does pipa have 2 twitter accounts?? I found out these 2, that in theory are official: @g_higuain, and also @g_higuain20… Are the both real, or is one of them fake?? I hope you can tell me witch one is the real pipa on twitter…well thanx anyway, and have a good one!! xxx

  5. mokia permalink
    February 10, 2012 21:11

    Great and lengthy post Una!! You knocked out like 3 birds with this one. I still want to see who UNAMADRIDISTA is!!

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    I love that picture of Ramos with his silky hair hair flowing in the wind and that fierce expression on his face. sigh…

  7. Sunny permalink
    February 11, 2012 01:41

    I really enjoyed reading this round up. I want to thank you for making up for the time you were away. I know you’re busy and it would’ve been easy for you to just pick up from the present instead of going back and covering everything, but I’m glad you did. Keep up the good work, Una.

  8. February 11, 2012 05:37

    Grande una! What a great post 🙂 Grande una

  9. Pipita permalink
    February 12, 2012 00:04

    Una, I thought you would include a picture of Ronaldo from the second half, when he had lip balm smashed all over the face. He looked like a baby. 🙂

  10. lolo permalink
    February 12, 2012 11:07

    awww, i feel sorry for Joselu. It’s so sad… ;( =(=(=(=(

  11. February 15, 2012 07:22

    What does it mean when Sergio called Iker melón? Like honey in English or just a nickname?

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