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ICYMI – the ¿? edition

March 23, 2012

In case you missed it – Villarreal vs. Real Madrid [2012-03-21, Liga jornada 29, 1-1].

I don’t even know where to begin with this game.  Was it really a game?  Because it turned into a spectacle towards the end.  Anyway, between another late goal scored on a free kick to tie the game, several costly errors (how frustrating!) and bad behavior (which I hate seeing from my team!!!!!), we dropped another two points, for which we are to blame.  And then of course there was everything that happened with the referee… was it any wonder that all of us were left looking like Sami, Xabi and Gonzalo here?

The referee’s match report looked like this.  As you can see, there were many “x”s in the yellow and red card columns…

… and the part of the report about incidences was quite long.  Let’s take a look at what happened.

Players – Bookings.

Lass, Xabi and Sami also received yellows, but for things that happened while the ball was in play, so I won’t include those here.

In the 44th minute, the player Kepler Laveran De Lima Ferreira (3) was booked for the following reason: for simulating an act of aggression from a rival. 

Pepe ended up with a bloody lip as a result of “simulating” the aggression (wow, he takes it so seriously!), which he showed to the referee.  It didn’t matter, tarjeta.  At the end of the first half, he once again went up to Paradas Romero to show him his bloody lip, to no effect.

In the 52nd minute, the player Sergio Ramos García (4) was booked for the following reason: for persistently infringing on the rules of the game.

In the 84th minute, the player Sergio Ramos García (4) was booked for the following reason: for pushing away a rival in dispute of the ball.

In the 90th minute, the player Gonzalo Gerardo Higuaín (20) was booked for the following reason: for making observations about one of my decisions after the game had ended and while still on the playing field.

As you can see, Gonzalo was quite upset after the game and he made a beeline for the referee, with Pepe having to separate him from the refereeing team.  As he was walking off the field, he had a few more choice words for Paradas Romero.

Players – Expulsions.

In the 84th minute, the player Mesut Özil (10) was expelled for the following reason: for mockingly applauding one of my decisions while standing very close to me.

I loved that Mesut continued applauding Paradas Romero as he left the field.  Before reaching the tunnel, Mesut also told the crowd to be quiet, and it looked like he wanted to get into a fight with some of them.  What do you think about aggressive Mes?

In the 84th minute, the player Sergio Ramos García (4) was expelled for the following reason: double yellow cards.

We had Álvaro Arbeloa trying to calm Sergio down, but really to no avail.  According to Cuatro, what Sergio was shouting at Paradas Romero as he left was “you ruined the game, you ruined the game!”

Players – Other incidents.

Once the game was over and in the tunnel leading to the locker rooms, Real Madrid player with the number 3, D. Kepler Laverán De Lima Ferreira, came up to us shouting, “it’s daylight robbery, you son of a bitch!”

Seriously, Pepe needs to calm down.

Directors and coaches – Bookings/Expulsions/Other incidents.

In the 53rd minute, the coach Dos Santos Mourinho Felix, Jose Mario was booked for the following reason: for making observations about one of my decisions.

In the 82nd minute, the coach Dos Santos Mourinho Felix, Jose Mario was booked for the following reason: for leaving the technical area to make observations about one of my decisions.

In the 82nd minute, the coach Dos Santos Mourinho Felix, Jose Mario was expelled for the following reason: double yellow cards.

I wish we could find out what exactly Mou’s “observations” were!  Cuatro’s cameras also caught José Mourinho shouting “Filho puta” at the referee.

By the way, Paradas Romero has sent Mou off before: this happened last season in the Copa game against Murcia on Nov. 10, 2010.  The reason for the expulsion was presented as “he told me to piss off.”

The fitness coach of Real Madrid, D. Rui Filipe Da Cunha Faria, was expelled in the 49th minute for applauding one of my decisions from the bench.

Aitor Karanka couldn’t believe it.  His expressions of disbelief, surprise and incredulity are quite amusing.

As a result, the tunnel got kind of crowded, between injured players (José Callejón), subbed out players (Lass), substitutes (Nuri), expelled players (Sergio) and assorted Real Madrid staff members.

And this was Xabi’s reaction.  I love it, especially that little head shake of disappointment.

So, to sum up: there were four expulsions: Rui Faria, José Mourinho, Sergio Ramos and Mesut Özil.  Sergio Ramos was expelled for two yellow cards, while Mesut was expelled for sarcastically applauding Paradas Romero.  That was the same reason Rui Faria got himself expelled, while José Mourinho was sent off for making his opinion known to the referee.  At the conclusion of the game, Gonzalo Higuaín went up to the referee and said something, earning him a yellow card.  That was what happened during the game.

As for after the game, as Cristiano was leaving the field, La Sexta’s microphones caught him shouting, “only robbery, only robbery.”  He had made what apparently are his “robbery” gestures earlier.  There were also reports that Cris and Pepe kicked the sides of the tunnel as they headed back to the locker room and yelled insults at Villarreal’s security guards, directors and the referee.  That was the point when Pepe shouted, “it’s daylight robbery, you son of a bitch,” for which he written up in the match report.

Then Madrid made the decision not to speak to the press after the game.  Neither Mou nor Karanka showed up in the press room for the habitual post-game press conference, and none of the players stopped in the mixed zone to speak with journalists (video below).  Sergio did stop to give Diego López a hug, Pepe signed a few autographs and Mou only said, “you all saw it, no?  You all saw it?” in passing.

According to Marca (so take it with a grain of salt), it was because Mou had told them that if they wanted to speak to the press, they would have to complain about the referee, and the players didn’t want to do that.  Also according to Marca, the captains reprimanded Cristiano, Pepe and Gonzalo Higuaín for their bad behavior, telling them “you can’t do this again, because you’ll be the one to lose from this and so will the team.”

And as you can see Cris, despite the silly positioned hat, made one woman’s day when she got his jersey autographed by the team, which she said she would give to her grandson the next day.

Only Marcelo spoke to broadcaster La Sexta at the conclusion of the game, before that decision had been made: “we’re doing our thing but sometimes the referees harm us.  We have to continue working.”

The consequences.

Sergio is now the Real Madrid player with the most expulsions in the Liga, with 11.  He surpassed Fernando Hierro, but it took Fernando 429 games (in 14 seasons) to reach this dubious number, compared to Sergio’s 221 games (in seven seasons).  If Sergio continues at this rate, he’ll probably be the record holder for all of eternity.

Mesut, Sergio, Mou and Rui Faria will all be suspended for this Saturday’s game against Real Sociedad as a result of being sent off.  In addition, Lass received his fifth yellow card against Villarreal and so he’ll have to sit out this game.  Pepe was written up in the report, though not sent off, so he too will have to face the consequences.  It’s now up to the Competition Committee to decide whether these persons will receive additional sanctions.

Pepe: according to RFEF regulations, Pepe could receive a sanction of anywhere from 4-12 games, based on Article 94 of the Disciplinary Code, which says that “insulting, offending or going up to the referee, assistants, fourth official, directors or sports authorities will be sanctioned with four to 12 games, unless it’s a more serious offense.”  However, if the Committee decides to apply Article 117 – going up to referees, directors or sports authorities and slighting them or being inconsiderate will be sanctioned with a suspension for two to three games, or for a time period up to one month, unless it’s a more serious offense – then the sentence could be lighter.

Mesut: his case could fall under Article 117.  However, if Article 114.1 is used, which says “a direct expulsion during the course of a game will carry a sanction of at least one game,” he’ll just get the one game for being sent off.

Sergio: he’ll likely receive the one-game suspension for the double yellow cards.

Mou: he’ll most likely receive just the one-game suspension for the double yellow cards.

Rui Faria: his case will probably fall under Article 117 and so he’ll receive a sanction of two to three games.  However, since he is a repeat offender (this was his fourth expulsion in as many months), it’s probable that he’ll receive the maximum sentence.

Meanwhile, “the law of silence” continues, with no press conference scheduled today and the training session closed to the public.  Usually, on days before games, either Mou or Karanka speaks to the press, who are also allowed to watch 15 minutes of the practice session.

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  1. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    March 23, 2012 15:55


  2. Ally permalink
    March 23, 2012 15:58

    NOOOOO!! now we’re only 6 points clear.. why does it have to get so freakin’ close?! and we’ll probably miss some very important players the next games… Come on Real, get your act together!!! I know it has been a long season, but don’t weaken when we have La Liga at armslength! (i’m sorry for the errors, i’m not a native speaker ;))
    Hala Madrid!

  3. imaMadridista permalink
    March 23, 2012 16:27

    Thanks for laying it out so well Una, I was so caught up in the moment during the game and it all happened so quickly. Our boys frustrations are their Kryptonite, and everyone knows it. Will they ever learn??? If it’s true that our Captains spoke to CR, Pepe, and Pipita I’m glad for it, those that act out constantly have got to get a hold of themselves. Let’s have hope that they can get back on track tomorrow. Thanks again Una, I really enjoy your posts.

  4. noviana noor aisyiah permalink
    March 23, 2012 16:31

    oh what happened with us? of course i will always love our team. but sometimes they need to cool of. i mean this ref definitely a piece of shit, but seriously, yesterday we played no like usual. lose 4 points is dissapointed. but we are madrid. we can handle this. still 6 points ahead. hala madrid

  5. Мариана Димитрова permalink
    March 23, 2012 16:31

    Thank you for continuing to delight us with your blog! And some thoughts on behaviour. For me this referee is a clear case of inferiority complex. I wouldn’t give him a driving license, not to speak about him being a referee. How a referee could do his job on the field when he obviously is watching half of the time at benches? And how does he know that they applauded “mocjingly”? Couldn’t Mesut, for example, applaud Sergio? Nearly every reason for those cards is connected with bad attitude to this “Napoleon”. Segio’s cards were crap, especially the second one. I know that everytime this psycho is a referee, I get sick even before the match starts. And I can hardly imagine how RM feel – all of them. It seems though that he has great protections. And I totally agree with the Silence Law. Good football is all – players, referees, coaches, even fans. And when one of this doesn’t work properly, but stays uncorrected, it is a shame for all the system.
    Wish you sunny days and much joy!

  6. Didi permalink
    March 23, 2012 17:18

    This was the kinda game that you don’t want to watch twice. Yes, the referee made a lot of decisions that we didn’t understand but to be honest some of our players weren’t exactly angels either. Having said that there were a few things that really upsets me.

    First: of course the goal that we conceded which ended in a (another) draw-game.
    Second: the yellow card from Pepe. He showed the referee his injury from the foul. Isn’t that enough? How can you still call it simulating?
    Third: the red card from Ozil. Since when do you immediately get a red card for mockingly applauding the referee for his decision? If that is so then there’ll be never a game that’ll end with 22 players. But to answer your question: aggressive Mesut is hot!! 🙂
    Fourth: our players seriously need a lesson (or more) in controlling their emotions. I didn’t like the way some of the players were behaving after the game.

    Anyway, they need to forget this game and focus on Real Sociedad so that they can keep the 6 points lead. HALA MADRID!!

  7. kristen permalink
    March 23, 2012 19:12

    Were we robbed? Absolutely. Did we handle it like babies? Absolutely. Or should I say Pepe and our coaching staff handled it like babies. So sick of Pepe, he is a great player but ruining Real Madrid’s name. I don’t like his less than classy way of handling emotional situations. I want to sell him.

  8. March 23, 2012 20:30

    What was worse, our playing or the referee’s behaviour? I was so depressed after this match.

  9. Jenny permalink
    March 23, 2012 21:26

    Aggressive Mesut? Well – he’s ALWAYS had a temper.

    I would prefer he not be sent off during games. On the other hand: at least it’s never for violent behaviour.

    And let’s face it: my inner rebel loved that he clapped the fact he’d been sent off for clapping! As for telling the crowd to “shut up” – well done! A bit of spirit is good for a boy.

    I do have to smile at the idea that Mourinho was followed by Ramos and then Ozil into the dressing room. He can’t even tell them off really (certainly not Ozil) because he claps decision all the time.

    Something to think about from him, perhaps.

    Lovely round-up Una. You always keep your sense of humour ❤

  10. March 24, 2012 00:09

    Thanks for explaining what happened, Una. The feed I was watching was in Spanish so I didn’t know most of what was going on other than the ref was being ridiculous and had totally lost control of the game. From what I saw, he was terrible for both teams. I understood why Lass came off because he was not having a good game but I didn’t understand why Callejon was subbed out. Sure hope he’s not hurt badly.

    I saw the yellow to Pepe but thought it was for complaining that there was no foul called. But that clown carded him for simulation?! Wow!

    And Ozil getting a red for clapping?! Seriously?! It was off camera so they didn’t show what he did, just the red card.

    That being said, we didn’t play that well but fair play to Villareal for making it complicated. The ref certainly didn’t help things at all.

  11. wandering-much permalink
    March 24, 2012 01:34

    i dont even know what to say after this game. :/ Can’t believe Mesut got expelled.

  12. superfan permalink
    March 24, 2012 03:02

    Seriously. What the hell was this game? WTF all over. We honestly have to get it all together. I know it’s still a 6-point lead but if we’re going to play like this, I wouldn’t be surprised if we drop more points. Huhuhu. I’m just so ready to put all this behind and look forward to the coming games. But seriously, get it together, boys.

    And thank you, Una, for this summary of the cards, suspensions, consequences, what really happened. There were a lot of rumors going around so this post cleared those up. Thanks! 🙂

  13. March 24, 2012 05:28

    They didn’t played that well but the referee was wrong for both teams; the reason why he expelled Rui Faria was for clapping and in the game you totally get that he was clapping to Cristiano, and a red card to Ozil, seriously?!? he is the most calmed player in the world! Also the first yellow card for Pepe because he simulate? he didn’t he was bleeding for God sake! ugh I hate that referee

  14. Morales permalink
    March 24, 2012 07:02

    this game was such a mess *shake head* and the players didn’t help by yelling out insults 😐 although I do understand why they would feel the need to.

  15. maria permalink
    March 24, 2012 12:30

    Una, did you notice that this “law of silence” has extended to the player’s twitters?? I haven’t seen any of them twitting in the last few days… hope this will end today with a great Madrid victory and a lot of comments about it!!

  16. ama permalink
    March 24, 2012 14:03

    I wasn’t able to watch this game, but in the final minutes I was catching up via Twitter and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I do think the ref was a little over-zealous but I wish our team (coughPepecough) had handled it just a little more gracefully. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of agressive Mesut, and I love Sergio just the way he is, eternal red-card record and all, but it was a bit disappointing. It’s all very complicated, no? I appreciate that Mou defends the team’s interests so intensely, but at the same time I wish he would set a better example.

  17. mickymacky05 permalink
    March 24, 2012 14:10

    i’ve said it somewhere before, these bookings would not have caused *this* much of a stir — and probably wouldn’t have occurred in the first place anyway — if our boys remained composed.

    but since we f*cked up again with our defense and quite incredibly (and predictably) lost our slim lead, the petulance kicked in and we became quite desperate.

    if ONLY we tried to play better and just perhaps concentrated on our performance — i.e., scoring more goals knowing that our defense is shaky and could (as it turned out, rightly) concede a goal — and secured 3 precious points THEN we wouldn’t have resorted to whining, or complaining so vehemently to refereeing decisions, etc. i hate seeing such displays 😦

    these consecutive draws are really worrisome. have we become complacent?

  18. noviana noor aisyiah permalink
    March 25, 2012 11:43

    our technical staff are so expresive. that’s poblem for ref. but i dont mind :p screw ref!

  19. Sara permalink
    March 25, 2012 19:59

    I wouldn’t call Mes aggressive since he doesnt start any problems or fights, I think it’s cute he defends his teammates and his red card was a joke! I HATE to whine about referees but the different treatment that referee gave to Real Madrid made me mad. How do Rui and Mesut get red cards for clapping, when Xavi left the bench and ran after him criticizing one of his decisions and got nothing?? Also, he failed to do his job properly since he booked Pepe based on his reputation for diving and not for what he really saw. Im done ranting, hope this serves them as a wakeup call.

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