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ICYMI – the three more points edtion

May 1, 2012

In case you missed it – Real Madrid vs. Sevilla [2012-04-29, Liga jornada 36, 3-0].

Another hard day’s work, another three points, another step closer to the alirón!  Unfortunately, Barcelona ended up winning its match, so our celebration at Cibeles will be postponed until tomorrow, I hope.  Besides the win, I’ll remember this game for this scene.

ONE.  The final whistle blew, and Iker headed to Fondo Norte to give away his shirt, gloves and his boots.  I wonder if there is someone at Adidas whose job is to keep track of whether Iker needs new boots and gloves, because he gives them away all the time.  Anyway, Iker was unfortunately wearing layers underneath.

On his way back to the tunnel, he stripped off his shorts – actually, they just kind of oozed off of him, no?  Like they knew they needed to come off – and also threw those into the crowd.  Here it is from every angle, including Iker greeting Agustín Herrerín.  Unfortunately (yes, again), he then headed into the tunnel, and did not end up giving away his base layers.  To quote Mou, “¿por qué?”

TWO.  He looked pretty good clothed too, because I love it when Iker wears the red!  I’ll miss it next season.

THREE.  Before the game, the Fondo Sur was covered in an enormous escudo

… and a banner which read, “in the good times and the bad.”  The fans also waved purple and white flags.  And let me tell you, one of their new favorites is Cristiano Ronaldo, who has completely won them over.  He’s the new idol of el madridismo.

The supporters waved the flags at various points throughout the game to cheer the team on.

FOUR.  Random moments – Álvaro Arbeloa getting some love (and a pinch on the ear) from Iker, Pepe and Sergio (¡es un tipo con suerte!) and Cris just laughing in disbelief.

FIVE.  Cristiano, Karim and Gonzalo became the highest goalscoring trio in the Liga’s history and the first trio to score over 20 goals each over the course of one season (and there are three games left!).  Together, our triple threat has netted 84 goals, which are divided between 43 for Cris, 21 for Pipa and 20 for Benzema.  I’m so proud of them, and I love it when they combine to score goals, as Karim and Cris did on Sunday morning.

That earned Karim a big kiss from Cris.  Marcelo got a nuzzle too.

Here’s the besito again, because I adored that moment.

Karim scored the other two goals on the night…

… and by the third one (his second), Mou knew the game was won.

The Bernabéu did as well, as the fans started chanting “campeones, campeones, oé, oé, oé” after the goal.

SIX.  At one point in the game, Marcelo cut his lip (or something to that effect), so he went to the sidelines to ask for a dressing, and what looks to be tape.  The tape ended up inside his shorts.

SEVEN.  Since we’re in that general area, here’s a related photo of Crís.

EIGHT.  After the game, Pepe also gave his shirt away, while Sergio and his Sevilla bromance Jesús Navas had a little moment.  Please tell me Sergio will be the godfather of Jesús’ child (due in September).  How cute would that be?  The kid would have perfect hair and the most colorful outfits.

NINE.  I love this photo!!  Jajaja!!!  I think only Iker can get away with this silencing of Álvaro Arbeloa, as he’s the captain (and those gloves might provide extra protection if Álvaro decides to bite), because I think Álvaro would chew anyone else’s head off.

TEN.  After the game, (a calmer) Álvaro Arbeloa revealed the team’s goals (as in objectives, not football goals because we know they are capable of doing that!) for the rest of the season: “the first thing is to win the Liga, and then later, if it’s possible, for Cris to reach 50 goals and for us to reach 100 points because these are things the fans like.”  He added, “we’re tired because the month of April has been very demanding, with many games, but we’re happy for being so close to an important title, and in addition happy that the fans can celebrate it.”

ELEVEN.  I also adore this photo, for the colors.

TWELVE.  The Mou corner.  The moment when the fourth official told Mou to GO BACK?  Priceless.

THIRTEEN.  At his post-game press conference, Aitor Karanka expressed his satisfaction over the win: “there’s even less left now.  It was very important to win today.  The team deserves to be champions, and these players are champions in mentality and character.  They’ve won it.  They’re tired and hurt, but they responded very well.  Winning the Liga doesn’t cure anything.  It’s an objective and achieving it is good.  It’s an objective that is more than important.”

As for the rest of the season, Aitor said, “when Madrid becomes champion, if that happens, we will continue with Plan A, which is to play all the games that are left.  I would be excited to be the champions, and if it’s in San Mamés, it will be great.  The faster, the better.”  He also explained Gonzalo Higuaín’s absence as “he didn’t play because others did.  The three substitutions were necessary.  We only made one change from the Bayern game because everyone is playing at a fantastic level.”  Raúl Albiol also came in for some praise: “Albiol is an example.  He played in another position so we could try him out there.  Whenever we’ve needed him, he’s responded.  He’s always there.  Everyone on this team is committed.”

FOURTEEN.  The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

Xabi, showing everyone who’s boss!  Tap, tap…

FIFTEEN.  Other notes.

The players came out onto the field wearing shirts that read “¡Ánimo Canales!”  A lovely gesture.  Sergio tweeted his gratitude: “thank you very much to Real Madrid for this gesture towards me.  These things make the recovery much easier.  THANK YOU!”

In the case that Barcelona lost to Rayo Vallecano, the players were to congregate at the Bernabéu at midnight to head to Cibeles to celebrate.  Everything there was all prepared, and the players were told to keep their phones on and keep an eye on them, just in case.  At 23:28h, Raúl Albiol tweeted, “well, anyway, time to sleep, good night.”

Ángel Di María received his fifth yellow card of a cycle, so he’s out against Athletic.

And finally, La Sexta’s cameras caught Iker calling Pepe “Pepito” and Mesut “Besugo” (sea bream, where “ojos de besugo” means “bulging eyes”).  Jajaja!!!

10 Comments leave one →
  1. May 1, 2012 17:00

    I love this team soo much.

    Una, I can’t wait for the next match. I’m crossing my fingers for luck, but still…. I’m soo gleeful even when I just think about it.

  2. May 1, 2012 17:33

    Mesut = Besugo …. HAHAHAHAHA!! I wonder if Mesut understood that and how he reacted?

    I love that Iker is so generous with his clothing. Now if he’ll only up the ante and just either stop wearing the base layers or give them away, too! Haha!

    And it took a while for the fans to warm up to Cris! I don’t understand what took them so long, given Cris’s astounding records with us.

  3. Jenny permalink
    May 1, 2012 17:46

    “One of their new favorites is Cristiano Ronaldo, who has completely won them over. He’s the new idol of el madridismo…”

    That’s beautiful. He’s a legend at United already – first Balon d’or winner in 40 years, made every best 11 of the Ferguson years in every newspaper retrospective last year and they ALWAYS cheered him – even during Rooney-gate.

    He should be a legend at two clubs. He’s a phenomenon.

    Lovely spam Una. Had to miss the game (my first miss all season) so I am doubly grateful this week.

  4. May 1, 2012 17:48

    I adore your humor. Thanks for bringing us these beautiful men everyday (or every few days) 🙂
    besugo!!! jajaja!!!

  5. justme permalink
    May 1, 2012 18:22

    i really hope we’ll make it tomorrow..i’m kinda impatient to get rid of bayern pain asap and celebrating all around lol..tbh,i guess i love to win title on our home ground more,but it doesn’t really matter anyway..hala madrid!! go for it and return as champions!! 🙂

  6. blackwiidow permalink
    May 2, 2012 00:07

    well, i suppose “besugo” is somewhat better than idiot ray hudson’s “avatar eyes”. poor ozil! 😦 i like “pipito”, though. heh.

    this is a TREMENDOUS post, una. screencaps of stripping iker … i approve! i’m trying to figure out where the absolute best place to sit in the bernabeu is to be at the sweet spot when they toss their kits into the crowd … (above the tunnels?) if there is no one at adidas whose job it is to watch how many times iker strips so they can replenish his wardrobe, i humbly volunteer my services. they don’t even have to pay me. least i can do. 😉 (i love the red kit on him, too!)

    really sweet of the team to support canales like that. my heart breaks for him again. it seems like a bad injury and it’s the same knee he previously had surgery on. poor thing. 😦

    i love iker silencing arbeloa like that! heh. only the capi (and perhaps albiol) could get away with that.

    i’d forgotten jesus navas’s wife was having a baby! i hope sergio is the godfather, too. (OMG, could you imagine?!)

    i am really, really, REALLY hoping that in exactly 24 hours, we will all be here celebrating in a party post. HALA MADRID!!

  7. @ulonghaz permalink
    May 2, 2012 07:00

    well, Iker is great in giving others nick name..
    I wonder what nick name he will give me :p

  8. Izumi permalink
    May 2, 2012 18:26

    Oh! Iker socks are inside out!

  9. kiki permalink
    May 2, 2012 19:09

    I ♥ you, Iker, you precious Captain! MUAH!

  10. kiki permalink
    May 2, 2012 19:13

    & of course, Animo Canales, how disheartening for him,I feel so bad for him 😦

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