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congratulations Castilla!

May 27, 2012

With Florentino Pérez, José Mourinho, Aitor Karanka, Alfredo di Stéfano and 7.251 madridistas watching, Castilla pummeled Cádiz 5-1 at the Alfredo di Stéfano on Sunday afternoon to win their playoff series, and ascend to the second division.  ¡Enhorabuena!  I’m so proud of our cantera; there are so many great teams in it!

A big kiss for Carva, though everyone deserves one!  ¡A la segunda, e-o-e!

Jesé (back on “loan” from the U-19 team), Pedro Mosquera (2), Joselu and MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín provided the scoring.  In the playoff series, Castilla scored eight goals and only received one.  Now, they’ll face everyone’s favorite Cinderella story of the season, Mirandés, to determine the champion of the Second Division B.  The first leg will be played next weekend at home, while the second leg will be one week after that in the Anduva.

As stated earlier, FP attended the game (he had also watched Real Madrid basketball beat Caja Laboral 73-64 in the semifinals of the Liga Endesa at the Palacio de los Deportes on Saturday, which is a great sign of support for the basketball team).  The two teams held a moment of silence before the game in honor of Pitina, and the team also wore black armbands for her.

After the game, MFC said “it’s incredible, I’ve spent many years here and I’ve always dreamed of something like that.  We’re a family and we all deserve it.  It’s the most beautiful thing to take the second team of Real Madrid to where it deserves to be.  Thank you very much to the fans for coming, this win is for all of you.”  Álex, meanwhile, said this promotion “surpasses my U-19 Euro or the Copa de Campeones with my youth team.  This team is prepared to overcome big challenges.  We want to send our condolences to Florentino Pérez, he’s a great president and we all love him very much.”

During the game, MFC ABMM celebrated like José Callejón, but hopefully he won’t have to leave the club to make it to the first team.  After the game, he celebrated like Sergio Ramos, with the cape, and with Dani Carvajal as the bull.  Or is Joselu more like Sergio Ramos, since the tattoos are slowly overtaking his body too (the six pack is nearly identical as well)?  And I very much appreciate the shirtlessness and the shortslessness!

Joselu spoke about the very tough year the team has had, and all the hard work they put in: “the work of the entire group, the coaching staff, the fisios and the fans were needed; we wouldn’t have achieved it without all of them.  This promotion is dedicated to the president and his entire family.”  And Juanfran touched upon the team aspect: “it’s a reward for a great group.  There was a lot of work put into this.  In these moments, you remember all those people who have always been there, including our families, we wouldn’t have achieved it without them.”

Nacho summed up things as “helping Castilla to ascend to the second division is your dream from the time you are small,” while Jesé also showed his excitement: “I’m very happy, this was very difficult.  We’re very proud of this cantera.  This was our objective at the beginning of the season, and we achieved it.”  And Jorge Casado dedicated the achievement to the fans: “we owe everything to the fans because without them we wouldn’t have achieved it.”

The Toril corner.  In his post-game declarations, Alberto Torll congratulated his team for their exceptional work, and spoke about how the team has grown: “the team has grown individually and collectively.  The boys turned in a great performance against a tough rival… you spend the entire year with them.  You see the hope growing in them.  They have many possibilities in the future and I hope that we will take advantage of these players because they have extraordinary talent.”  Toril dedicated the achievement to “all those people who make our daily lives easier.  I also want to specially mention our president; despite the bad moments that he’s going through, having Castilla’s promotion bringing him a bit of joy makes me very happy.”  With respect to his future, he said, “it’s not my decision, and I’m convinced I’m going to continue.  I want to continue because this is my home and there’s no reason to change.  That’s what the club has transmitted to me.”  ¡Toril, quédate!

Be sure to check out this video of several players – it looks like Mandi, Juanfran and Jesé – crashing the press conference.  I loved that Alberto wore the bufanda for the rest of the conference!

Here are some pictures from the celebration.  Castilla could teach the first team (especially Iker) a few things!

I adore this team, and on Sunday, especially Joselu, for getting nearly naked!  MFC also stripped off his shorts…

The future posers section.  Can Nacho be the future Xabi Alonso, in terms of posing?

The team got together again later that night for dinner at the Gaztemanu restaurant, with Nacho dragging a suitcase behind him as he had to join the Spanish U-21 team.  The boys are all very handsome, no?  And it looks like Jesé and Juanfran have been taking fashion advice from Sergio, while Dani and Iván also pulled a first team fashion favorite, that of wearing James Dean tees, and the same one too!

For the photo on the right, if you cover the faces, they could be, from left to right (excluding Pablo Gil because we can’t see what he’s wearing): Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Antonio Adán, Marcelo and Gonzalo Higuaín.

The previous day, RMC had beat Villaralbo 4-1 behind two goals from Fran Sol, one from Sobrino and an own goal from Villaralbo’s Gonzalo to win their first playoff series, with a place in the Second Division B (which Castilla just vacated) at stake.  They have two more playoff series to go before promotion can be achieved.

Several Castilla players and former Castilla players were on hand to support their little brothers.

Earlier this week, on Thursday, three of the Castilla players – MFC, Jorge Casado and Dani Carvajal – had attended the presentation of Realmadrid Foundation’s third Torneo de Golf Solidario, which will take place on June 11.  Proceeds from the tournament will go towards a basketball school in Majadahonda for young people with disabilities.  I don’t know if it’s their bodies or they way they’re standing, but all three of them looked quite bowlegged!  And I can’t get over Jorge’s cuffed shorts… someone please tell him they’re not attractive at all.

In an interview with Radio Marca on May 24, Juanfran was asked about his teammate Carva: “there’s a player who should already be on the first team and his name is Dani Carvajal.  In the debate about a fullback, the fullback is in Castilla.  There’s no need to think any more about it.  He should be promoted already.”  I hope so too!

And Álvaro Arbeloa tweeted this photo from the morning paseo of La Roja, writing, “after many years, together once more!”  These five were part of the last Castilla team to achieve promotion to the second division.  It just goes to show that there is/was so much talent in the cantera.

Many of the players on that 2004-05 squad have triumphed in first division football.  In addition to Javi Garcia, Álvaro Arbeloa, Roberto Soldado, Álvaro Negredo and Juanfran Torres, that team also included some names you might be familiar with: Diego López, Javier Paredes, Jordi Codina, David Barral, José Manuel Jurado and Borja Valero.  And of course, Rubén de la Red.

The team that played in the second division in the following year included some of those players, plus the likes of Esteban Granero, José Callejón, Juan Mata, Dani Parejo and Miguel Torres.

By the way, Spain’s Eurocopa squad has five of our canteranos on it: Iker, Arbeloa, Juanfran, Juan Mata and Negredo, but the sad thing is that only two of them currently play for Real Madrid, and one of those two had to leave the team to be able to return to it.  We need more stories like that of Iker!

Speaking of Iker, he posted his congratulations for Castilla: “congratulations boys!  I’m so happy for you all!  It’s the triumph of the cantera, in which its coach, Toril, has been the fundamental pillar to achieve this success!  Enjoy it and consider it a giant step forward in your football futures!  The cantera of Madrid is tireless!  Next stop: the Liga Adelante!”  Álvaro Arbeloa also tweeted his congratulations, as did Jordi.

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  1. May 27, 2012 19:38

    I’m so proud of our babies. Hala Madrid!!

  2. okokobioko permalink
    May 27, 2012 20:45

    I feel a little sorry for carvajal, because all these statements are doing him a lot of harm. It seems these people think they are doing him good, but you really think a stubborn man like Mourinho will want it to seem as if he was pushed to promote carvajal??? the more people speak about it, the less likely it is carvajal will be promoted. it was the same with with Morata, when Mou asked for a “9” in 2011 January. Everyone shouted about Morata andd Valdano kept talking about it and Mourinho simply ignored everyone. my fear is that the more its said, Carvajal will not get that chance.

  3. Dia permalink
    May 28, 2012 04:44

    Aw, what lovely honor for Pitina.

  4. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    May 28, 2012 12:26

    Castillllllla a segundaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    I love this team so much that they brought to my tears.

    How great is Perez, we have the best president, I just wanted to give abrazos!

    Hala. Madrid!!

    Por favor Una! If you can don’t stop updating us! How sad that Saldado didn’t make la roja list 😦

  5. Pipita permalink
    May 28, 2012 14:10

    Una, do you know wich matches of the pretemporada that are already official for Real Madrid this summer?

    • unamadridista permalink*
      May 28, 2012 17:08

      Official from the Real Madrid side? Nothing so far.

    • okokobioko permalink
      May 29, 2012 04:38

      SuperCopa, The world football challenge seems to have also confirmed LA Galaxy (in Los Angeles), Juventus (in las Vegas) and Milan (in New Jersey)

      • okokobioko permalink
        May 29, 2012 22:29

        Just announced today, Celtic @ Philadelphia Stadium on August 8

  6. May 28, 2012 20:43

    Thank you so much for your blog and this post! I love to see some cantera love ❤
    Mmmmm the boys all happy and drunk and naked….XD

    I like the correlation with the other 5 ex-canteranos!!

  7. May 29, 2012 04:11

    Congratulations! How great that all their hard work has paid off!

  8. black widow permalink
    May 30, 2012 04:04

    so proud of them! they deserve it! it speaks very brightly for RM’s future (hopefully … assuming they can all actually stay and play …)!

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