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a summer break news round-up

June 5, 2012

Sorry to continue on with the subject of Sergio’s hair (latest photo here), which some of you seem to want to forget, but Xabi tweeted today that “Churu Ramos is the new ‘Iceman’ from Top Gun” and attached this photo.  I would like to see the rest of that photo, because Sergio appear to be shirtless, and I already said that would be my criterion for forgiving him…

More player things.

Marcelo is continuing to give us fantastic photos via Instagram; I especially love this one of him speaking with Don Pedro.  He wrote, “speaking with my grandfather (PEDRO) via skype… there’s nothing better than seeing your idol before playing to give you morale and confidence!!!”  One of my personal highlights from the Real… interviews was the part where Marcelo spoke with such tenderness and pride about Don Pedro (Pierre!).

Anyway, Marcelo also used an Instagram photo of him hugging Cristiano to refute all those reports quoting him as saying that Leo Messi is the best in the world.  Marcelo wrote that his words were misinterpreted, that he considers Cristiano the best in the world without a doubt and that no matter how many times they try, they won’t be able to destroy the friendship between him and CR7.  I LOVE HIM.

Speaking of Cris, he granted Marca an interview last weekend while in Lisbon.  The first part was published today, and this is what Cris had to say about these things.

on Mourinho’s contract renewal: it’s perfect, it makes me happy.  A club like Real Madrid has to have a top coach like Mou.  The míster has to be here.  It’s obvious to me that Real Madrid without Mourinho would not win as many titles as it would with him on the bench.

on his own contract renewal: my renovation?  Look, if it were up to me, I’d stay with Real Madrid until the end of my career.  But since it doesn’t depend entirely on me… I’m telling the truth, believe me.  I’m sincere, and I’m telling you while looking you in the eyes: I want to end my career at Real Madrid.  I would sign for 10 years right now.  I want to stay, but it’s something that depends on other persons.

on his relationship with the fans: I’m at the best moment of my life right now, a very stable moment both psychologically and physically.  I want to continue like this and enjoy many more things with all the madridistas, because the truth is that in the last few months, I’ve felt our relationship evolve, there is a great connection with the fans.  I feel very united with them and that’s another reason why I want to stay here for a long time.


And here’s a shot of José Callejón at his campus, because I know that there are a lot of “Calletistas” out there.  Thought on his new hairstyle?  And yes, I LOVE HIM AS WELL.

Sunday’s excitement.

On Sunday, Madrid held its annual reunion of the peñas, where Castilla was honored for its achievements this past season.  More than 4,000 fans joined the festivities, and FP signed many autographs during the course of the morning.

Later that day, the third edition of the Corazón Classic Match was held at the Bernabéu.  Fabrice Muamba took the honorary kickoff, and received an ovation from all the players and fans.  Later on, he received a jersey with his name from FP and got to meet Mou, who was in attendance, sitting next to Miguel Pardeza.

The fans got to see Madrid beat Manchester United 3-2 (sound familiar?  That was the score in that classic, classic game, the second leg of the 2000 Champions League quarterfinals; Madrid would of course go on to win La Octava that year).  For Madrid, el Moro scored, as did Figo and Redondo.

The likes of Zizou (whom everyone agreed was the best out there), Aitor Karanka, Manolo Sanchís, Bodo Illgner, Fernando Hierro and Chendo also suited up.  Chendo came out as captain, although this was like a giant reunion of the great captains Madrid has had.

Nostalgia!!!!!  And I’m just naming the more recent retirees; there were many, many more legendary Madrid players there, as you can see.  After the match, Chendo, Illgner, Hierro and Figo had dinner together at the Txistu.

Before there was Sergio Ramos and his perfect hair, there was Fernando Redondo.  He had – and still has – fantastic hair, and we (the female fans) were (are) all in love with that Argentine accent.

Of note: Roberto Carlos played his first game as a Real Madrid veteran; hopefully it’s not the last!  He himself said, “I hope to come every year.  It was emotional to play in this game, because I was able to remember old times with everyone, whom I had missed.  I have to thank the fans and the president for calling me.  Whenever I can, I’ll be here.”  He also joked that his teammates “were very annoying, the same as when I played.  I went up a lot and I couldn’t come back down.  Karanka was the most annoying of them all.  We laughed a lot.”  Jajaja!!

It can’t be.  Six years couldn’t have passed by so fast.

Castilla was also honored once again before this game.

I thought it was adorable how MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín and Álex both tweeted photos of them with their idols, Fernando Morientes and Fernando Redondo, respectively.  When it comes to legends like those, they’re reduced to fanboys!  Also included is a shot of the best friends from the peña meetup earlier that day.

Other Madrid teams…

I’ll start with this photo of the last Castilla team to achieve promotion to the second division (they played the clinching playoff series at the Bernabéu).  That’s because it features a younger Álvaro Arbeloa, and as a bonus, he’s shirtless!

Castilla beat Mirandés 3-0 last Friday to put themselves in a good position to become champions of the Segunda B division.  Joselu scored twice and Jesé once at the Alfredo di Stéfano.  The only negative note of the game came in the form of the injury to Antonio Martínez, who is on loan to Mirandés from Castilla and thus has a lot of friends on the team.  In the 24th minute of the game, Nacho and Antonio got tangled up while disputing a ball, and Antonio ended up with an injured knee, a broken tibia and a broken fibula.  Nacho, who had been teammates with Antonio from the alevín category onward, felt terrible afterward and tweeted, “I don’t know how to ask Martínez for forgiveness, it is never my intention to hurt anyone, much less a friend.  This is the worst day of my life…”  Nacho did go visit Antonio at the Sanitas La Moraleja hospital, as did several other Castilla players and Miguel Pardeza, Ramón Martínez, Alberto Toril…  Antonio underwent surgery and is expected to be out for four months.

José Mourinho also took the time out to call Antonio and wish him the best of luck.  Antonio said Mou had said, “hi Antonio, I’m José Mourinho,” gave him a lot of encouragement and told him it was a shame that he got injured in a game which he should have enjoyed.  Antonio tweeted afterward, “emotional call from the best coach in the world, Mourinho!!”  What a lovely gesture from Mou!  Antonio also said he knew Nacho did not mean to hurt him, and that they’ve been together since they were 10.

Meanwhile, RMC beat Marbella 2-1 in the first leg game of their playoff series with the ultimate goal of ascending to the second division, thanks to a converted penalty from Álvaro López in the 81st minute and a goal from Sobrino in the 84th minute.  The second leg game will be played this weekend at Valdebebas.

Real Madrid Basketball is playing in the final of the ACB against Barcelona after eliminating Caja Laboral!  This is their first appearance in five years.  The last time, in the 2006-07 season, Real Madrid beat… Barcelona to take the crown.  That was a great year, because both Madrid football and basketball beat Barcelona to win the league titles.  Anyway, MFC was there, with Feli López, in a shirt that wouldn’t look out of place when he is promoted to the first team.

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  1. Alyssa permalink
    June 5, 2012 16:37

    So much love in this post! GREAT! 😀

    …sadly, Morata’s ugly shorts wouldn’t look out of place in the first team either.

    • Dia permalink
      June 6, 2012 19:43

      Those are def Sergio shorts, aren’t they? lol.

  2. Amal permalink
    June 5, 2012 21:37

    so in love with Sergio’s picture *.*

  3. manie permalink
    June 6, 2012 03:18

    Fernando STILL has amazing hair! Zizou wouldn’t look out of place in football now, he has still got it. I hope Roberto Carlos makes it to every one he can, it is fantastic to see so many legends playing again. It makes me wish I could go back in time.

  4. June 6, 2012 03:19

    i don’t see/get the val kilmer comparison. they look nothing alike! also, what does churu mean? i searched and searched and the only thing i could find is that it is short for ‘churumbel’, and that means ‘kid’ … is that right?

    i heart marcelo. 😀 every single thing he does makes me smile, he’s like an adorable fuzzy wriggly little puppy.

    yo soy un calletista!

    i didn’t know fabrice muamba was at that match! that’s WONDERFUL! what a lovely gesture. i am just delighted to see him so well and alive and on the mend, it truly is a miracle.

    i do love the castilla fan boys, especially OFC. too cute. (btw, in that old castilla celebration photo, arbeloa looks so skinny! maybe it’s just the angle, but his ribs are all sticking out!)

    and zizou could still totally play for the first team if he wanted to. all class, all boss, all fierce!

    i am curious to know who players like higgy and marcelo and kaka and even messi are rooting for in the euro cup …


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