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Sergio Ramos at DT

June 9, 2012

Post updated with the full interview…

This photo session that Sergio Ramos did with DT is now being billed by the magazine as “his last photo session before his unexpected change of image.”  That means it’s one more glimpse at what could have been…  Anyway, here are the photos and the interview.

The stylists know he adores color…

Puyol’s injury is a shame…

Totally.  It’s the saddest news in the run-up to the Eurocopa, because Puyol is an emblematic player, both with Barça and the national team, and it’s a shame that, after the sacrifice and hard work he showed in every training session throughout the year, a footballer like him can’t play in the Eurocopa.

Do you think you’ll play as a centerback in his place?  You’ve had a good season in that position with Real Madrid.

Hombre, to be sincere, I’ve had the luck of being champion of the world and of Europe as a right fullback, but yes, perhaps it’s another era, a cycle that has begun this year: in Real Madrid, the míster preferred for me to play in the centerback position and I’m super proud to play there.

With the national team, you all are champions of Europe and of the world, and that’s why many countries consider you the favorites.  Which teams do you see as the strongest ones?

It is true and normal that after winning the Eurocopa and the World Cup, the press and other teams give you this role as the favorite, but if there’s anything that has brought us success, it’s humility and hard work, and that’s what leads you to win.  That’s why we have to maintain our philosophy, why we have to continue working hard in the same dynamic that we’ve followed during these last few years.  That is also what is going to make us strong in this Eurocopa.  You never know beforehand which teams will be the strongest, it depends on the moment and the physical state of the players, but I believe Portugal, despite being in the most complicated group, can do well.

Yes, your teammate Cristiano Ronaldo has been placed in a very tough group, together with Germany and the Netherlands.  Does he ever discuss with the Spanish players about who will become the champions of Europe?

No, at the moment no.  I wish him and his national team the best of luck in the world, and obviously, to my other teammates as well: Mesut, Khedira, everyone.  But, if we end up facing each other, we’ll see.

Cristiano was on the cover of our January issue and he told us that no one on Real Madrid dresses as well as he does, that we should ask the rest if we don’t believe him.  Can you confirm it?

(Laughs).  A bit of that is true.  He’s very fussy about his appearance and he always likes to be in fashion.  But anyway… each one has his own personal style and that’s respectable.  Each one dresses in the way he feels the most comfortable and in the way he believes he looks the best in.  We tease him a lot about the clothes he wears (laughs).

In the end, you all managed to reach 100 points in the Liga.  That’s spectacular.

Yes, it’s difficult to surpass and we’re conscious of the good work that we did during the season.  In the future, you’ll remember these moments because this is something that no one else achieved before.

Each year, Madrid’s defense improves and allows fewer goals.  What do you believe has been the key to that progression?

The entire team has evolved, but it’s true that the defense has improved, especially this year.  It’s not due to any specific player, but when a bloc unites and emits this seriousness, this forcefulness, in the end it spreads to the rest of the team and that’s fundamental when it comes time to face up to the objectives of the season.  I’m very happy as well to form part of that defense.  We hope that we will continue improving and prevent our goalkeeper from being scored on.

Even though you’re still young, you’ve won many trophies already.  If you win the Champions next year, you’ll have achieved practically everything a footballer dreams about.

That’s true, but I’m also an ambitious person and I like to surpass myself and continue achieving objectives.  The Champions League is a competition that I am very excited about, because I haven’t won it yet.  In this sport, you can’t live on the past, because football doesn’t have a memory and you have to prove yourself day after day.  That’s my personal challenge, and each year I want to surpass myself and continue winning titles and achieving personal goals.

Is it an injustice, in football terms, that neither Barça nor Madrid made the final of the Champions League?

Well, there’s no reason to take the merits away from the two teams that did manage to be in this final: Bayern and Chelsea are two great teams and they did things well.  It’s true that we’re sad that we missed out, that this Champion League that we haven’t won for so long slipped out of our hands due to some penalties… but these types of things occur in football and you have to move forward.  Next year, we’ll try to make it there again.

In the concentraciones of the national team, which players are you most friendly with?

In general, we all get along very well, not only amongst those of Real Madrid, because we’ve known each other for many years.  I do have great relationships with Xabi, Arbeloa and the rest, as well as others such as Puyol and Iniesta.  I played with them in the lower categories of the national team and we’re practically a family.  I get along with everyone, not only those from Barcelona and Real Madrid, but also Jesús Navas, who is like my adopted son (laughs), and Cazorla, Silva… we’re young players who have played together a lot and we maintain this super-juvenile yet professional spirit.

We know that you like tattoos a lot, and when you all won the World Cup in 2010, you got a tattoo of the World Cup.  If you win the Eurocopa, will you also get a tattoo of that?

Well, I got the World Cup because it was a promise and the following one was the Champions.  I’m lucky enough to have already won the Eurocopa and I don’t have any pending tattoo of that.

You also have the tradition of buying yourself a watch each time you win a title.  Do you have your eye on any particular one should you win the Eurocopa?

Yes, it’s true, one of my weaknesses is watches.  Each time I win a title, I try to buy myself one and I already have one in mind if we win.

If you could improve one of your skills on the field, which one would it be?

You can always improve, and I would choose many; I think that time and experience give a footballer the maturity he needs to become great, and also a certain tactical level, which is very important.  You either have speed or not, although you can improve on that, like everything else: with the ball, technically… I ask myself to improve each day in everything, which is what will make me a better footballer.

Who would you give the Ballon d’Or to this year?

In terms of numbers, it’s clear that there are two players who have made such a difference that they’re above all others.  Crís and Messi are the two players who are above all others in terms of numbers and statistics.  In my case, I believe Cristiano has made a bit more difference this year and I would give it to him.

Is there anything you always take on trips?

Yes, my speakers to put on my iPhone or iPad – which I always bring – my toilet kid and my computer.  I always bring these things.

You like music a lot, no?  We saw the video that you posted on Twitter a few days ago, singing with Canelita.  And José Mercé said you are very talented in singing and dancing.  Will you release a record one day?

(Laughs).  No, no way.  My thing is something else, I did the song with Canelita because he’s a very special friend and it was a way to help him out.  Even though he’s very talented, I thought I could give him a bit more buzz, not because I sing well, but because of who I am.

In Madrid’s locker room, what kind of music do you put on for your teammates?

A bit of everything.  Since we are all from different places, different cultures… normally, there’s a folder with a mixture of styles so everyone will be happy.

Is there any record that you would recommend to us for listening on an airplane?

The last one of my friend Canelita, “Soñaré,” or one from Niña Pastori.

If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be doing?

I’ve always been connected to the world of sports.  For example, I love tennis.  I also love bullfighting, but that frightens my mother and so I distanced myself from that world.  I got rid of that desire when I was small and she told me, “go kick a ball, I’ll be much more at ease with that than if you put yourself in front of a bull.”  (Laughs).  And that’s the way it went.

Another of your passions is horses, right?

Yes, yes, it’s one of my weaknesses in life and I’m raising some horses: an Arabian one, a Spanish one… and when I have free time, I like to disconnect, to be on my ranch with my horses, my dogs and my things.

Are you addicted to social networks?

It’s a way to make others happy, and to thank everyone for their unconditional support and affection.  Even though you’re famous, you’re still that young kid with a lot of desire to do different things and people thank you for sharing moments of your daily life with them.

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  1. hbwm permalink
    June 6, 2012 12:20

    I’m kind of missing his long hair…….

  2. June 6, 2012 12:26

    LOL thank you;-)))

    sometimes I do not get the pictures at all, this time I have it with the first one, in jacket and with a bag, what? Iker’s manbag looks cool comparing to that;-)

    I am trying to distract myself from the whole story with the hair;-) and I have a feeling that I will miss it the most during the first match of Euro;-) The mane will be missed, oh it will be;-)

  3. June 6, 2012 13:32

    I love how mature Sergio sounds when he’s talking about his NT players and how he gets along with them. This shows in stark contrast to Xavi and the crap that he’s saying just before an important match.

  4. Uli permalink
    June 6, 2012 14:57

    hey! not a word about Fernando Torres??!! 😦
    I believe that’s oficially the end of Sernando….

    • Dia permalink
      June 6, 2012 19:41

      🙂 Hey now, he’s trying to keep his love life personal, lol. Maybe Nando broke up with him ‘cuz he cut his hair 😦 Funny how he refers to Navas as his adopted “son”. Shouldn’t that be lil brother?

  5. Uli permalink
    June 6, 2012 14:59

    Thanks for the translation, Una!
    It would be just great if you managed to translate and publish the end of this article! 🙂

  6. June 7, 2012 00:15

    he looks great!!

  7. Lucia permalink
    June 7, 2012 09:16

    Oh god I need that invisible chair.

  8. June 7, 2012 22:13

    Thank you for the translation of the interview!
    And for all the hard work you do here and in your Real Madrid blog! ♥

  9. June 9, 2012 17:07

    wonderful as usual ,,,

  10. June 11, 2012 20:53

    Thank you for a wonderful blog! all of the post you do is great!

    Love to you!

  11. Keena permalink
    June 13, 2012 10:40

    Hi Una, and thanks for updating this interview! 😉

    I also wanted to share a few quotes from Cristiano and Sergio Ramos with you, in case you haven’t already seen them somewhere. (They appeared in a magazine called Goal! here in Finland, but I didn’t have the opportunity to see where they were originally from.)

    Cris: “There is always a lot of joking around in the locker room. Suddenly you may not find your shoes before training, or your pants have gone missing during shower. One day I got a phone call from a man, who said he wanted to play music onto a CD with me – and he did have a bunch of other weird ideas, too – but behind all of it was Sergio Ramos. It may seem a bit childish, but that kind of things really bring us together.”

    Sergio Ramos: “Haha, that’s true. The ones that know me well and have played with me know, that I’m always putting on music, singing, dancing, joking around with others… But when you put your nose out there, you need to be ready to get hits. The others always pull pranks on me, almost every day someone hides my clothes or replaces my shampoo with shaving cream [so did his perfect hair, in fact, happen as an accident??]. But the pranks we do, despite the cultural differences, only helps the team spirit.”

    Sorry about the mistakes you might find – english isn’t my first language and the interviews were in finnish, so I had to try and translate them. Have a nice week! 🙂

    • unamadridista permalink*
      June 14, 2012 13:30

      Thanks! These anecdotes are great! You did a great job translating!

      Everyone should pitch in and make sure Sergio’s clothes always remain hidden…


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