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second day of work

July 18, 2012

We’re only a few days into the pre-season, but I’m already full of hope and very optimistic!

Some of my wishes for this upcoming season are: a long summer so the boys can wear their sleeveless training shirts for a long time; a lack of controversies and disputes, especially with Barcelona; lots more pictures of Enzo aka Mini 12; no serious injuries; a canterano success story; the final and permanent disappearance of Iker’s purse; many more views like the one above; and of course, La Décima.  These are just a few of my wishes, I have many more, both serious and not so serious, but I’m sure you don’t want to see my long list.  So, I’ll send it over to you.  What are your wishes and desires for this 2012-13 season?

Tuesday’s happenings.

Tuesday was another double session day, with one practice taking place in the morning, and another in the afternoon.  All of the available players from the first team and canteranos Álex, Pedro Mosquera, Juanfran, Nacho, Jesús, Iván, ABMM, Denis, David Mateos, Lucas, Jorge Casado, Fernando Pacheco and José Ríos took part in both sessions.  In the afternoon session, Aitor Karanka put on a vest (instead of giving them out as he had during the morning session) and joined the team as they played a game.  His team, the ones in blue vests, won 2-1 behind goals from Gonzalo Higuaín and Kaká.

Ricardo Carvalho had permission from the club to once again miss both sessions.  Madrid has been informing us of that development, but curiously enough, omits any mention of Fernando Gago.  I hate it when players are treated differently.

Calleti’s got the right idea.

According to various news reports, the coaching staff has been reinforced.  Mou’s old friend Luis Campos has joined the team as a scout; he will be responsible for writing reports on the rival teams and players.

In between the sessions, Gonzalo Higuaín spoke to the press, the first non-mandatory player press conference since José Callejón back in Sept. 6 last season!  And that privilege probably only came about because half of the team was on international duty during those days and there was nothing else to do.  Much like yesterday.  Anyway, highlights from Pipita’s press conference:

on the rumors about his departure from Madrid: I’m the same as my first season, the first days, the day I arrived.  Fighting, which is the way I am, stubborn, until the end.  I know the club that I’m with and the players that there are.  But I’m tranquil.  The shirt was not a way to say goodbye, I asked my teammates to sign it so I could have a souvenir.  Last year, I was completely focused on Madrid.  I never thought about anything else other than helping the team.  The display of affection from the Bernabéu in the last game gave me a lot of strength to continue, it was beautiful, I’ve never experienced anything like that.  That’s why I’m here, with a lot of desire.

on Mourinho and his decision to stay: I met with him.  I’m not going to say what he told me, as that’s something that will stay between us.  But that meeting helped me to decide to stay and face this year with excitement and optimism, just like the meeting with my family, the Bernabéu during the last game and my teammates also helped.

on Sandro Rosell’s statement that last year’s Liga was “strange”: it could be strange because we scored 121 goals and achieved 100 points, because we won in the Camp Nou and we achieved things that no one had ever achieved before in previous Ligas.  So yes, it could have been a strange Liga, although for us it was simply spectacular.  Fantastic answer!

Other things.

Nostalgia!  Raúl paid a surprise visit to Valdebebas on Tuesday, as he’s currently training with Al-Saad in Austria.  He watched as the team trained during the second session of the day, and went to say hi to the team – including his very few former teammates – and coaching staff afterward.  He chatted for a bit with Mou and Aitor Karanka, and also greeted other club employees.  MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín subsequently posted this picture on his twitter, captioning it “with my idol!”

Meanwhile, Marcelo posted a picture of him and David Beckham on his Instagram, and also wrote, “humble, caring and with a good heart!”  On the subject of social networks, Sergio posted two shots of him on vacation, including this colorful picture on the right.  That prompted Álvaro Arbeloa to respond, “Jajaja!  Where are you going all tutti frutti like that?”  Jajaja!!!!  That appears to be Sergio’s favorite outfit as of late, no?  I wonder how many pairs of green pants he owns in total?

Castilla news.

Castilla kicked off their pre-season today with medical tests and a training session, although Alberto Toril will only have 10 players available for his training sessions.  Eleven of his players are training with the first team, plus Jesús and ABMM, who are expected to form part of the first team this season, while Jesé and Derik Osede have a few extra days off after participating in the U-19 Euro this summer.

Therefore, only Tomás Mejías, Omar, Óscar Plano, Joselu, Quini (from Lucena), Rubén Sobrino, Raúl de Tomás, José Rodríguez and Cristian Benavente (the last four all promoted from the lower categories), plus another goalkeeper on “loan” from RMC, will start the pre-season from the first day.  Castilla’s first game of this pre-season will be on July 28, a friendly against Getafe B at EADS.  That will be followed by another friendly at home against Guadalajara.  After that, they’ll warm-up for the season with games against Gimnástica de Torrelavega (Aug. 5) and Alcorcón (Aug. 8 at EADS).  The last one is scheduled for Aug. 11-12, although there is no rival yet.

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  1. Ida permalink
    July 18, 2012 14:01

    I just love this Blog!

  2. HALA permalink
    July 18, 2012 16:01

    Do you know how long they are staying in Los Angeles for this year? Last year they had almost 2 weeks there.

  3. July 18, 2012 19:00

    Hey! I just started reading this blog and I just want to say that it’s perfect! Everything is nicely organized and you always include the most interest stuff. As someone kind of new to RM (I watch the bundesliga and only really started catching RM games after Ozil + Sami transferred), your blog has been a great source of information. Keep it up!

    Wishes for this season: For Ozil to stop juggling his gum (thats gross!), Kaka’s return to form and more playing time (but not at the expense of Ozil) and no great clasico controversies/dramas.

  4. inHighbury permalink
    July 18, 2012 20:53

    I don’t think even Jose Mourinho has all this information.

  5. July 19, 2012 01:24

    I’d like for some weird event happens that allows Iker to score a goal. Maybe a Manuel Neuer like incident where he gets it in too?

    We’ve seen what Mou’s face looks like when Sergio takes penalties when he wasn’t told to; imagine the fear in his eyes if Iker stepped up.

  6. black widow permalink
    July 19, 2012 03:08

    una, i, for one, would LOVE to hear your wish list, both serious and not serious!

    for what it is worth, here are mine:

    1. la decima!!!
    2. la liga!! (i’m greedy)
    3. no serious injuries
    4. no transfers (of those players who actually played last season)
    5. ample playing time for everyone
    6. playing nice with barca
    7. a lack of drama, controversy and disputes (mou, i am looking at you)
    8. OFC ABMM to join the first team for real
    9. lots of post-match shirtlessness (iker, i am looking at you)
    10. resurrection of all my favourite bromances (albioloa/arbeiol, i am looking at you, but cris/kaka, you too)
    11. for RM to keep breaking records individually as players and collectively as a team, and …
    12. for RM to win the match(es) i plan to watch when i’m in madrid in october! 😀

  7. Sarah, Madrid permalink
    July 19, 2012 13:03

    I will five everything to see IKER’S lifting cup La Decima in Wembley in May! also to win everything everything everything.


  8. Jenny permalink
    July 20, 2012 07:15

    There has already been a huge canterano success story: Carvajal.

    He has left the Spanish third/second division and will be playing in the German Bundesliga for a top club.

    This is a huge honour, and as a German I refuse to consider this a bad thing for him. He’s very lucky.

    • unamadridista permalink*
      July 21, 2012 16:39

      Okay, I’ll clarify: a canterano success story involving a canterano triumphing with Real Madrid, without having to leave to do that.

      • Jenny permalink
        July 22, 2012 03:43

        I know what you meant, of course, I just wanted people reading to feel better about Carvajal’s big leap from the third Spanish division to a top German team, rather than being depressed. While keeping him would have been almost everyone’s preference, this can only make the boy feel proud.

        And the club he’s going to have already said lovely things about him. Rudi Voeller, for example, thinks he’s an amazing talent. For any player to have Rudi Voeller say something about him is a huge honour!

        I hope he’ll enjoy the beautiful stadiums, the beer, and the amazing fans and come back to us in a year or so with a pretty German girlfriend 🙂

        • unamadridista permalink*
          July 24, 2012 12:28

          The club and its policy make me depressed, not Carvajal’s departure. This is the only way he can grow, so it was inevitable.

  9. July 20, 2012 12:00

    My wishes for this season are surprisingly similar to some of the expressed above;-))))

    – La Decima of course and possibly La Liga (although now I want La Decima more)
    – no injuries
    – no cards for Sergio
    – Iker wearing no layers under t-shirt
    – more Enzo
    – going to the game RM-Athletic Bilbao in Madrid and seeing many goals and players of both teams running shirtless on the field afterwards;-)))
    – the celebration for Vincente del Bosque and Raul
    – Sergio’s penalty
    – Iker defending penalty
    – Mou’s quotations

  10. Suse permalink
    July 21, 2012 17:01

    I love this blog!

    My wishes for the 2012/13 season:

    1) La Decima

    2) Mou wearing suits again. Please.

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