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all set for Oviedo!

July 24, 2012

Hopefully this will be the lightest and least informative “all set for…” post we’ll have this season…

We’re only a little more than a week into the pre-season, but it’s already time for the first friendly!  Real Madrid will play Oviedo at the Carlos Tartiare tonight (19:45h).  You know who plays for Oviedo?  César Negredo, Álvaro’s older brother!  He actually played in Madrid’s cantera for several years, suiting up for the teams in the alevín and juvenil categories.

This game will also be a homecoming of sorts for Denis Cheryshev, as he spent part of his childhood in Asturias, when his father played for Oviedo’s eternal rival, Sporting.  Denis also played for Sporting’s youth teams, and if he plays tonight, he’ll become the first ever Russian player to wear the white shirt of Madrid.

On Monday afternoon, the team was back in training.  Karim Benzema (driving a Mini Cooper and sporting some new stripes in his hair) joined the team after enjoying almost a month of vacation, starting from when France was eliminated by Spain in the Eurocopa.  He trained at the same intensity as his teammates, showing that he has taken care of himself during the offseason (his abs look pretty good, no?).  With the addition of Karim, the number of available first team players increased to 10 (Ricardo Carvalho remains absent).  They were joined by 14 canteranos for the session, and so the starting line-up of the friendly is expected to be comprised of many of these youth players.

Indeed, 15 canteranos (including Álvaro López from RMC) plus seven first team players were called up for the game.  As for absences, it comes as no surprise that Kaká and Ricardo Carvalho did not make the cut (Kaká was actually on the first list, and minutes later, his name disappeared).  Karim Benzema, who only has one day of training under his belt, did not make the call-up either, nor did Nuri Sahin, suffering from gastroenteritis.

Goalkeepers: Adán, Jesús, Pacheco.
Defenders: Varane, Fabinho, Nacho, Mateos, Casado, Ríos, Iván.
Midfielders: Granero, Lass, Mosquera, Álex, Juanfran, Denis, Lucas, Callejón, Álvaro López, Di María.
Forwards: Higuaín, Morata.

The team is already in Oviedo, having flown there earlier this afternoon.  Esteban Granero was looking quite stylish, no?

As for those footballers still on vacation, Sergio Ramos has made his way to Miami and has visited with one of my favorite singers, Alejandro Sanz.  He’s following the footsteps of Iker Casillas, who also visited Miami and Alex earlier this month.  And just like Iker, he took Alejandro’s boat out for a spin.  Sergio also got to listen to some of the songs off of Alejandro’s new album, La Música No Se Toca!  I’m so jealous.  I love the first single, “No me compares.”  Is it too much to hope that Sergio will collaborate on one of these songs, just like he did with Canelita?  That would be a dream come true!  Or he could even cover one of the older songs – imagine Sergio singing “Corazón partió” or “Regálame la silla donde te esperé”!

Speaking of Iker and Sergio and similarities, how about these photos and poses?  Iker scores points for not wearing his purse in the photo (it’s probably too precious to get wet), while Sergio gets minus points for that disgusting jersey.  Of the guys on the team whose basketball preferences are known, Raúl Albiol has much better taste, no?

And speaking of similar vacation routes, Mesut Özil showed up at the Grand Canyon just a few weeks after Sami did.  By then, Sami was already making some new friends!  Adorable pictures of adorable men!

Other random news that might interest you: Marca reports that the residence currently being built in Valdebebas to house the first team (so that they can have their concentraciones there, instead of at a hotel) should be completed by Aug. 12.  The rooms are already ready, they were pre-fabricated in Gijón and transported to Madrid, so they just needed to be installed.  These rooms apparently include a mirror that becomes a television set with the touch of a button (cue the jokes about how certain players will never watch TV then).  There will be a total of 60 single occupancy rooms for the first team/coaching staff/doctors/fisios/press officers/other staff, each with a large bed, an area with a desk, a bathroom, a sitting area and a terrace.  The rooms are spread out over two floors (the building has a total of three floors), and the residence also includes a dining room, as well as areas to work and rest.  The hotel faces the training fields, so the players can directly access the fields from the residence.

Meanwhile, another residence for the cantera is also being built; work will commence when the first team residence is completed.  This residence will house those canteranos not from Madrid (at present, most of them stay with SEK).  It will have space for 100 boys, who will stay two to a room.

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  1. July 24, 2012 14:40

    What’s the scene with Carvalho Una? I feel bad for him. He’s a good man/player and deserves better. I can’t understand why he has not been already sold if Mou has no intension of even training him; forget playing him. It must be so demoralising to be in this situation. Or are there no offers for him at all?

    When it comes to Kaka, I’ve sadly resigned myself to the fact tha he is not going to be around for much longer. 😥

    • unamadridista permalink*
      July 25, 2012 14:05

      Apparently the club is giving him some time to sort out his situation. They’ve extended him courtesies they haven’t given to other players.

      • July 25, 2012 18:47

        That line of yours makes me both happy and sad at the same time. Our wonderful club sadly isn’t known for treating out boys really well when their playing time is done. 😦

        Also Kaka leaving makes me sad. I get the logic behind it but still… Much sadness as I love the player that he was and the person that he is. Which on it own, says a lot about this situation. Any idea where he is headed to Una?

  2. Rich permalink
    July 24, 2012 15:24

    I usually agree with you una, but whats up with the the lebron james comment? You are wrong for that! dont follow the hype.

    • unamadridista permalink*
      July 25, 2012 14:06

      How am I wrong for expressing an opinion? I’m allowed to dislike Lebron and his Talents!

      • inHighbury permalink
        July 26, 2012 07:27

        But what if he took his talents to Madrid instead of South Beach?

        • unamadridista permalink*
          July 26, 2012 15:46

          I still wouldn’t like him.

        • Rich permalink
          July 26, 2012 15:54

          Cant argue with personal taste. The same way you cant ignore talent.

  3. MissLadya permalink
    July 24, 2012 16:00

    Only discovered your wonderful blog a couple of weeks ago while going through my Germany-out-of-Euro-2012-OMG-I-need-more-Özil! withdrawal. Took me two straight days and half a dozen Monster energy drinks to rampage through all your posts, but they have been an absolute delight and I’ve been faithfully checking for updates on a daily basis, with the promise to myself that I will start leaving comments from now on. Was mainly a Madrid fan by default because of Özil (can you tell how much I love that boy? lol) and Khedira, but, damn it, woman, now you’ve made me an Iker/Sergio/Xabi (the poses! the glorious, glorious poses!)/Ronaldo/Marcello/Pepe/Hell-I-love-them-all-now fan! I even got a soft spot for Mourinho now. What black magic is this you weave in your writings??
    So, just wanted to introduce myself and to let you know I’ll be haunting your comment sections from now on. New season’s about to start so am expecting an avalanche of Madrid goodness. Damn, should have taken my sister up on her offer of me accompanying her on holiday to Spain. Could have spent a few wonderful days enjoying the sights (i.e. prowling about the outskirts of Madrid training grounds, looking to kidnap a lone player whose strayed too far from the rest … ) XP

  4. amivmi permalink
    July 24, 2012 16:46

    Oh Una you never fail to bring a smile to my face and with “(it’s probably too precious to get wet)” I cracked up! Needed that after the horrible weekend here in America.

  5. July 24, 2012 16:57

    Summer does not count without pictures from Sergio Ramos’ holiday and this year is so far very generous to us. Gosh, he looks f-i-n-e.

    Picture of Iker is so dreamy that I force myself not to look at it because than I realise how unapproachable he is and I get all romantic and think how I will not meet my Mr Darcy and I loose my cool and focus. What are you doing to us, Iker, by posting so dreamy pictures, you.

    and here we go, I am not able to comment on anything else today;-)))

    Gracias for the nice post, UnaMadridista, as always;-))

  6. AJ Nelson permalink
    July 24, 2012 17:30

    Love that the season is getting closer 🙂 Now, back to my drooling over Benzema’s abs. 🙂

  7. Happy permalink
    July 24, 2012 18:04

    Watch the game later!!! Sahin what a poor, hope he got some luck this year, and Kaka, are he leaving? I must miss him!

  8. Johanna permalink
    July 25, 2012 01:55

    Hi did I miss something, why is Kaka obviously not playing?
    Love your blog by the way!

    • unamadridista permalink*
      July 25, 2012 14:07

      He and Mou met on Monday, and it appears he’s on his way out.

  9. July 25, 2012 03:07

    Single rooms may be too lonely for the boys, no? Since El Pipita should talk to El Chori before going to bed, and some others might as well…

  10. mike larry permalink
    July 26, 2012 03:21

    sahin wat a poor bloke very talented footballer since xabsi extended break mou wants to put him in position and see what his got no doubt his a talent just hope they continue with him not like the other flops gago and canales this boy is gnna be very special can play short long and through balls over the air shoot right foot coming along well very good player for real for 4-5 years hope so

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