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#3 with 2 days to go…

December 23, 2012

Three reasons to love Pepe.

ONE.  He’s a loyal and supportive friend… well most of the time!  Look what he was wearing after one game!  CR7 jeans!  As we know, the majority of the items in that line are quite horrendous.  We don’t even see Cris wear them too often, so for Pepe to wear them in public?  It’s true friendship.

Pepe also appeared alongside Cris in the campaign for the CR7 Collection line by Nike…

… and they attended the Real Madrid-Valencia game just a few days ago together.  By the way, Cristiano’s hair looks like it could poke your eye out!

TWO.  He is so kind to the fans (and the canteranos).  You can always catch him giving away his sweatshirt before games, and he does this so often and willingly that fans, even those during away games, now know to ask for it because Pepe will give it up.  He also often gives away his game shirt too.

THREE.  He raised and sold fish and birds as a kid to help support his family, and also exchanged a fish for a Real Madrid shirt (the number 8 of Macca) because he had always wanted one and thought it was beautiful!

I have a lot more reasons (Pepe’s petulant kicks aside), but I’d like to hear yours!

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  1. Madrid permalink
    December 23, 2012 12:01

    Una can you please tell us little bit about whats happening in Real Madrid. How does the words go on the street after yesterday when Mou put our capten on the bench.

    Does he really challange casillas?

  2. December 23, 2012 16:39

    my favourite pepe memory is the outtakes video from the christmas greeting with marcelo, where he just could. not. keep. a. straight. face. it still cracks me up, even now!

    i know he has a (admittedly sometimes deserved) reputation as a bit of a thug, but i find it almost fascinating how he can behave like that on the pitch and be so very different off the pitch — you’re right, he is so kind to the fans and the canteranos.

    and i love the CR7 nike collection photos with the two of them!

  3. December 23, 2012 20:21

    Earlier this year when I went to a game and the team bus came down the street before, Pepe was the only player actively looking out the window and waving to fans. That gives him big bonus points for me!

  4. Jenny permalink
    December 24, 2012 21:51

    Pepe is a darling man – his Mother-in-law’s darling. A huge softie – off the pitch – and that’s what matters, after all!

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