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ICYMI – the Goya Awards edition

February 19, 2013

In case you missed it – Real Madrid vs. Rayo Vallecano [2013-02-17, Liga jornada 24, 2-0].

It was fitting that the Goya Awards (Spain’s equivalent of the Oscars) were taking place at the same time as this game in Madrid, because the way this game developed seemed to be the work of a creative screenwriter and not real life.  First, there was the euphoria from MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín scoring the first goal in the third minute (he celebrated by kissing the escudo; I love him!) and Sergio Ramos chipping one in 10 minutes after that.

Then came the plot twist: Sergio got himself sent off by the 17th minute (making him both the hero and the villain of this particular film), and shortly thereafter Madrid was left without both goalscorers, as MFC had to come out so that another defender could go in.  Only in Madrid.

ONEThe Best Supporting Actor goes to… Cristiano Ronaldo.  Our beloved Cris didn’t score on Sunday night, but he did provide a lot of support for his protégé, MFC ABMM (I adore his big Bambi eyes), who was seen asking Cris for some advice during the warm-up.  I love how Cris responded by drawing him close, putting his arm around him and lending him his ear.  Later on, he did have to show ABMM his place though, in the literal sense!

I also love how Cris celebrated ABMM’s goal by being happy for him and for the team, instead of repeatedly reproaching the canterano forward for not passing to him.  A deserved winner.

Cris also extended his support to his teammates on the field before the game and in the tunnel, doling out high fives to everyone.

TWO.  And the award for Best Art Direction goes to… Michael Essien!  The presence of the Emirates flight attendants on the pitch (Emirates is one of Madrid’s official sponsors) prevented Michael from being seen during the team photo, so he squeezed his way into the front row.  Cris, meanwhile, stood up on tiptoes so that he could be seen over the women and their hats.  (By the way, how professional are they?  Look at the one on the far left, no matter what happens behind her, her expression remains absolutely the same.)

The final result.

THREE.  For Best Cinematography… it’s this coordinated Real Madrid “stampede”!

FOUR.  The Best Animated Film award is for… Cristiano Ronaldo!  Look at the animation with the tongue!

And look at the animation after the yellow card!  I love the way Cris protested that he got all ball, and his imitation of Jordi Figueras (who rolled around on the ground) after the tackle that cost him a yellow card.

FIVE.  And the award for Best New Actor goes to… MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín!  He got the chance to start due to the suspension of Gonzalo Higuaín (for the red card against Sevilla) and Karim Benzema’s apparent falling out of favor, and made the most out of it, scoring a goal three minutes into the game!

He celebrated by running and sliding to the corner, and kissing the escudo (as if he could endear himself more to us madridistas).  Everyone, everyone, was happy for him.

SIX.  The Best Leading Actor award goes to… Sergio Ramos, the big star of the night not only for his goal, but also for the sending off.  With regards to the former, he managed to score a goal despite a previously injured shoulder.

Here’s that moment from above, because I know you want a bigger view.

Sergio celebrated by kissing the part of his hand where his mother’s name is tattooed, and then showing it to the camera.  After the game, he said, “I was able to dedicate a goal to my mother, she deserves it for all that suffering.”  Paqui’s son also pointed at his name on the back of his jersey…

… which amused Mesut.  Or perhaps that’s just his normal look of love?  Anyway, he won the Best Special Effects award for his contribution to both goals.

SEVEN.  The Best Fictional Short Film award is for… Sergio Ramos (again), for his short 17 minutes on the pitch and a sending off that I wish was fiction.  He received two yellow cards in the space of about 45 seconds, first for a foul and then for a hand ball.  ¡Ay Sergio!  ¡Otra vez!

Sergio holds Madrid’s record for most times sent off in Liga games, with 12 in 250 games.  Far behind him is Fernando Hierro, with 10 during 439 games.  This was also the fastest double yellow in Madrid’s history, beating Roberto Carlos, who was sent off in the 22nd minute during the 2000-01 season against Celta.  Sergio has had 16 red cards (including five direct ones) in 341 games with Madrid, which comes out to an average of one every 21 games.  Curiously enough, he has never received one with La Roja (99 games).

After the game, he referred to himself in the third person (Pepe Reina had told us that he likes to do that) when talking about the incident.  Sergio said, “it’s very easy to send off Sergio Ramos.  Spanish football deserves good refereeing because we have great players.  I’m sorry to have left my teammates with one less player at the 15-minute mark, but it’s not normal for me to receive two cards in two minutes.  There’s no justification and I don’t know what the criteria are but they should know how to interpret the plays better.  It’s easy to send off Ramos.”  And that is why he also wins Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay, for his game-changing actions.

EIGHT.  For Best Production Supervision, it’s… José Mourinho!  Who else could it be?

In the 74th minute, Mou got a yellow card for protesting the referee for not calling a clear hand ball.  He was wrote up in the report like this: “in the 74th minute, the coach Dos Santos Mourinho Felix, Jose Mario was carded for the following reason: telling me from the bench that ‘that hand is worth a card!'”

NINE.  Some more awards: Best Original Score went to Madrid for scoring two goals and winning the game; Best Original Song and Best Sound went to Madrid’s fans for their singing and chanting; Best Foreign Film in the Spanish Language goes to all of our foreign players; and Best Costume goes to Sergio Ramos (a big winner on the night!) because what he wore after the game can’t be a real outfit, no?  It has to be a costume, or else Sergio lost a bet.   Here’s the man of the night with the brother and father of José Rodríguez, who had been called up for this game.

TEN.  And if there were a Best Scene Stealer award, it would definitely go to the adorable Enzo.  Love the placement of his hand on Karim’s thigh!

Other things I missed over the past week (because sick madridista = tired and cranky madridista).

– in the Champions League, we tied Manchester United 1-1.  What a header from Cris!  And I loved the ovation the Bernabéu gave Ryan Giggs, and the one the Manchester United fans in the Bernabéu gave to Cristiano.  Who else was at the game?  One of the few other players to make the MU to RM move, RvN!  I can’t believe ABMM is almost as tall as him!

I love the Bernabéu during Champions League nights!

– the joy during the training sessions.

– and mini Callejóns! Here they are with their cousin Antonio.  Which one do you think is José?  I’d say the one in the middle.  Calleti used to have such flat hair…

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  1. Camilla permalink
    February 19, 2013 13:00

    About the game with rayo, I have mixed feelings; but the one with Manchester United was great!
    Morata is so adorable, was so happy when he scored… Love your blog 🙂

  2. Sara permalink
    February 19, 2013 15:05

    What a great post Una! I smiled all through it… Post like these are definitely worth waiting for 🙂

  3. February 19, 2013 15:24

    When ABMM scored, I knew you would be soooo pleased, Una… It was a delightful play to watch, too. Really wish that we could have stayed with 11 for the entire match. It really feels like the score line would have been much different. It was definitely an unjust sending off and SR is right about being scrutinized more closely, due to his reputation. He’s matured so much these last few seasons, but still gets punished… pobrecito…
    Lovely, clever, creative post Una! Keep up the good work. We all really enjoy it!

  4. February 19, 2013 15:56

    Loved this format – so hilarious! Also with regards to Cris’ animation, I’ve always found that he reminds me a bit of a character from The Sims – the tantrums he sometimes throws are identical to the tantrums my sims throws when I don’t give them anything to eat 😉

  5. February 19, 2013 18:50

    Seriously, what is up with Higuain and Benzema?! We seriously need someone up front.

    Maybe it’s time we put in ABMM on a more consistent basis.

    Una, what did you think of Cristiano’s prediction at Old Trafford?

    • unamadridista permalink*
      February 21, 2013 10:33

      What was his prediction?

      • February 25, 2013 18:31

        That we would score and win.

        Do you think a prediction like that was necessary? If they lose, Cristiano’s prediction will be under fire and God knows the media loves to scrutinize him…I don’t know if that was the right thing to do.

        • unamadridista permalink*
          February 26, 2013 14:15

          Well, I like that he has that confidence, but I don’t really pay attention to predictions because games are unpredictable.

  6. Mia permalink
    February 19, 2013 23:10

    AH Una, I hope you feel much better now. I missed you soo much. Too bad you were sick. I love this post and please stay healthy.

    Lots of love


  7. anabel permalink
    February 20, 2013 01:12

    i can’t imagine what it must have been like for ABMM when Cristiano hugged him considering his admiration for him (remember that time he got mesmerized with his thighs?)

  8. judyjyy permalink
    February 20, 2013 06:42

    Sergio. Is. Absolutely. AMAZING. Jajajajajajaja.
    (So is your blog!)

  9. cloudy permalink
    February 20, 2013 06:49

    hi una! no love for kaka?

    • unamadridista permalink*
      February 21, 2013 10:32

      I will give him the Best Comeback Award, as long as he keeps it up!

      • cloudy permalink
        February 25, 2013 09:08

        hey una! soo…. kaka scored. give him your love and the Best Comeback Award haha! love your blog! so glad you’re back! 🙂

  10. Kate. permalink
    February 20, 2013 11:22

    Beautiful. Hopefully things start to look up for our team.

  11. Ally permalink
    February 20, 2013 12:15

    Very original set-up for this ICYMI 🙂

    I am happy for ‘Best New Actor’ Alvaro Morata! It’s nice to see a canterano score.

    Awww, that pic of Enzo and Karim is adorable! Enzo’s little hand on his thigh 😉

  12. jellyace permalink
    February 20, 2013 17:46

    It was at the Rayo match that Real Madrid unveiled their new Early Retirement Plan: score goal, leave pitch.

    I love that Batman angle shot of the Bernabeu during the Champions League match!

    Once again, Una, thank you for never failing to post terrific stuff. Get well soon!

  13. Cosi permalink
    February 22, 2013 00:30

    THIS was one of the most creative ICYMI’s- LOVED it!! Can’t say the same about Sergio’s craziness…. but what an entertainer 😉 ❤ u Una!! Hope you're feeling better!

  14. February 22, 2013 04:51

    I am a little behind having started a new job, but thanks for this post – it was fantastic. And of course, Enzo is the scene stealer! He is seriously too cute!

  15. February 23, 2013 22:30

    Hope that you are feeling better now.

    As always, I adore your posts.

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