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I have no faith in Iker’s aesthetic abilities…

February 21, 2013

… but there’s no doubting that this spot for the newly renovated Adidas store in the Bernabéu is seriously adorable.

It was filmed last Friday, and stars Iker, Xabi, José Callejón and MFC Álvaro Borja Morata Martín from the football team, and Felipe Reyes, Sergio Rodríguez and Carlos Suárez from the basketball team.  It starts with Iker arriving, toolkit in hand.  He then tells the rest that the store lacks their special touch.

So, they begin adding their special touch.  Xabi arranges the boots, and one lucky one even gets a kiss.  Have you ever been jealous of a shoe?

Calleti puts his jersey front and center, only to have Xabi come over and spoil all of his hard work, as it appears that José had done the same to him first.  Meanwhile, Sergio is joking around, pretending to be a mannequin.  I love his smile!

One of the best parts is when Iker nudges Xabi, points to Calleti and says, “what are we going to do with this one?” because Calleti is standing there like this, with his “sculpture” of goalkeeper mannequin arms.

I love how the ad plays up to all of their personalities.  For example, Xabi is earnestly doing a great job arranging things, working hard and being all responsible, only for his less serious teammates to bombard him with footballs because they’re unable to work for two minutes straight.

And then everyone is fooling around and slacking off…

… and Iker just shakes his head and looks at them, since he’s supposed to be the “foreman” in charge of this job.

Then we also have the little ones exhausted after a hard day’s work, and Sergio seeing a great opportunity there to tease them.  Too bad he didn’t put Carlos and ABMM on sale… I would snap them up immediately!  Anyway, this video reminds me of this spot, part of which was also filmed at that same store.  I love Álvaro busting out the English to make a sale, and I can’t believe Xabi wasn’t recognized!

Anyway, all of these players, plus some other ones signed to Adidas such as Álvaro Arbeloa or Kaká, are expected at the newly renovated store this afternoon at 18h to help unveil it.

Other recent things.  I assume that one of the items on sale at the store will be these lovely blue training sweatshirts!  I love them, and the boys look fantastic in them!

Some of the Spaniards had lunch together on Wednesday, with Sergio tweeting this photo.  There are actually no really horrible outfits, which is quite surprising!

And Mesut shared this photo of him at home watching Schalke in the Champions League.  That couch looks super comfortable!

I’m loving Ford’s Fascinating World of Football series, and one of the videos was on beach football, and specifically, the football played on the beaches of Donostia.  Therefore, who else could the video talk about but Xabi Alonso?  There are also great shots of the city!  Periko Alonso says, “San Sebastián, in addition to being beautiful, is very comfortable, you live a very tranquil life, you live very, very well.  There’s the Ondarreta beach, and beach football is played at La Concha.  My boys Xabi and Mikel, we came from Barcelona and when they were, I don’t know, seven or eight, they began playing on the beach with their school team.  Here we have the beach football tournament at La Concha, and then they went on to Antiguoko.”  The Antiguoko coach (who speaks with the same inflections as Xabi) says Xabi was “very small, very good, with a great shot, which he still has now.”

And over in the Ciudad de Fútbol, Castilla (with four RMC players) took on Spain’s U-20 team in a friendly that served as a preparatory game for this summer’s U-20 World Cup.  It was very strange to see teammates go up against teammates, because the U-20 team featured Jesé, Raúl de Tomás, Omar and Derik (all of them played, with Jesé, Omar and Derik starting).  Pablo Sarabia was in the stands as well.  The game finished 5-0 in favor of Castilla, with Denis, Lucas, Óscar Plano and Jota Peleteiro (2) scoring goals.  Borja got himself sent off after getting into a tussle with Nono.

On the subject of Jesé, he gave an interview to Marca (published on Wednesday).  Highlights:

– on his goals for the season: first, for Castilla to finish as high as possible.  And on an individual level, I would like to surpass Buitre (who holds the record for most goals scored by a Castilla player in the second division, with 21), with all due respect.  I still have nine goals to go.  I’m taking it one step at a time, since everything will come from hard work.  And with the national team, I would like to play a big role in the U-20 World Cup, and why not, win it.

– on the first team: there are great players on the first team but right now the canteranos see it as something far away.  I don’t know what’s happening there, but Mourinho prefers first team players, which is normal, but I also believe things are functioning well in the cantera.  I don’t understand why [I haven’t had opportunities with the first team].  What I’m doing is continuing to work hard, but I don’t know.  I’m going to continue working hard and I hope the club knows that I’m working hard, I’m sure they know it, and they will see it.  I also believe [that I merit an opportunity].  If the opportunity doesn’t come, then you lose hope.  There are also other teammates who are very good and I’m sure they also have a great future.  I want to play on the first team, that’s more than clear, but bit by bit you lose hope, because you see that opportunities don’t come.  But I want to play for Real Madrid.

– on his future: my contract ends in 2014.  If I see that there aren’t opportunities, I’ll study other options.  I want to play in Real Madrid but if they don’t have confidence in me, other teams will.

– on being compared to Cristiano: Cristiano is the best player in the world, I study him a lot, he’s a good person and he gives me advice once in a while.

– on Karanka, Mou, Toril and FP: Karanka continues to be one of my protectors, I am very grateful to Aitor, but well, he’s with the first team now and now we have a more distant relationship.  Mourinho demands a lot from you, and he’s professional.  Toril has been very important in my career, I have learned a lot from him, he’s given me a lot and I have a lot of confidence that one day he’ll train the first team.  He’s also had a lot of patience with me and he has been one of the few to have confidence in me.  I have a great relationship with the presi.  He’s a magnificent person, very affectionate with me, and also with the rest of the canteranos.  I appreciate it a lot.  And I’m sure that he has confidence in me.

Marca also showed Jesé a bunch of photos to get his thoughts.  ONE. A special hug: right before his wife passed away, I had spent some time with both of them.  I gave him a hug, I asked him why he was there, he responded that he wanted to be there, it was very touching.  TWO. Castilla’s promotion: being promoted to the second division was a success for us.  It was a very tough year, very long, but we had a fantastic time.  THREE. The debut against Ponferrada: it could have been in Amsterdam, but Arbeloa got injured and Mendes went in.  I realized a dream.  My first official game.  FOUR. U-17 Euro finalist: it was in Liechtenstein in 2010.  We lost to England, although I believe we were robbed.  A tough moment.  FIVE.  First Real Madrid goal: one of the happiest moment in my life.  You don’t score one like that every day, a rabona cross from Di María and I put the ball in with my chest.  It was against Guangzhou.  SIX.  Second pre-season: my last games with the first team.  I scored against the Galaxy.  SEVEN. U-19 Euro champions: and top goalscorer.  It’s very complicated to be the best in all of Europe.  We are a great generation of footballers.  EIGHT. Debut in the Bernabéu: it was against La Real, and I went in for Cristiano, who is the best.

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  1. Henrik permalink
    February 21, 2013 10:50

    haha, love the commercial, they should do more of those!

  2. February 22, 2013 22:33

    this video currently my favourite thing in the whole entire world and watching it over and over has gotten me through some rather depressing things over the last few days. it is a thing of pure joy. 🙂 although, why i am attracted to iker with the hoodie and the safety goggles — he looks a bit like walt white from breaking bad, about to cook up a big vat of meth! — is something i need to examine a little more closely …

  3. debsen permalink
    February 23, 2013 01:14

    Very cute! BTW, Una, are there a lot of people that don’t want Iker back with Diego Lopez doing well and thinking that he was leaking information to his girlfriend? At least I feel like I’ve been reading a number of comments on other websites…

    • unamadridista permalink*
      February 26, 2013 14:10

      I’m sure there are some, but there’s still one month of big games to go before Iker gets back.

  4. February 24, 2013 04:34

    Iker with a power tool … *melt*

  5. Nora permalink
    February 24, 2013 23:43

    Xabi is such a sweetheart – putting so much effort into acting

  6. February 25, 2013 18:36

    Behaviourally speaking, is there a habit or something that the Basque are known for that distinguishes them from the other Spaniards. (Apart from language, which is not behavioural)

    • unamadridista permalink*
      February 26, 2013 14:17

      Maybe the men being interested and good at cooking?


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