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all set for Barcelona!

February 26, 2013

We’ll head into tonight’s Copa del Rey semifinal second leg game against Barcelona (21h) with two more moments from the Depor game, a quote from José Mourinho and statistics, data and precedents!

We got to see Marcelo putting on Vick’s VapoRub on his chest rather than his shirt, and Sami and Mesut being very adorable and infantile on the bench.

José Mourinho returned to the press room on Monday afternoon.  As expected, he was asked about the words of Jordi Roura, Barcelona’s acting coach (in more way than one, I’m sure), who had said in his press conference that with the referee for the match, Undiano Mallenco, “the numbers of the team are worse than they are with other referees.”  He added that “we are aware of his permissiveness” after Barça lost the 2011 Copa del Rey final, which was refereed by Undiano Mallenco, to Madrid.   Anyway, it was the fourth question posed to Mou, with the journalist asking his opinion on Barcelona choosing to talk about referees right before the game.  Mou responded, “I prefer to take the lessons that Barcelona has taught us in the past, lessons on good sportsmanship, on how to act in football, on not talking about referees, on not pressuring them, on not surrounding them during games, on not faking… on not seeking to get rivals carded, and obviously, on how to play football very well.  I prefer to take these.”  Perfect answer!

And here are Mr. Chip’s facts for tonight’s game, with pictures from Sunday’s training session.  Do you find these as interesting as I do?

Games: Real Madrid and Barcelona have faced each other in 223 official games, and at the moment, Madrid is on top, with a record of 88-87 (with 48 ties).  If we add the 31 friendlies they’ve played, the balance falls on the side of Barça, 103-94 (57 ties).  This is the by far the most common matchup in the history of Spanish football.

Madrid as the visitor: Madrid has visited Barcelona 107 times, with a record of 24-23-60 (2-2-7 in the Copa del Rey).  The balance in just the Camp Nou is 17-18-41 (2-2-2 in the Copa del Rey).  All in all, Barça has scored 214 goals and Madrid 131 in the 107 games.

Scores: of the 107 games played in Barcelona (one on the field of Espanyol, 30 in Les Corts and 76 in the Camp Nou), only 33 of the results would be enough to help Madrid win this Copa del Rey round, without the need to go into overtime.  A 1-1, which would take us into only the second penalty shootout in clásico history, had previously been achieved nine times (the last was on May 3, 2011, in the semifinals of the Champions).

Penalties: there has been only one penalty shootout in the history.  It was in the quarterfinals of the Copa de la Liga in 1985, when away goals were not weighted in the case of a tie.  After a 2-2 in the Camp Nou (Clos and Marcos Alonso scored for Barça, Juanito and Valdano for Madrid) and a 1-1 in the Bernabéu (Moratalla scored for Barça, Valdano for Madrid), Madrid advanced to the semifinals after winning the penalty shootout 4-1 (Valdano, San José, Butragueño and Juanito scored for Madrid and Marcos Alonso for Barça, with Carrasco and Gerardo failing).

Goals:  Madrid has scored in the last eight Copa clásicos (the last time we didn’t score was on April 5, 1990) and has always scored at least one goal in its visits to the Camp Nou.  The last Copa game where Madrid didn’t score in Barcelona was played on June 6, 1943 in Les Corts.

White precedents: from the time that away goals were weighted in the case of a tie, Madrid has never passed on from a double game elimination round after starting 1-1 at home, not in the Copa del Rey or in European competitions.  Curiously enough, Madrid has not scored a single goal in the second leg game during the six precedents.

Probabilities: judging by the historical results of the Copa, Madrid only has a 24.48 percent chance of reaching the final.  In 118 of the 165 elimination rounds of the Copa that began with a 1-1, the team that played at home for the second leg game qualified.  Only five of these 165 precedents (three percent) went to a penalty shootout.

Scoring in clásicosboth Madrid and Barça have scored in the last 11 clásicos played, a streak that has precedence: between Dec. 1, 1946 and Nov. 23, 1952, 13 were played during which both teams scored at least one goal.

Madrid will travel traveled to Barcelona this morning (Iker traveled with the team!) and will return as soon as the game concludes.  Let’s make it to the final!

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  1. Mia permalink
    February 26, 2013 23:28

    I know how much time you must have put into this post Una, thank you so much for doing it. I really appreciate it, and I know everyone else do to. Thank you dearly for the information that you give us in your posts…I love this blog.
    Keep it up girl!

  2. kthashi permalink
    March 2, 2013 18:11

    Mourinho: “Barcelona does their talking on the field….”

    Unamadridista: “Barcelona’s acting coach……”

    I see what you both did there! 😉

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