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ready for another clásico?

March 2, 2013

It’s only a couple of hours until the earliest clásico since Feb. 14, 1999, when it was played at 17h!  Madrid takes on Barcelona this afternoon at 16h.  Here are statistics, facts and data courtesy of AS and Mister Chip, accompanied by some recent photos shared by our boys.

In the Bernabéu: Madrid has not defeated Barcelona in the Bernabéu since the day of the pasillo five years ago (4-1 on May 7, 2008).  That was the last time Barcelona had a lower ball possession than the rival in an official game.  Since that point, the team has played 291 games.

Consecutive wins: Madrid has not won two consecutive clásicos since 2007-08, when it won 0-1 in the Camp Nou with a goal from Baptista and 4-1 in the Bernabéu with goals from Raúl, Robben, Higuaín and Van Nistelrooy.

Bad streak: the worst streak of non-wins for clásicos in the Liga at home is five, which Madrid set between Sept. 14, 1969 and Feb. 17, 1974 (three ties and two losses).  If Madrid does not win today, it will equal this record.  To do it, Madrid will have to do something it has never done: win two clásicos in less than six days.  Until this year, the shortest time between two consecutive clásico wins was six days (Madrid 3-1 Barça on April 21, 1960, and Barça 1-3 Madrid on April 27, 1960, both in the European Cup).

Results: if we analyze all the clásicos played in a period of less than 10 days, the most common result is for one team to win, and then the other (this has happened seven times).  A tie is the next most likely result (five times), while one team winning both games has only happened four times, the last of which was 23 years ago (Madrid won two 1990 Supercopa games in seven days).

Cris vs. Messi: they have faced each other in 18 clásicos.  Cris has scored more goals than Messi (12-11), but Messi has given more assists (8-0).  Cristiano has scored in eight of his last 11 clásicos, but all three of the games where he didn’t score took place at the Bernabéu.

Disadvantage: if Madrid loses this afternoon, it will be 19 points behind Barcelona, its biggest distance ever in the history of the Liga.  The current record is 18 points in favor of Barcelona, during jornadas 29, 30 and 31 in the 1990-91 season, and which was tied this season in jornada 19.  Madrid’s worst ever difference with the leader is 21, against Atlético during jornada 33 of the 1995-96 Liga.

Records: Barcelona has only dropped seven points this season (two to Madrid, two to Valencia, three to Real Sociedad), which means that it can still drop six and beat Madrid’s 100 points, which were set last season.  It will be more complicated for Barcelona to beat Madrid’s season record of 121 goals.  It will have to score six in Madrid to equal the 88 that Madrid’s 2011-12 team had scored at this point.

Scoring: both Madrid and Barcelona have scored in the last 12 clásicos, and if they both score today, they will equal the best streak of all time set between 1946 and 1952 (13 consecutive games where both teams scored at least one goal).

Diego López: he will play his third consecutive clásico.  The last goalkeeper other than Iker and Valdés to do so was Bonano for Barcelona and César Sánchez for Madrid.

Varane: he scored in his first two clásicos and if he does it again today, he will join a select group of eight players who all scored in their first three clásicos: Vicente Martínez, Lecue, Valle Más, Miguel Cabrera, Di Stéfano, Quini, Suker, Eto’o.  He will also become the first defender to score in three consecutive games in the history of clásicos.

Kaká: he could play his seventh clásico today.  He has not won one yet: three ties and three losses.  However, each time he scores or gives an assist, Madrid wins (40 wins in 40 games).

Pepe: the difference between playing a clásico with Pepe and without him is abysmal, from a statistical point of view.  Madrid’s balance in clásicos with him is six wins, four ties and six losses, while without him the record is four losses and two ties.  The streak could have ended last week, but he played the last 12 minutes.

Iker and Xavi: the last clásico without either one of them was on Oct. 13, 1999, a 2-2 in the Camp Nou.  Last week, Xavi tied Raúl and Hierro by playing in his 37th clásico.  Sanchís holds the top spot with 43 and Gento is second with 42.

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