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is the day finally here?

October 29, 2013

Can it be real?  Is Xabi Alonso finally back after nearly six months?

Let the celebration – and the posing – begin!  (How many of you missed The Xabi Alonso pose section™?  Here’s a present for those of you who did.)

P.S. Blatter is a first-class idiot.

P.P.S. This is adorable.

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  1. Henrik permalink
    October 29, 2013 15:59

    i’ve missed your post in general!

  2. rojafan permalink
    October 29, 2013 16:10

    Yes!!! I miss all the sections, but especially the Xabi Alonso pose section! 😉

  3. Elizabeth permalink
    October 30, 2013 01:34

    I really missed Xabi Alonso!!! and his pose section of course ❤ we miss you una

    • unamadridista permalink*
      November 14, 2013 12:30

      Awww, thanks!

  4. October 30, 2013 03:38

    hey kid, be careful. we need his eyes

  5. yeats permalink
    October 31, 2013 01:20

    una, i miss the xabi alonso pose section desperately — but i miss you even more!

    • unamadridista permalink*
      November 14, 2013 12:30

      How sweet, thanks!

  6. October 31, 2013 08:12

    Una please come back we are missing you and your posts so much

  7. Jessica permalink
    October 31, 2013 18:21

    Yayyyy your back! Misses your posts

  8. November 3, 2013 22:48

    I have really missed Xabi (and your posts Una). Looking forward to that “pose” post 🙂

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