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top 10 moments of La Décima (VI)

August 10, 2014

Several of our boys unashamedly burst into tears at the conclusion of the game.  Dani Carvajal, a canterano and true madridista, started crying as soon as the whistle blew, and continued crying throughout most of the celebration.  Meanwhile, Marcelo had tears in his eyes as he hugged Zizou, who told him that he was a “monster.”

Surprising no one, Iker Casillas was also in a sea of tears on the field, as he has been each time he has won a major title.  Iker was sobbing!  I still remember him crying after winning La Octava, but back then he was just 18 years old and in his first season with the first team.  I love that he has not changed in this respect in the 14 years since.

In his Adidas video, he said of winning La Décima, “more than anything, it has taken the pressure off.  We tried every year since 2002 to win La Décima.  It’s been very difficult.  To witness the happiness of fans at the stadium in Lisbon after all the suffering, then the celebrations back in Madrid… it was very emotional.”

The next day, Dani Carvajal showed up with his beard dyed yellow, which according to Álvaro Arbeloa, was a promise that he had made and kept.  I adore him.

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  1. August 10, 2014 13:34

    Isn’t it VI

    • unamadridista permalink*
      August 12, 2014 14:37

      Yes, scheduling error! Fixed now, glad to see you were paying attention!!

  2. Gigi permalink
    August 10, 2014 15:53

    With last night’s Spain twitter explosion at the announcement of Diego Lopez leaving, seeing these gifs of Iker, how can anyone doubt his loyalty and love of the club? It was a glorious victory, and no one deserved it more than him!

  3. black widow permalink
    August 17, 2014 01:58

    loving all the happy tears — i had them, too! 🙂

  4. January 6, 2015 20:45

    The first 4 pics didn’t come out… Have they been deleted?

    • unamadridista permalink*
      January 7, 2015 13:13

      It looks like the host I used isn’t working anymore, I’ll try a different one.

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