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don’t they ever get tired of eating there?

April 8, 2010

If it’s not Mesón Txistu, then it must be Asador Donostiarra (and who can blame them, the food there is increíble).  Seriously, if you’re in Madrid and want to see a Real Madrid player, go to either of these restaurants!  Even if you don’t see any in person, they’re all there in the photos on the walls.  You can spend hours picking them out.  Marca and AS probably also have photographers permanently stationed outside the restaurants.

Yesterday, Raúl, Cristiano, Kaká, Pepe and Metzelder had lunch together at Asador Donostiarra.  According to AS, Raúl used the lunch as an opportunity to teach the newbies what the clásico means to the Madrid fans, as he’s faced Barcelona in the Bernabéu 15 times already.  I guess Pepe and Metzelder came along for the food.

I wonder who else on the squad eats lunch together frequently?

Bigger and clearer version of the photo of Cristiano here.  I prefer (and used) the smaller one because it’s so tiny that you can almost imagine that the manbag is not there.  And that his jacket does not have some weird texture all over it.  And that he’s not wearing a cream-colored leather jacket.  And because that white stripe on his collar that adds to the mess of an outfit is almost invisible.  And that the belt is not blue snakeskin (raise your hand if you too didn’t know that such a combination could even exist!!!).

And sorry Metzelder fans, I guess the AS photographer was too busy taking photos of Cristiano and Rulo to catch Metzelder.

UPDATE:  fleurdelamadrid has found and kindly provided this picture of a-better-dressed-than-Cristiano Christoph.

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  1. NinyaC permalink
    April 8, 2010 20:14

    This site is love and epic win.

  2. April 9, 2010 08:45

    Thanks Una!! Yes, I don’t get it why they doesn’t have any pics from pepe or Metze 😛

    Why…why? 😦


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