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I love today’s training session…

April 27, 2010

… because we had a lot of great moments, judging by the pictures and video from

– Arbeloa receiving congratulations for becoming a father, and presumably exchanging parenting tips with Raúl Albiol.

– the Cristiano-Kaká relationship goes to new levels, with Cristiano playing with Ricky’s hair!  In public!

– Sergio’s little hair bun.

– Sergio and Marcelo being good big brothers and making sure to welcome the Castilla boys, Mosquera, Juanfran and Rubén Ramos.

– the fact that Cristiano hiked his shorts wayyyyy up.

– who doesn’t like a couple of Argentines with a side of Brazilians to look at?

– and Iker.  His presence alone is enough to make me happy.

By the way, Kaká, Pepe and Granero all trained yesterday, despite it being an 0ff-day.  Got to love their dedication!

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