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everything but the game

May 13, 2013

The best moments from the game against Espanyol all occurred off of the pitch!  To kick things off, an episode of The Fábio Coentrão Show.  The game was about to start, and Fábio, dressed in his boots and game shorts and a shirt, and with his jersey in hand, emerged from the tunnel and sat down next to Iker on the bench.  This earned him a look from Iker, and then laughter, as he explained to Fábio, with Karim Benzema (who couldn’t stop laughing!) and Casemiro cracking up beside him, that he had not made the list of 18 players for the game.

What happened next?

Well, Fábio then went to ask Aitor Karanka if Iker had been telling the truth (you can’t blame him for not trusting Iker).  Aitor confirmed that he was not on the list of players for the game, and so Fábio left.  Mou had a good laugh at his expense, while Cristiano indicated that something was wrong with Fábio’s head for this moment of absent-mindedness.  Shortly after, Fábio joined the rest of the players who didn’t make the game day list in their palco.

Prior to the game, the players had hung out together on the field and on the bench.

Marcelo was being Marcelo, while Cris, Sergio and Pepe were having a great time (Mesut kept looking back and forth between them; I’m not sure he knew what was going on)…

… and Pepe even took on the role of photographer to take this photo of Cris and Sergio, which Sergio then shared on twitter.

Iker, meanwhile, was warming up, and made a boy cry (in a good way) when he rewarded him for his support with his shirt.  Later on, Perico and another mascot greeted Iker.

Iker was also seen exchanging confidences with Cristiano on the bench.

There was also time to chat with old friends, as was the case of Iker, Sergio and Xabi with Joan Capdevila.  I had no doubt that after one second around Joan, they would begin cracking up…

I love Xabi’s tiny little coffee.

The game was not that interesting, so can you blame Iker for playing with the ball and not watching the game?  Meanwhile, the players in the palco completely missed Pipa’s goal because they had their backs to the game as they were busy eating!  Jajaja!!!

Here’s a photo shared by the descartados.  I adore Marcelo.

The Xabi Alonso pose section.™  Here we have Xabi’s “what the hell are you asking?” face and his “I can’t wait for this interview to end so I’m going to try and make a run for it” face.

Early on in the game, Rafa Varane injured his right knee during a play, and had to be helped off of the field.  During his post-game press conference, Mou hinted at the seriousness of the injury when he said that Rafa had been ruled out for the Copa del Rey final.  Rafa returned to Madrid with his knee bandaged and on crutches.  According to various media reports, he suffered a torn meniscus and will need surgery, which will effectively rule him for a period of a month to two months.  On his Facebook, he wrote, “I’m sad!  The tests showed an injury of the meniscus.  I will have to be operated on as soon as possible…”  ¡Ánimo Rafa!

Other things.  Sunday was a good day for madridista athletes, as Rafa Nadal – with the support of Pepe, Cris and Sergio, who were in the stands – beat Stanislas Wawrinka to win the Mutua Madrid Open.  Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso made a comeback to win the Spanish GP at Montmeló.  It only wasn’t a good day for the basketball team, which finished second in the Euroleague.

And our Benjamín A team has become the sixth team in the cantera to be crowned champions!  It did so by beating Barrio del Pilar 12-0, with Carlos López scoring five goals and Hugo chipping in a hat trick!  This team has won all of the 22 games it has played.  Juvenil A, Juvenil B, Cadete B, Alevín B and the Prebenjamín team are the other champions so far.

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  1. Madrid Fan permalink
    May 13, 2013 20:33

    yay! Fernando Alonso won the race 😀

  2. debsen permalink
    May 14, 2013 04:54

    The moment with Fabio was one of the best ever. And Joan Capdevila!!!!! Le quiero!

  3. asma permalink
    May 14, 2013 17:18

    Love these behind the scene stories! Looking at them all it’s hard to believe there had been problems in the dressing room.

    Thanks so much Una!

  4. Sara, Madrid permalink
    May 15, 2013 15:45

    Animo RMB, they had an excellent first Quarter though 😦

    This team ability of making laugh is so underrated, can’ wait for their own comedy show :p

    I just I want say one thing based on the previous comments on the subject of Iker vs Mou….etc, I just want you all to think for second logically and tell me for Mourinho a coach who doesn’t have problems with Cristano as far as I know why his star player say after the Dortmund game ” I don’t care about him leaving staying, I care about me and Real Madrid”

    People should drop it is Iker fault and he is the reason behind all of this, it is annoying to say the least, very annoying too, Iker has been part of this club for the last decade and more, been one of few players around the world that so loved and respected by everyone including his rivalry (cules), he didn’t open his mouth once bad mouthing anyone in public regarding Mourinho or anyone else, he been supportive, a fan, one of the biggest clue him after Dortmund game, he was one of Diego supporters as well, he is our captain ( please Sara C actions are Sara C actions) he can’ control his girlfriend and won’t ask him too never….

    This season has been full of so much drama and twists, injuries, heartbreaks and everything that can go bad in any football season like happened in this one, in the middle of all chaos, all I seen and witness a Captain who been supportive, didn’t complain and represent our madridismo, while a coach who pointed his finger on alot of his players including Cristano and thinks the press conspire against him, I get the job of Real Madrid is very hard very very hard, ask Pellegrini, ask Del Bosque or even ask Capello, all these coaches had their shares of bad press, Pellegrini as particularly forced by Marca by attacking him every two weeks, did anyone from our team support him? no however Mourinho was supported by the president directly ( Perez did in first time ever came out to press to say marca are liars) how does Mourinho repay Real Madrid by pointing how “unsuccessful” we were before him and how our captain suck, for me he never understood what madridismo is and never will.

    Btw, I hate also how Diego Lopez has been dragged in all of this for no reason, it is so sad since he did everything in his power and I will never forget his heroic performance vs Manchester United in UCL and I hope people never ever believe this is about Diego Lopez playing no this is about a coach who for me dropped the ball infront of this players

    Anyway, sorry for the long rant, Hala Madrid, we still have a reason to celebrate this season


    ANIMOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAFAAAA he has been one of the breathe of fresh air this season and he is missing the most important game, animo win for him boys

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