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he has improved, if that’s possible…

April 7, 2014

… at the modelling and posing thing.  Here’s Xabi Alonso’s new spot for Emidio Tucci’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Whatever he’s selling, I’m buying.  Xabi also looked devastatingly handsome during the presentation of the collection several days ago in Madrid.

While chatting with the media, Xabi was asked if he feels like a model now, to which he responded, “I don’t feel like a model or an actor, but now I bring more to the spots.”  He also said his favorite item from the collection was the suit he was wearing, that it only takes him three to four minutes to get ready, meaning he always ends up waiting for Nagore, and that with Emma, he’s reliving moments that he had forgotten, since Jon and Ane are already six and four.

Xabi also revealed that he likes to visit new places and try out new restaurants in his free time, and that as a good Basque, he’s very interested in gastronomy and Madrid has many good places to discover.  His favorite cuisines are Japanese and fusion, he likes to try everything and has a weakness for crawfish.  Before, he liked to cook, but now he prefers to go to restaurants.  He also likes going to the movies, and during the concentraciones he watches TV series.  He loves living in Madrid and taking walks in El Retiro.  Xabi was also asked if he’s met Martín Casillas yet, and he responded no, although Nagore has met him and they sent a present when he was born.

Here’s the spot…

… and here are some images.

And here is some bonus Xabi not dressed up but undressing (and hugging our former player Sergio Canales; I was really hoping to see some Xabi and Esteban Granero as well), along with shirtless Illarra for good measure.

By the way, the previous post – Sergio Ramos at El Partido de las 12 – has been updated with recent interviews with Diego López, Pepe and Marcelo.

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  1. Jessie permalink
    April 7, 2014 18:29

    he’s looking good!

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